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Luke & Chase Open Up on Heartbreaking “Bachelorette” Exits | E! Live from the Red Carpet

E! Live from the Red Carpet collection

Chase Brody McNary and Luke Pell reveal their thoughts on the recent rose ceremony. Are they over JoJo Fletcher? Find out.

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Luke & Chase Open Up on Heartbreaking "Bachelorette" Exits | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Aadya Sharma says

    1 comment whiop

  2. Monico Dempsey says

    It’s sad when you love a girl and then get sent home but you have to pick
    one person to spend the rest of your life with

  3. Olivia Ortiz says

    The two guys JOJO has left… Yikes!!!

    1. Lee Moore says

      I know, but how else could it have been? Luke was out of the question,
      since they had to stage a proper exit for the next bachelor. I thought it
      was too transparent, though, the crack baby who couldn’t use the L-word at
      his hometown, Luke’s rehabilitation love confession at JoJo’s nervous
      breakdown rose ceremony: not exactly convincing, to put it mildly. But one
      can only suppose it’s not rocket science behind the scenes, either. Chase
      is a potential victim here, if he wasnt, in fact, also culled from a herd
      of unemployed actors, like the house villain plant every season. In any
      event, Chase may not see it now, but he dodged a bullet!

  4. Sam Raba says

    I have a feeling Luke will become the next bachelor

    1. Alba Chaséz says

      it seems like the producers want him to be from the way they cut the film
      and sorta portray him

  5. Catherine Le says


  6. tara varzi says

    literally she sent home the most genuine guys on the show

    1. somcana says

      I said she kept the boys and sent the men home. She is not ready for
      marriage herself.

  7. maggie may says

    1:23 haha gotta love Chase

    1. De-or W says

      Yes. It was a few times that I felt that Chase was wayyy to good for Jo Jo.
      I only hope that he finds true, genuine love and have the most beautiful
      children. Someone that he doesn’t have to compete for. He has a huge heart
      and a lot of love to give. What’s wrong with taking your time and figuring
      it all out. I truly wish him the best.

  8. Asterine solo says

    I dint like de result…I still think she was wrong!! ha-ha Chase :-*

  9. Jessica Gzz says

    I lost all respect for Jojo after what she did to Chase. what if she got
    sent home after being invited to the fantasy suit. pure rejection that was
    so humiliating. the guy that was actually genuine gets that for saying I
    love you before taking her to bed. if he didn’t she was ok with it but pls
    don’t tell her you love her cause if u say that she’s not gonna sleep with
    you…that’s stupid! Jordan has to be asked about his future while Chase
    brought it up without her having to ask her, she made a big mistake and not
    only that, she hurt him badly and that’s why sweet guys end up being jerks
    bc they get hurt by girls like JoJo smh. Chase for bachelor!! please

    1. Gabby says

      You just took the words right out of my mouth. #TeamChase

    2. xhihibo says

      So you’d much rather wanted jojo to spend the night with him and possibly
      be intimate with him and then send him home the next day?! That would only
      make things ten times worse. She made the right decision by sending him
      home before spending the night with him since that would only increase the
      feelings for Chase and make the break up even harder.

    3. Jessica Gzz says

      +xhihibo she shouldn’t have given him the card and send him home after he
      said I love you. that’s what I’m saying

    4. Why Vette says

      I agree with you. If anyone was led on it was him and also knowing that “I
      love you” doesn’t come easy for a guy like Chase. She stole that moment
      from him.

  10. eh says


  11. Alba Chaséz says

    chase is real. you can tell he’s not “campaigning” for bachelor or
    filtering his words much. it wasn’t meant to be but he wanted it to

  12. Josephine Cooper says


  13. Nicole Mann says

    he’s sexy

  14. Nicole Mann says

    he’s sexy

  15. Nora Stifler says


  16. Luscious Green Life says

    I love chase!!

  17. Liz Amanda says

    chase for the next bachelor. not luke

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