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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Charles Campbell for Western Journalism reports, Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has come to the defense of the president’s 10-year-old son, Barron Trump, after a controversial tweet equated him with being a potential killer.

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  1. The Great Restoration says

    Is it me or does monica look pretty fucken hot?

    1. Night Terrors says

      Not gonna lie. I think practically everyone, even UFO’s, have her on their
      radar 😛 hahaha

    2. mr halvi says

      Breaking news Monica Wants to blow the Donald

    3. Sari Sari says


  2. William Dale Daniel says

    everyone should leave that kid alone he hasn’t done anything to anyone

    1. Tonez Stonezz says

      Miss Kristin C Ashamed?…. those types need straight-jackets and put into
      1 paddled room locked up and the key thrown away.

    2. guinea pig says

      william westwood he’s multi-tasking lol

    3. guinea pig says

      A. K. patience, patients. … let the new attorney general be confirmed,
      and sworn. in …. revenge is a dish best served cold …….

    4. Tonez Stonezz says

      In all honesty …. All children shouldn’t be targets of any form of
      bullying let alone through these social media networks ….
      1 thing to target a Man let alone target a Fathers child.. have 2 kids , 2
      grandkids but still fit and able to teach a ‘lesson or 2’ to any1 that
      hurts any child let alone my own. Just saying… hehehe

    5. Tonez Stonezz says

      Marco Quesada …same applies to any child.

  3. Derek Jinks says

    i don’t think the Left CAN keep their hands off kids

    just saying


    1. Glenn Treble says

      That very sad, but most likely right! as left will use any means to get at
      Donald Trump including his family! Which I think is very wrong and
      disgusting! In my book if Donald Trump (or any President or leader) could
      do is consider it an attack on him and the country which would mean hefty
      fines and jail time for anyone that does !

    2. Marvin Brown says

      +Glenn Treble Also sad that now Obama is out of office, you feel that the
      President and his family should not be scrutinized,where were you for the
      last eight years when a decent man with a great family was the target of
      race hating bigots, now that we have probably one of the worst human being
      to ever take up residence in the White House, Its not proper to question
      the man ethics, what a double standard, but I,m not surprised.

  4. Gypsygirl 1971 says

    This is all a tad bizarre!!?

    1. Larry Williams says

      Gypsygirl 1971 awesome are you really gypsy because I am also gypsy 100%

  5. Yahnah Lynn says

    She made a mistake, we ALL have done so. God Bless her :)!!

    1. صلوا علي النبي says

      Yahnah Lynn god bless us all
      all world need that

    2. Ramped Upp says

      monica made no mistake.. She was a ‘pizzagirl’ that was raped by her abuser
      Research: ‘pizzagate’, ‘lolita express’, and the secret service stories of
      what they had to cover up during slick willies term.

    3. ericlogos says

      Ramped Upp you could be right.

    4. Pug Philo says

      +Ramped Upp and yet he’s better than that last guy we had to deal with.
      That should tell you how bad off we were.

  6. ZZ Trump says

    Give her a job Trump….that would really piss some ppl off.

    1. Jack Shnitz says

      ZZ Trump Give Monica a job Give Monica a job Monica give me a B.Job….?

    2. Nihilist says

      Hillary already used her to clean her drapes.

  7. shikha lemuel says

    We need to quit talking about all this, because if this child had not
    noticed this before, he will now. It is just keeping this crap alive, and
    it needs to go away.

    1. Black rose Nash says

      shekha lemuel* Definitely agree!

  8. jimoconnor76 says

    Good for Monica. We all did dumb things when we were young. Fortunately for
    most of us our names and pictures weren’t plastered all over the tabloids.
    She was really a victim of the Clinton machine and should be treated with
    respect, especially after telling the truth and taking the heat. So many
    others would have done far worse than her after such a terrible an unfair
    attack. Why was she drug through the mud and the married man, not drug
    through the mud. He wasn’t an inexperienced kid, who made a dumb mistake,
    he was and still is a sexual predator who would hurt as many young people
    as he can get away with. Stoning the woman caught in adultery, by sinners,
    (where’s the man), is wrong. Adultery is never committed alone and the
    married person is more guilty than an unmarried person.

    1. La Red says

      +jimoconnor76 It takes a true man to say what you just said. Seriously ??

    2. Drew Collier says

      queen of hearts you sound like you were cheated on!

  9. Pug Philo says

    Monica has aged very well. Nice looking lady.

    1. Pug Philo says

      +Dirk Diggler of coarse! That’s completely acceptable.

    2. ReDFurY Landen says

      Yeah a nice lady who sold your country out for money. Not even that much
      money. She’s a tool in clintons hands

    3. Don X says

      By exposing BJ Clinton?! Worth every cent!

    4. a river says

      It was Clintons with their owners who sold the country and would have sold
      what is remaining.

  10. sarahs meadows says

    Soulless POS’s that attack innocent children.

    1. miapdx Portland says

      going4u2 Wrong. You heartless bastards think that by tweaking reality, the
      lies will stick. The criminal case in New York was a Federal Indictment,
      which is really easy to find. Find it. Read it. Really, Soros? Just one
      little girl. Her attorney is Lisa Bloom, she has the indictment on her
      webpage. Very easy to find.
      You can lie, and you can be willfully ignorant. But none of that changes
      reality. The disrespect you show this young lady, whose life was ruined by
      this pos of a human being, deserves more respect than Donald rapist Trump.
      He’s sick, and the more you defend him, the more you become infected with
      his immorality. God sees and knows everything, and how are you going to
      defend yourself, for defending a power-mad, amoral billionaire businessman,
      over an innocent girl? Because right now, you all look sick.

    2. going4u2 says

      Dropped sweety, yes it was dropped. You need to wake up now and move on to
      a better life or seek help from a professional and get those drugs they
      like to prescribe and enjoy lala land.

    3. K Son says

      You poor thing. That’s what you come back with out of all of the things I
      pointed out. Apparently I’m talking to a moron that can’t accept when they
      are proven wrong. Oh wait…I just described a modern liberal. Talking to
      one of you idiots is like talking to some extreme feminist (I actually
      respect classic feminist like Susan Hoff Summers).

    4. queen of hearts says

      going4u2 i totally agree

  11. SuperCal says

    Monica was used and abused by the Clinton’s power. She’s just one of many.

    1. Jeanette Vaughn says

      SuperCal she escaped with her life. Someone must of run out of bullets or
      missed and it was not her.

    2. Jack Shnitz says

      SuperCal But what a decorative astray Martha Stewart woulda died for it

    3. Anto Ma says

      and she never got shot!

    4. SuperCal says

      There is assassination, then there is character assassination.

  12. whatever3210 says

    Darkness hates the light. Liberals hate Barron.

    1. whatever3210 says

      Seeing that you are only a child you should contemplate life and mature a
      bit more before commenting on things beyond your grasp. Arrogance and
      ignorance often times go hand in hand. Your comment is an excellent example
      of that.

    2. themanginaman says

      Darkness cannot live in light.*

    3. dan madrid says

      Aaron A you and 1/3 of america…

    4. Gaberilla Sandoval says

      whatever3210 amen

  13. BruceT says

    Clinton ruined her reputation? She had nothing to do with it?

    1. queen of hearts says

      BruceT she ruined her own reputation.Playing victim,it didn’t just happen.it
      happened over and over until she didn’t get what she wanted.She is no
      victim.Her and bill got just deserved.Public humiliation.???

    2. ericlogos says

      +BruceT I’m illustrating the very twistedness of it. Read my text again.
      It’s meant to show its insane. Monica was young. I think she got exploited,
      but others don’t agree. I was trying to make that point.

  14. redchevy4 says

    funny! Clinton called those who supported Trump deplorable, yet her
    supporters are despicable.

    1. George Smith says

      Liberals are despicable…disgusting…repulsive…God-less…ANYTHING that
      is immoral, and against what is normal and good, they embrace it! I hate
      pretty much everything they stand for! And some of them would be better off
      as worm-food. Not all, but some.

    2. DYlan Atkinson says

      George Smith I WOULDN’T say all of them just most of them

  15. VengefulSage says

    liberalism is a mental disorder for which there is no cure.

    1. Mary hadALittleLamb says

      VengefulSage …. liberals are mind controlled ..why else would they think
      and believe and DO what they are doing? Makes NO sense. Pity the poor
      misguided bastards (libtards) Pray for their Soul!

    2. kimmer6 says

      Bath salts smoked in a lead pipe helps cure liberal thinking in the long

    3. Clash Royale BOSS says

      VengefulSage agreed, they should do humanity a favor and kill themselves

    4. dan madrid says

      VengefulSage the anonymous warrior has spoken……stfu jerk!…your a

  16. Chana Moriel says

    Way to go Monica. Now that shows compassion and real class. Thank you.

    1. Chana Moriel says

      +The Carter – Bad joke…At least she spoke up. I don’t see many others
      stepping up and doing the right thing. I give her credit where credit is
      due. I feel she learned a valuable lesson and is sorry. Therefore, I say
      let her past go. She did not have to say what she said, but she did the
      right thing and spoke out.

    2. phydeauxddog says

      +Chana Moriel You do know people like monica will say whatever they think
      will make people notice them.

    3. Chana Moriel says

      +phydeauxddog – I know that people who judge others harshly will be judged
      that way themselves. Do YOU KNOW her motivations or her heart? Then I would
      suggest giving her the benefit of the doubt!

  17. lynda rae says

    Proud of you Monica for standing up for Barron !!! You were a victim of
    Hellary and Bill Clinton and you have nothing to be ashamed of !!!

    1. The Carter says

      lynda rae Bullshit, she is no way a victim.

    2. queen of hearts says

      The Carter she definitely wasn’t a victim.

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