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Mike Pence Holds Rally in The Villages, FL 9/17/16

Your president Donald Trump

Saturday, September 17, 2016: Replay of the Donald Trump for President rally featuring Governor Mike Pence at the Savannah Center in The Villages, FL.
LIVE Stream: Mike Pence Holds Rally in The Villages, FL 9/17/16


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  1. AlethasVideo says

    Trump/ Pence will go down in History, as the Greatest President & Vice
    President in the USA. ?

    1. James says

      +The Six Million Dollar Man So, you have them in office now Liberal, that’s
      good news, did your toung slip on you.

  2. Maris Gonzales says

    Pence is the perfect VP for Trump

    1. scotthebruce2 says

      Hell, he’d make a good President. The man’s pretty genuine.

    2. VN Fernan says


    3. Sally Feschuk says

      he’s a great guy. speaking as a Canadian I truly hope the American people
      appreciate how lucky they are to have the Trump Pence team. I’m so jealous.

  3. Joseph Navarro says

    Bravo! What a great person Mr. Pence is, and what a great vice-president we
    are going to have! Lets not forget folks: Nov. 8 vote Trump/Pence

    1. Strikeback 2 says

      Pence is a man of high moral integrity, and that always makes the left
      raging mad.

    2. Clyde Str says

      maybe they will wake up and get on the right side ! It’s just common sense
      ! It’s really not that hard to figure out !

    3. Strikeback 2 says

      +Clyde Str In this “enlightened” age, one can only hope.

  4. Gary M says

    We are gonna T P America (Trump/ Pence)

    1. MetafusionandSound1 says

      Hahah Love that ! Good humor !

    2. Josh Waldorf says

      I love that, T P America.

  5. OutlawjjSmith Smith says

    What about Social Security and Military Retirement, We need a raise!

    1. Clyde Str says

      It’s coming and it’s passed due ! Trump will fix that and maybe I can find
      a job I can do !

  6. Deborah S. Nelson says

    CLINTON CASH: FREE One-hour documentary by Peter Schweizer:
    http://www.breitbart.com/clinton-cash-movie/ Watch and pass on to independents and
    Dems… Just casually say: Can this be true? What do you think?

    1. Paul Burk says

      Check out charlesortel.com…….about Clinton Foundation charity fraud.

    2. martin saathoff says

      Hi Deborah reality what realy happened and is happeng caused by the
      Clintons is much wurse !

  7. Kevin Trembley says

    pence gets bigger crowds then hillary LOL LOL

    1. greghjones123 says

      Absolutely no doubt! Hillary’s crowds consists of idiots who get paid 5
      dollars to be present per rally!!

    2. Stvzbnk says

      5 Bucks is alot of money when you’re on Welfare and Illegal.

    3. Golden Manuever says


  8. Sara Toborowski says

    Trump/Pence will be the greatest President/Vice President we have ever

    1. Gw Smith says

      I with you they will bring this country back and make it great again. VOTE

  9. Rob Sinclaire says

    As Ben Franklin said: “A Republic …if you can keep it”

    1. Clyde Str says

      We will ! Were fighting mad and not going to take it anymore !

    2. Rob Sinclaire says

      That’s what we like to hear – Trump can’t do it alone!

  10. Real Stonekicker says

    Pence is what Trump needs for fortify the message. What scares me is george
    soros and his effort to rig the election thru fraud. He needs to be kick
    out of the country. Maybe Iran before we nuke them. Be on the lookout for
    crooked Hillary and her lying staff. She & Obama have created a new low in
    the American image with the rest of the world. God Bless Pence/trump. p.s.
    I’m one of the deplorables in the basket.

    1. Clyde Str says

      so am I with a big smile on my face !

  11. Jeffrey Lebowski says

    LOL even the PENCE Rallies are ten times bigger than Hillary’s empty

    1. MetafusionandSound1 says

      shawns2993 you are right on ! People DO get it! THAT is exactly why Trump
      and Pence are gonna win it !

    2. Ling Lam says

      Are you series? She been known for 30′ something years and Pence is not
      well know. Maybe, Crooked Hilary is boring nobody want to listen.

  12. ResinRat2 says

    Watching this I have to say; it’s fun being in Clinton’s “Basket of
    Deplorables”. Trump/Pence 2016. FINALLY, Candidates who call out the
    stupidity and weakness of the Establishment.

  13. MetafusionandSound1 says

    I wish we could see all the beautiful faces of people at your speeches !

  14. jake ryder says

    the liberal media is desperate, they know that corrupt Hillary is tanking
    and they will try whatever they can do to help her out. let’s not let that
    happen folks, go out and vote Nov 8th, bring a friend, family members,
    anyone but go out and vote! Trump and Pence!!

    1. The friendly faucet bandit says

      give lifts to other trump voters that can not get out

  15. James Greer says

    If hitlary some how pulls the vote out, Gun ownership will soar.

  16. Max “Maximus” Allen says

    Damn what a team, Pence and Trump!!

  17. Canadian Guy says

    A great number of Americans wished and hoped for a new person to come onto
    the scene to lead them out of a time of death and crime, to lead them away
    from the lies and deceit from an administration lead by an Islamic brother
    of the terrorist of the world. That person did appear and his name is
    Donald Trump. But as a gift from God almighty himself, he also gave us
    someone else. He gave us Mike Pence. I for one am glad that Mr. Pence is on
    our side. Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence along with their families were not
    randomly chosen. They were chosen to show the world how freedom can
    overcome all evil. Being a Canadian I only wish that our country can choose
    the same path and that we will be blessed finally with the leadership this
    nation prays for also.

    1. Van Harding says

      You have spoken the Truth ! Thank you.

  18. bonapartexiong says

    Pence is definitely the rising star in GOP. Paul Ryan and the like can
    quite public services now….

  19. T CB says

    The more I watch him, the move I like him and believe Mr. Trump made the
    right choice in VP. GO TRUMP PENCE!

    1. Margie N says

      Me too.

  20. Anton K says

    Pence speaks so well!

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