Mom learns fate of daughter after Manchester bombing


Here is News Insider…

Thousands attended a vigil Tuesday in Manchester's Albert Square for the victims of Monday's terror attack at Ariana Grande's concert. Of the 22 people dead, police say several have still not been identified. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

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    • wow i forget how many fuxking idiots and ignorant people there are sometimes until i read these comments of people thinking banning a whole religion will solve anything .. but to those people who do think that .. good luck trying to ban islam lmao

    • I agree with u my heart is broken from this;;!😞wen will this evil stuff end!!!! GOD HELP LORD AMEN 👼👼👼👼

  1. Why does everyone want Islam to be extinct. It’s not all Muslims fault ! Not all Muslim are bad people,not all Muslims are cowards, not all Muslims are terrorists! Why will people not get this? If someone is being racist to a black person will you not speak up ? You probably would. When someone is being racist to a Muslim why do you keep quiet? It’s unfair not all people are like this! My deepest sympathies for those who had to witness such a tragedy 😢😔😔😢😢

    • Russ Monte Technically its the same thing. We are a greedy specie, we compete over race, religion, console gaming, education, jobs, technology etc etc

    • +Hi also I didn’t say superior I said sound racist implying I said that.also the word racist means disparaging someone of a different race.

  2. omg my heart breaks for that mum her daughter is dead she was crying so much cant imagine wat shes going thro rip to all the lost 🙏😢

    • Clorox bleach is a well known paid online troll , IT shows up on comments section shilling for the party Line narrative, whether it be Sandy Hoax / Orlando/ and this staged event in Manchester. Your made up sister is a lying scumbag just like you .

  3. An 8 year old?! she had a life ahead of her..she didn’t deserve to lose her life..all she probably wanted was to see her favourite singer or something..ive been to a concert before..and im a little scared to go to another :/

  4. lol her acting. Your should really at least pay your actors more money CBS you guys are too cheap. Your actors suck.

    • Or you could point me to the evidence that you saw that made you believe it. Insults only mean you have no arguments.

    • SimpleQuestion CanUAnswer Jonny Stugotts no media or family want their decapitated children body all over the internet.its called respect.if you die someday of bomb im sure ur family doesnt want that as well.

  5. Naive retards in the western world think fking prayers will do smth. The dead will remain dead, wake the fk up instead of being sheep.

    • +lookherenow2 Its the Religion of Irreligion….and Its killed a lot more people than all the crusades put together.

    • +Kingdom In the Heavens Only 6% of all wars fought on the Earth were either directly or indirectly related to religion. Google is your friend.

  6. time to kick them out folks. the muzzies can’t coexist with us. they don’t share our values. they want us under their boot with sharia. they aren’t happy living in our democracies because it clashes with their backwards religion. how many more innocent people are we willing to lose to be politically correct???

    • +Joseph LeForte I’m assuming that you are from the USA? I had to search “freedom of religion in the USA since i ain’t a murican , here’s what I’ve found:

      Freedom of religion means freedom to hold an opinion or belief, but not to take action in violation of social duties or subversive to good order.”[28] In Reynolds v. United States (1878), the Supreme Court found that while laws cannot interfere with religious belief and opinions, laws can be made to regulate some religious practices (e.g.Sharia law)

    • Nothing wrong with being an Islamophobe, they make you seem like a racist but firstly Islam isn’t a race its a religion/ideology and secondly being an Islamophobe simply means the hatred/fear of Muslims or Islam, I hate Islam but I don’t have a problem with regular non terror supporting Muslims.

    • I agree as well but honestly Islamophobia is really ridiculous and Islam is not even a race. I don’t like Islam as well and I think people should start being very concern with Islam that especially goes to the Muslim community. And we shouldn’t be focusing on racism right now since its not the issue right now we should focus on people’s safety.

    • …It’s also there in the Bible: Psalm 137:9 ‘Happy is the one who takes your babies and smashes them against the rocks’ –Educate yourself.

    • happy is the one who takes Babylons babies and kills them. David really hated the Babylonians..they were evil

    • A vast majority of Germans were peaceful, educated, and ethical people. It didn’t stop the Nazi’s from genocide. It will never end until you face the difficult facts.

    • Ahh yes, ban over 2 and a half million people from our country, because racial profiling is our best solution.

  7. Don’t worry goyim. The bombers are obviously not Muslims. We now have to make sure that there is no backlash against Muslim communities in the west.

    The bomber was no immigrant either. He was born and raised in Britain. So he was a native Brit. As such strict border controls or border walls or throwing immigrants out of the country will not help you preventing this at all.

    Now let’s all light up our buildings in the union jack colours and don’t forget to colour your Facebook profile pictures in union jack colours as well.

  8. Once again, WHERE IS THE MUSLIM OUTRAGE??? Does the media purposefully refuse to show the Muslims condemning those within their communities who commit these atrocities or are the Muslims just not doing anything. Being that I look at all media sources and not just the biased mainstream, there is no protests, no reaction or condemnation by the so called “peaceful Muslim majority”. When are we going to open our eyes and realize that the silent majority of Muslims are the silent supporters of the militant Muslim minority who commit these horrendous acts of terrorism. They knowingly shelter these terrorists within their communities and then play victim saying they are fearful of reprisals against Muslims. When have you ever seen or heard of a Muslim working with authorities to identify terrorists within their mosques and communities? NEVER! Their silence speaks volumes, they sit quietly by and play the victim while terrorists from within their own communities attack the innocent. Enough is enough. You complain about how your religion is perceived yet you do nothing to change these perceptions, then expect everyone else to not look at you with suspicion or bias. Muslims alone are the only ones who can change this, if you continue to do nothing, I guarantee you will eventually be wiped from the face of this planet.

    • +Albion Parrot lmao Whites should also be gone. White supremacy 😆 Are Muslims supposed to set up a Whatsapp with ISIS and just ask them to stop? Lmao where were the Christians when Hitler attacked the Jews? Sorry but you really need to have a wider scope

    • Hibiki Toudou the christiabs were fighting against Hitler.. . you know,,
      all those countries that fought against Germany.

    • Albion Parrot if you are not religious, good for you lmao. but you don’t need to bring others down 👀