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Montana GOP candidate charged for allegedly body-slamming reporter

Here is News Insider…

The Republican candidate in Thursday's special congressional election in Montana is charged with misdemeanor assault. Billionaire businessman Greg Gianforte is accused of body-slamming reporter Ben Jacobs Wednesday night. Meg Oliver reports.

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  1. ColossalSquid says

    Liberals are civilized, conservatives are cavemen.

    1. OstriMonk says

      Even though I am a liberal, I hate comments like these. These are just like the “liberalism is a mental disease” — that doesn’t achieve anything. Be the bigger person.

    2. Some Guy says

      tell that to the liberals who bring ied’s to trump rallies just so they can hurt ppl. wear weighted gloves just to hurt ppl, block traffic and drag ppl out of their cars just to hurt ppl, burn their community’s down just to hurt ppl. get over yourself and wake up.

    3. Some Guy says

      tell that to the liberals who bring ied’s to trump rallies just so they can hurt ppl. wear weighted gloves just to hurt ppl, block traffic and drag ppl out of their cars just to hurt ppl, burn their community’s down just to hurt ppl. get over yourself and wake up.

  2. Merrilou Neigenfind says

    Republicans HATE the First Amendment. How dare a reporter ask a question of a politician? Does the man hit others as well? Just asking.

  3. Terri Boyd says

    Why didn’t they arrested him at the scene? Let’s hope people don’t vote for this idiot, believing that he’s the real victim. The public has a tendency to be easily mislead. Example? Donald Trump is president.

    1. Todd L says

      Terri Boyd Lol can you seriously not concede the Trump healthcare plan is just Obamacare-lite?

    2. Todd L says

      Terri Boyd Not everyone who disagrees with you is a troll…

    3. Todd L says

      Terri Boyd Umm..I’m only replying to this thread.

  4. Richard Miller says

    I live in Northern Wyoming and all I get is Montana news, and of course their political adds. I have been watching both sides adds and this guy is a low down grease ball I think. I can’t say I would want Quist if I were from Montana, but Gianforte just has that greasy liar aura about him. About 90% of his adds are straight attack adds. I am not from Montana so my opinion means zilch, but just an observation.

    1. guy says

      these democrats don’t care….they like their Fake News

    2. PopNLockPenguins says

      Yeah I live in Montana this is the first time we have made national news in a long time.

    3. Ten Four says

      #zilch you could have stopped there #useless

  5. Cultural Savvy says

    What does this mean? Journalist can’t be safe doing their job anymore? This sadden me

    1. Julio Gonzalez says

      Cultural Savvy The media cultivates hate and sensationalize issues. They stopped “Reporting” a long time ago. Their fault…. result….anger

    2. John Doe says

      +Julio Gonzalez They didn’t stop reporting. The GOP just decided to become a fascist regime.

  6. glt010678 says

    With a temper like that, it’s almost never about any particular situation but what’s going on within the aggresor. It also makes me think about domestic abuse. If he can act like that in public, what is he doing at home?

    1. OWEN WEIR says

      Josie Fox yes… Very much yes

    2. AerialDroneAccessories.com says

      Sex offender?, don’t believe that’s been reported over here. Sorry that you only get half the story in your country. Of course Hillary was the only one in bed with the Soviets in the Russian Reset and the sale of 25% of our Uranium to the Russians while she got Hundreds of millions donated to them through Russian banks after the deal went through. Also got the little story here where the one who leaked the DNC emails (again not Russia) was killed during the election. It was barely reported on. Of course two others who were doing stories on it ended up dead as well. Does this stuff get reported in your country?

      My guess is if he had done this to a Clinton he would have ended up with a lot more than a pair of broken glasses.

    3. Dojocho says

      I heard your a pediphile at home?…there you go how do you like innuendos and fake BS dirtbag?

    4. Some Guy says

      awesome, gives the golf clap!!

  7. Marius Noneofyoubusiness says

    At first I supported the candidate, but after hearing the audio, you can clearly hear the reporter acting civil & simply asking a question

    1. R. Lara-Moore says

      Marius Noneofyoubusiness
      what if the reporter (being a professional at this) is purposely and specifically sounding out in such a way as to make one thing look like something else? (which is a common tactic that even young children use to sway their parents’ judgement to their favor) That’s the concern with taking a bit of the exchange out of context of what happened prior.

    2. John Doe says

      +R. Lara-Moore Now you’re just jumping through hoops and making blind assumptions desperately to make the politician seem like the victim.

    3. R. Lara-Moore says

      John Doe
      No hoops and no sides John Doe. I’m trying to point out that we cannot make assumptions from either perspective based on the limited information. The possibilities for deception and inaccuracies are too probable from either viewpoint. ^.~

  8. Alwyn Huo says

    Still idiots are the ones voting anyway… look at ur president…

    1. Some Guy says

      technically speaking, it actually shows that we are smarter. the left won the popular vote, but by tactical campaigning we won with less votes. that’s what happens when you disenfranchise everyone that doesn’t live in California and new York. but watching the left scurry around like mice running from a raptor sure is funny. lol..

    2. Collin Hennessy says

      +Alwyn Huo No, idiots don’t vote, and then protest when the person they wanted to win loses.

  9. Oasis5 says

    Wow….his spokespeople already had a lie ready to tell.

    1. Ten Four says

      A hold over from the Clinton campaign

  10. Joe M says

    Lock him up!!

    1. John Doe says

      +Scott Woolf No, but apparently daring to question the Republican Regime is a crime.

    2. Jay S says

      No, but notice the only evidence submitted by the reporter was the audio. Not the fact that he stuck his hand in the Congressman’s face, and then grabbed the Congressman’s wrist, moments before the Congressman responded in self-defense.

  11. Oasis5 says

    If the people of Montana vote this assaulter to Congress to represent them, then that will speak volumes about the type of people they are.

    1. PebbLe DroppLeD says

      +Dan Jacob
      The One that’s Opposite of Allah.

    2. Dan Jacob says


  12. thesyndrome43 says

    You mean a Republican acted in an aggressive, irrational manner?
    NO ONE could have seen that coming…..

    1. joe grunt says

      Under Obama, we have lost faith. Since when is being successful is a bad thing

  13. fivefivevirgo says

    Wow, Republicans are violent.

    1. Steven E says

      ” I Keel You!”

    2. nomad smith says

      yea, maybe like the two liberal professors, hooded, at riots, attacking peaceful demonstrators, one pepper spray, the other with a bike lock.  he was so violet, not one bruise, cut etc.  did not qualify for felony assault.

    3. Ten Four says

      AND don’t you forget it snowflake!

  14. HAL 9000 says

    lock up the mental inbread republican

    1. Vifnis says

      I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid can’t do that.

    2. bobby says

      “he will now be voted in as POTUS”
      hur dur ‘MURICA!

  15. NY NY says

    Lock him up!

    1. Vifnis says

      its misdemeanor assault you idiot

    2. The Joker says

      Vifnis so you’re defending him?

    3. nomad smith says

      maybe in NY they arrest people for a misdemeanor.  Then everyone getting a traffic ticket should be locked up.  Your animosity is showing.

    4. Collin Hennessy says

      Yes they do! NY locks people up over the stupidest crimes.

  16. Josie Fox says

    Is every politician in America a self entitled billionaire these days, or what ? This is hardly surprising when the Republican Party seems more intent on having the wealthiest candidate, rather than the best. Absolutely disgraceful.

    1. MsMrapplepie says

      Josie Fox they’re “draining the swamp” ?

    2. MsMrapplepie says

      Some Guy You elected a billionaire internet troll to be your president lmao

  17. Bezer Man says

    I’d still vote for him

    1. John Doe says

      Then you are why America doesn’t deserve democracy.

  18. paul norris says

    Funny he won.  Guess we need to slam a few more reporters/agents/scumbags.

  19. guy says

    and yet Greg WON! Good try liberals…..why is a guardian reporter interested in a Montana house seat?

  20. Dboy321 Razo says

    Montana voted this guy in? Montana must be a red-neck dominated State. What a waste of good land.

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