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Milan vs Chelsea 1-3 HD All Goals & Highlights 04/08/2016

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Chelsea Milan 2016 All Goals
Milan vs Chelsea 1-3 HD All Goals & Highlights 04/08/2016


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  1. Oesca123 says

    What’s going on? ? damn it I missed the game.

    1. YASO says

      Oh !! ??

    2. Mohammed 2005 says

      Me too I thought it will be in night but when I woke up they finished the

  2. amirul haziq says

    poor finishing from milan

  3. Bundesliga is Tinpot Lmao says

    Great game from the lads today ?? I woke up all night just to watch it

  4. Nik P says

    Donnarumma is a very good goalkeeper

    1. Tempix Channel says

      +iChibU tO ZENbU Sorry I said bullshit…

    2. Tempix Channel says

      +iChibU tO ZENbU But donnaruma is become a great goalkeeper in the future

    3. iChibU tO ZENbU says

      +Tempix Channel yeahh…thats what i mean…

    4. BreakingFREDDIE says

      He IS the next Buffon and Italy #1. If AC Milan can build off of Donarumma,
      they can rule Serie A and Europe.

  5. Giuseppe Cannalire says

    io sono milanista,ma a me sembra che ha dominato il milan,ma purtroppo non
    ha concretizzato,secondo me la squadra che meritava di vincere era il
    Milan,poi bo

    1. Senofotte says

      Eh ma il Calcio è così, molte partite vanno in questo modo

    2. Giuseppe Cannalire says

      +Senofotte purtroppo lo so

    3. the_monster says

      già hai ragione niang si è cagato troppi goal

  6. Ábel Horváth says

    OSCAR 2

  7. Saleh Ahmed says

    Millans goalkeeper is better than begovic whey better ll

    1. GianLuca Kasai says

      It wasn’t Begovic for Chelsea, it was Courtoise

    2. I've a THUG LIFE!! says

      +GianLuca Kasai
      courtois is WAY better than both keepers

    3. GianLuca Kasai says

      +no comment well duh, I’m a Chelsea fan

  8. Lorenzo Pato says

    io sono contento della prestazione perdere in questo modo con questa
    squadra .n per ora bene qualche innesto qualitativo o quantitativo PER ORA
    migliorerebbe le cose

    1. Michael Ciancetta says

      se poi Njang non si mangiasse due gol alla volta 😉

  9. asad2104 says

    Who remembers when AC Milan used to be the best

    1. Fede bau says

      In 2035 I not even know if I’m still breathing

    2. des says

      +Fede bau i hope so!

    3. Naroth Hul says

      when they had shevchenko and kaka

    4. Rob B. says

      90s…. they were awesome.. they have won 7 champion leagues… second only
      to real madrid… but now they don’t have the funds like they used too…
      they need a rich russian billionaire to buy some players like
      uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CHELSEA does 😉

  10. Omar Omar says

    Donnorama is good its just that his teammates make mistakes

  11. Fanasina Sendrison says

    Both team look so weak .. what happened to them?

    1. 31 kuntakinte says

      milan are doing a lazio

  12. Ike Thomas says

    I concede so much of those goals in Fifa ?? via the first one

  13. Kenney Rodgers says

    finally my team won

    1. letsplaycod123 says

      I feel the same way

  14. andyangchannel says

    it is an insult to say donnarruma is the next Buffon. at age 17, buffon was
    helping Parma stay in Serie A and saved the best striker Ronaldo’s penalty.
    he even played against legends like zidane, henry, del.piero etc and did
    exceptionally well. donarruma is overrated

    1. andyangchannel says

      +Jeet Shah I have no hates towards him but people needs to stop overrating
      him. at most he will be like Reina or Valdes or just another Szecesny.

    2. Kelvi Bulku (Pr3d4t0rElite18) says

      You are comparing Milan defense to a full defensive play of Chelsea. You
      are stupid to say Donnarumma is overrated

    3. Son Goku says

      +Son Goku Courtouis also finished 10th, Donnaruma finished 7th

  15. Robertas Kar says

    Milan played much better

  16. joss reus says

    niang doesn’t deserve to play in ac Bilan.
    sorry milan

    1. joss reus says

      +Rawer Rossi you are a motherfucker an assohole

  17. Agent. K. says

    Last time Milan played in UCL, Diego Costa eliminated them.

  18. Muhammad Taofeek says

    Chelsea need to improve in their goalkeeper

    1. Majeed Haroon says

      Nah courtois is sick he just had one bad season

  19. Michael Ciancetta says

    At the beginning I was a fan of Njang but the guy’s proving game after game
    his tendency to be useless ahhahahah

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