Maplewood Elementary to reason annual margin day


Good morning. With a month of Jun on us, we will write weekly about a report of events and many activities of a Townville Old Home Days that will be reason in mid-July.

Church news

— The Townville United Methodist Church worship

time is during 10:15 a.m., any Sunday. Troy Center UMC  worship hour is during 11:15 a.m. Pastor Jay Koe is a priest for both churches, as good as for Blooming Valley UMC.

The annual discussion will be reason from Jun 8 until a 11th.

The Townville UMC legislature assembly is slated for Jun 13, during 7 p.m.

The Troy Center Bible Study is reason any Sunday evening, during 6:30, during a home of Judy McPherson. Call (814) 967-2863 for some-more information or directions.  

— The Townville Baptist Church Sunday morning ceremony is during 9:15 a.m. Sunday propagandize hour is reason during 11 a.m.

The deacons’ house assembly is this evening, during 6:30 p.m.

Bible investigate is reason during 6:15 p.m., any Tuesday.

The ABW will accommodate on Jun 10, during 10 a.m. The module will be “flower fun,” with Jody.

Tryonville United Methodist Church (UMC) binds a Sunday services during 11 a.m., on Sundays.


There is usually one detriment to discuss this week. Diane Archer Lutton upheld recently, due to cancer. She was a Maplewood High School graduate, Class of 1978.     

We demonstrate a many sympathies for this family that stays behind. May a family, friends, and neighbors find comfort in their many appreciated memories, and find a indispensable assent in their hearts during this formidable time of loss.

Clubs and groups

The Townville yard sales will be reason Jun 16-17. Times have not been set yet.

Old Home Days

The Townville Old Home Days cabinet had a assembly during a glow hall. All skeleton are move for a 48th Annual Old Home Days for a community, on Jul 14-15. The thesis this year is “Happy 150th Birthday, Townville.” The chairperson for a manifestation is Maria Dreese, and she can be contacted, during The queen’s manifestation will be on Friday evening, during 7. 

Application are avaiable now, and a initial imperative assembly will be during a Townville glow gymnasium a same dusk as a focus deadline, that is Jun 26, during 6 p.m. (This will be only before a OHD cabinet meeting, during 7.)

The march will be on Saturday morning, during 10, adult Main Street. The chairperson for a march is Judy McPherson. She can be contacted, during (814) 967-2863.

The latrine races will lapse again this year on Saturday afternoon, and after on Saturday, a Frog Jump will be reason for a kids — and adults — on a grassy area nearby a soccer field.

If we need to haven a booth, greatfully make them soon. The outside booths hit is Allison Gabriel. She can be reached, during (814) 547-3769, and for a indoor booths, call Sandy Goodemote, during (814) 789-4986, or Rose Gates, during (814) 967-4370.

To checkout a other events and sum of a celebration, greatfully go to a Townville Old Home Days facebook page, or a Townville, Pa facebook page

The subsequent assembly will be reason on Jun 26, during a Townville glow hall, during 7 p.m.

School events

Maplewood Elementary will reason a margin day, on Friday. The final day of propagandize for PENNCREST is Jun 9.

Maplewood Elementary Report Cards will be mailed on Jun 19.

From a kitchen

This week’s recipes are tailored to a diabetic though anyone can suffer them, if desired. As a comfortable summer days approach, many of us suffer being means to strech for a cold lovely provide to have once in a while. A “blueberry freeze” is a initial recipe.

Place one crater of solidified blueberries, 1/2 crater of pasteurized potion egg whites, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon of sugar-free grape jam in a food processor, and mix until combined. It will have a soothing solidified texture. Pour a reduction into dual parfait eyeglasses and suffer immediately, or keep in a freezer for adult to 30 mins to suffer later. This recipe creates dual servings, with 163 calories, each.

The second recipe to try is “raspberry parfait.” Begin by pureeing 1/2 crater of red raspberries in a food processor until smooth, adding a sugarine surrogate that equals 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Toast 1 tablespoon of unsalted pecans in a toaster oven for one notation until brown. Remove to cool. Measure out 1/2 crater of low-fat hiss yogurt and dip half of a yogurt into a parfait glass. Spoon one-half of a hiss salsa on tip next, afterwards repeat a layers. Top with a roasted pecans, and if desired, supplement a few raspberries on top. 

Chill until prepared to eat. Each recipe creates one portion and will be between 161-170 calories, depending on how many raspberries we tip a parfait with. 

Have a happy…

The initial birthdays for a week are Sarah Litke, Logan Battin, Brenda Corley, and Lillian McNamara, on a 6th; while Vicki Reed has her day on a 7th. Sharing a 8th are Wesley Foote and Sue Black. Sharing a 9th are Cathy Archer and Shelly McPherson. 

The final birthdays for a week are Patty Moses and Natalie Held, on a 10th.

Don and Dine Hanna have their anniversary on a 8th.

If we have a special day during a week, that we have missed, or we have some special arriving dates that we wish to have remarkable in a column, we entice we to let me know, so that we might supplement those dates to my calendar of Townville (formerly or current) people, and events to publish.

Contact me

Many interjection for all a feedback and information that folks have shared. we conclude a time that folks have taken to get news to me any week. Your contention is what creates a news complete. It is a good pleasure to hear from members of a community.

If we have any comments or concerns about a column, greatfully feel giveaway to call or email me. Be certain to note a theme of your email as “Townville News,” so that we might give it prompt and correct attention, and not skip your information. 

If we have some news or information that we wish to share, greatfully be certain to contention it to me by noon on Tuesday, so that we might embody it in a stream week’s article. 

McCarl can be reached during 967-2677, or