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Megyn Kelly Calls Trump’s Performance “Best Yet!” | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Donovin Lamm says


    1. Joey Wiegand says

      I agree @Donovin Lamm

    2. chadissmexyyeah says

      Donovin Lamm Only if you vote

  2. Rosa Cinéfila says

    Is this real life? Megyn Kelly being fair with Trump?

    1. turdrhinofiend says

      Just trying to save her terrible ratings, this late in the game it’s

  3. GattaSplatta Man says

    She couldn’t deny it. Even though you know she wanted to.

    1. Wide Awake says

      GattaSplatta Man trying to get that #1 spot back on fox ?

  4. Boo Berry says


  5. Matt S says

    What is Megan trying to save her job? I heard she may lose her timeslot on

    1. Chella Taylor says

      YEP….CUZ She has been so unfair to Donald…..the way she dresses and so
      pro the kunt that the people are turning her OFF.
      She best do a a few shows pro pro pro Trump if she hopes to keep time slot
      and viewers…..

    2. Fatima Easterwood says

      Hope she does

    3. Tom G says

      Matt S I don’t know but she should have confronted honor at the end when
      Donna told her to go to Russia I guess because she didn’t like the

    4. James Robinson says

      Matt S she’s the most unbias reporters fox has

    5. Noah Khan says

      There’s rumors she my leave fox to CNN

  6. Mspearl Agosh says

    go trump and pence??????????

  7. KiloSierraAlpha says

    Do not forget that, folks! And DO NOT WATCH her show!

    1. 1tuuber says

      It appears that she supports her own paycheck more than anything else, and
      can see that things are a-changin’….

  8. Leo Chang says

    wow.. cant believe this.. Mayham Kelly actually complimenting Trump…

  9. Tom G says

    did you hear Donna brazile tell Megan Kelly to go to Russia

  10. allan espinoza says

    Donald trump 2016

  11. DCTib says

    She had a moment of clarity, but I think it’s time for her to move on to

  12. Rosanna Judah-Elliott says

    WOW! She was ALWAYS ANTI-TRUMP. Wonder what happened???

    1. Aaron Lewis says

      She can probably tell which way the wind is blowing.

    2. Rosanna Judah-Elliott says


    3. Raymond Edwards says

      Rosanna Judah-Elliott Trying to save ratings probably

  13. Daisy Duck says

    I think everyone was shocked when Donald mentioned about Bill Clinton
    meeting Loretta Lynch on the tarmac to discuss business in private. unless
    you watch Fox News you would not have known that and I did hear people

    1. Raymond Harvey says

      Daisy Duck oh shyt yes yes that had me in shock, Trump shocked the fricken
      world with his superpower performance, I couldn’t believe happier with

  14. Achilles says

    I’m gonna give this one to Trump. The moderator Chris Wallace did a good
    job of moderating too.

    1. skeetorkiftwon says

      I agree, but you can notice Wallace’s voice shaking when he was asking
      Hillary Satan some of those questions.

  15. RAP99 says

    1 like = trump for president

  16. Broc Theil says

    it was the best yet

  17. Christine Cuneo says

    Not that I give any clout to this little entitled @ltch. She is jut trying
    to get her ratings back. Too late. Good job President Trump.

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