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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, While President Donald Trump has received criticism from a variety of political figures and organizations over his recent executive orders regarding the border wall and the temporary ban on high-risk immigrants, one important group, in particular, has been cheering his actions.

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Border Patrol, ICE Agents Cheer After Trump Unleashes Them to Do Their Jobs

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  1. Sandra Taylor says

    I am behind our president 100% keep up the good work

    1. Bert Martinez says

      +movistar gsxr — you need a pamper change.

    2. Mike The Stand says

      I am in the UK and I am so pro-Trump I should buy a wig.

    3. Eric Tremblay says

      But TYT and other libtard organizations say the law enforcement has been
      dead set against Trump’s orders 😮 what am I to believe!?!??! Lol

  2. Deplorable Rob says

    President Trump just did those border agents the biggest favor ever and
    glad to see they appreciate our new President and not to mention their jobs
    eventually should be less hectic, you go President Trump!!

    1. Patria Ryder says

      +Blaze Ready ..Trump’s approval rating now at 59% ……..he’s more popular
      than ever! MAGA

  3. Sir Tenzan says

    +The Next News Network Excellent reporting Gary! Right to the facts and
    indeed smashing through the barriers of the Corporate/Propagandist Press
    with the new Free Press Wrecking Ball! ^_^

    1. Xoel Xamaica says

      Sir Tenzan Obama has deported more people than any other president. and a
      zero net gain of illegals coming in.

    2. Donald Smith says

      Xoel Xamaica Not even near a net zero gain, and Hillary planned on bringing
      in 5 and a half times as many, giving voting rights in exchange for
      benefits. So far this has been a bloodless revolution, but Soros better
      knock it off.

    3. Angela Mongiello says

      I’d like to see where you get your information from

    4. Squeek Tate says

      Angela Mongiello Did you not see all the links in the description? This
      isn’t hard.?

  4. Robin McAdam says

    as I’ve seen throughout this campaign of trump the propaganda and lies. I
    think people need to ask themselves truly ask themselves am I just
    believing what people tell me or am I actually doing the studying and
    research for myself or am I just a Mindless creature that just watches CNN
    and believes everything that I hear enough is enough with this propaganda
    and lies now they are pushing this Hitler propaganda they have movie stars
    saying that they’re going to punch us they have people with cell phones
    with videos of people getting their heads chopped off who are Christians
    how is this okay and where is this on the news why do I not hear about how
    many Christians have been killed by Muslims like 10,000 last year some
    crazy amount number but we don’t hear nothing about that time to get CNN
    shutdown I’m done with propaganda I’m done with their lies and their
    brainwashing buy CNN

    1. jmaedl027 jmaedl says

      It can get overwhelming. .I know..

  5. Chemtrailed Canadian says

    As a Canadian I cannot wrap my head around the southern US open border
    policies of the last several years. Here on the northern border its like
    the Gestapo.

    1. Shagg Nasty (SCRAPIRON) says

      +Chemtrailed Canadian your eyes are wide open. It’s good to see we have a
      few that are educated enough to see the lies. With the human waste that
      lives within your borders as well as ours, I pray you have protection
      within your reach. Always keep your family close. Thank you for your reply.

    2. flymasterA says

      I personally crossed the Canadian border not long after NAFTA was signed.
      I was just about strip-searched and my whole vehicle was gone through, even
      looking for stuff like cigarettes. Not much else going north, so they took
      their sweet time. Coming back was a different story. Miles of loaded
      semis headed for the states with manufactured goods, at least a hundred of
      them. I had to take a second lane and was just waved through customs. I’ll
      never forget that vision of trade imbalance and jobs gone ye-bye.

    3. Danny G says

      Xoel That’s because they changed the definition of deportation to include
      people that aren’t really deported, They falsify all their data to make
      themselves look as though they aren’t complete traitors.

    4. C Young says

      +Shagg Nasty – Couldn’t have said it better, SN. All of the so-called
      Commonwealth countries have had & continue to have, their (“common”er’s)
      wealth stolen by the Crown of England and its parasitic corporations.

  6. 13th Floor Looking Out says

    Just wished he’d made a promise to build a wall around Hollywood

    1. Steven Greeson says

      +Ghorghinahn we are still going to boycott hellywood movies DICKHEAD

    2. Lea Cooper says

      Actually…I got a look at the map… 😀 Guess what? it’s going all the way
      across the CA Borders. 😀 lol See, got your wish. He’s not waiting and has
      already started to get stuff together.

    3. Lori Adams says

      13th Floor Looking Out let’s boycott all movies, tv

  7. Stavey Putin says

    Of course WE are now led by a true PATRIOT. TRUMP

    1. ModernLion says

      look i don’t hate muslims, but i certainly can’t trust them. I’m sorry but
      when their own book tells them to lie to me, how can i believe them. The
      problem with that religion is, it never went through a change like Judaism
      and Christianity. Those two religions altered the way they did things as
      time passed and things became moral or immoral however unlike those two
      Islam never did. Their book does not allow them to diverge even a little,
      otherwise they are known as heretics and are usually killed. I don’t hate
      you, i just don’t trust you is all.

    2. Clarrissa Zamora says

      and hollywood!!! BOYCOTT!!

    3. Diana Brammer says


    4. ModernLion says

      yes? what do you need?

  8. Caffine addict says

    Under the last administration they had a skeleton crew.Think they were told
    to let people pass through,stand down etc…Lets see how Treudeu in Canada
    handles the influx.

    1. flymasterA says

      Create some jobs by building an air delivery tube from Mexico to
      Canada like they have at bank drive-thus. Coupla’ feet in diameter with a
      cartridge big enough for a large person. Air-shoot that sucker all the way
      to Canada so Canadian liberals can take them in. First thing they’ll need
      – some Canadian tax dollars for warm clothes.

    2. Team Solo says

      @flymasterA Depends on the province you reside in regarding the warm
      clothes but hey sounds like a fun amusement ride.

    3. flymasterA says

      +Team Solo Yeah, make it a clear tube and we can charge them for the
      sight-seeing trip across the country.

    4. Save America Goats says

      flymasterA Ahahahahaha, I’d hate to be the person that sanitizes the tube.

    5. flymasterA says

      +Save America Goats Every third one we send has a scrub-brush.

  9. Geronimo Six says

    Trump all the way!! ban anyone that is not Christian ! one nation under God
    !!! not Mohammad

    1. RIGHT WING GOD says

      Geronimo Six not Christian? that goes against our country freedom of

    2. flymasterA says

      Not if they’re “Domestic enemies”. Read the oath of office. If you can be
      determined to be an enemy of America because of your religion, that TRUMP’s

    3. Tamara Adams says


    4. Ray Shields says

      Tamara Adams You are on it. Keep gently telling the truth about this
      political ideology that is hell bent on world domination, while hiding
      behind the randomly chosen idol allah, the moon god, pretending to be a
      peaceful religion.

  10. Alice Kroeker says

    President Trump, if God is with u who can be against u. God cares for
    America, let those who goes against u be subject to the wrath of our
    almighty God.

    1. questtofreedom says

      we must pray but spread the word too

    2. Alice Kroeker says

      Yes pray, pray , pray

  11. Tree says

    It’s astonishing how close we came to losing this country to leftists
    Thank you Jesus for President Trump!

    1. R.P says

      Patria Ryder its higher than that too bad the morons cover it up

    2. Michael Slack says


    3. Tree says

      Barbara D, I respectfully disagree. We The People will NOT settle for a
      remnant of OUR beloved America. It may come to a civil war, fortunately, I
      was not raised in the “city”.
      Nuff said.??✌?

    4. R Johns says

      Tree: we must learn from it too so it never happens again!

  12. Fork Unsa says

    The officers want to secure America, the laws exist to secure America. All
    it takes is a leader with balls to enforce it all through the crybaby
    screams of leftists, illegals, and globalist scum. PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!

    1. Patria Ryder says

      ..Trump’s approval rating now at 59% ……..he’s more popular than ever!

    2. Starchaser 16 says

      Awesome and Truthful comment!!

    3. william dohn says

      Patria Ryder It would not surprise if the real numbers were 95%.

      I was gonna joke you got them backwards but I sometimes think it’s not a


  13. Sheila Cooper says

    Hallelujah! Common sense and positive action in the WH again!

    1. Colin Reynolds says

      Colin Reynolds now america will be america

  14. reg profant says

    don’t build a wall around hollyweird but build it around California.

    1. Latte Z says

      reg profant
      let us Trump supporters and true American Patriots get out of California
      first. I grew up here and it’s been a great place to grow up but the
      liberal-left is disgusting and I can’t stand the stench anymore. where can
      I move that I won’t be surrounded by liberal zombies

    2. ronkostars says

      Latte Z- I’d invite you to Washington State, but the libs have ruined
      everything they’ve touched here also.

    3. Latte Z says

      Much thanks! Hey lets give the liberals California, let them secede and
      they can let all the illegals they want. We can sit and watch them self

    4. chris billig says

      latte. sounds fun.. one question. um are u that unaware whats happening
      across the atlantic… no u really dont want them to secede if ppl would
      think about coubtries sharing boarders… cali needs treatment like a bad
      child.. take away there toys and ground them for however long it takes to
      get the heads out of there assesss

  15. silver Sun says

    People want to do a good job, and law enforcement officers and border
    patrol want to do a good job, too. President Trump is a great president!

  16. Wobble Copter says

    It’s about time! They fired many who objected to the Obama policy…

  17. Linda Fukuyu says

    We All must support Donald Trump Executive Order for our national security
    ! Those protesters must leave America IF they hate America so much ! Not
    until any of their family member die in the hands of Criminal ILLEGAL
    immigrants and Radical Muslim Bombers .. then .. they’d realize how stupid
    they are by allowing those crooks entering the USA !!!

  18. Jim Noss says

    Right on, right on

  19. Bill Howe says

    The only people I care about are the brave guards along our border
    who are putting their life and their family’s on the line in California.

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