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MLS Video Review Seminar with Howard Webb

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Howard Webb leads a Video Review Media Seminar in coordination with Major League Soccer and the Professional Referee Organization (PRO).

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  1. PedroPL says


  2. GTW loves soccer says

    I’m not sure whether I like this or not. You guys like yeah or nah?

    1. Kazadrim says

      Since TFC and Felipe are in the league yeah i really like that.

    2. Derp Herp says

      GTW loves soccer id rather have ten less bs penalty calls on my team per season

    3. Levi Giron says

      GTW loves soccer I like that it’s only applied to goals, penalties or red cards. I think the Confederation Cup tried to do too much with VAR

  3. Ryan Luz says

    Video starts at 2:25

    1. Brian Bingay says

      Ryan Luz thanks

  4. Lucas García says

    Worst referee in history. Disgrace of a person.

  5. drake1636 says

    I think they left some information on the table when it comes to restarts. If there is a penalty that is not called and play never stops, what happens? The referee can stop the ball if it reaches a neutral zone, but what if it doesn’t? Would the referee come back after five minutes of attacking play to call a penalty or would he call some sort of restart based on the VAR check? It seems like adding restarts because of the system would inherently disrupt the play. This is probably why they glossed over the part that seemed to imply that the referee could stop the play near the middle of the field after a potential penalty or red card to give the VAR time. How do you restart if he decides not to call a foul? Like I said, it seems like we’re missing some information regarding restarts.

    1. Clinky says

      The referee has the power to stop play at any moment. If play went on too long after the referee had decided he was going to review a play he could stop play. If play went on long enough at this stage there are no rules as to how long a referee has to review an incident. Some things like this still need working out but after the testing at the U-20 world cup and the problems VAR brought up I definately think we’re on the right track to getting this fixed.

  6. Emerson Almeida says

    nem acredito ate hoje que o futebol ta tao legal nos USA , muito bom

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