Muslim Scholar Celebrates Extinction of ‘Blue Eyed, Blonde Haired’ Germans


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Islam scholar Lamya Kaddor said on German television that "being German" in future will not mean having blonde hair and blue eyes, but being a Muslim migrant and wearing a hijab.

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    • Your Bible is a bunch of mythology written down and claimed to be fact by
      liars and forgers. Real scholars have proven that for many years. Only
      weak, superstitious fools still think it’s true.

    • +Marrowbones
      LOL, exactly. The ‘Bible’ was plagiarized from many sources, and inspired
      by Buddhism to some extent, as were most other Eastern religions. As you
      alluded to, people forget that there were civilizations and their attendant
      religions before christianity. The fools actually believe the chronology
      in the bible. When the Vatican allowed scholars to critically assess the
      bible in the late 1800’s the conclusion was the same as that educated
      conclusion we see today, and you have touched upon. The bible is for *peasants
      and fools*
      Plagiarism, forgery, rearranged history, pure fiction (Adam and Eve…
      *The best use for a bible is toilet paper or to roll a cigarette*

    • Every society that has given equal status to women has had its fertility
      rate fall below survival level.
      As a result, these societies are being outbred by those who did not give
      equal status to women, especially muslims. White america will not be
      majority white soon. White europe will also not be white in the future.
      But hey – At least we have equality for women! Woohoo! So what if it is
      making us go extinct? We have gender equality! Hurray!

    • Nebuchadnezzar II
      Islam is not a race, you dumbass. Therefore your topic of inter-racial
      marraige has no validity.

    • Germany will become the next 3rd world country in the future. If this keeps

    • Just like Jewish is not a race. However, Arabs are usually Muslims as Turks
      are Central Asians and have a clear cut non-European appearance. The point
      is still valid even if the technical terms used are wrong.

    • John Doe You are right, I’m aware of all that you have mentioned.

      My point is that by attributing some almighty powers to 1 group in order to
      blame them for all evils leaves us helpless and hopeless.
      Eliminationist policies have been tried towards this group several times in
      history, each time unsuccessfully in the long run.

      Another way of looking at the situation is to recognize it as a power
      struggle between a few world powers. It would mean aligning with the least
      damaging agenda or promoting a different one and having some say in what
      happens, at least in Europe.

      The overlap I mentioned was no grey area. It suits a few opposing groups
      (not all Jewish) to create internal conflicts and to undermine the social
      structures in Europe. Look at islamic escatology or the world-wide
      activities of the Saudis. Or are you of the school of thought that Islam is
      also a Jewish construct?
      If we resign ourselves to assign blame to Jews, what next?

    • +Miss Noma

      The Jews can take the blame for what they do.
      Why do you suppose these people have been kicked out of a hundred
      different countries.

      It’s everybody’s fault but theirs, right?

      That’s exactly what the charge of “anti-Semitism” implies.

      How do you think this reputation has developed?

      The Jews make all sorts of exaggerated claims about the so called holocaust.

      If this is all true, as they insist it is, then what in the world do you
      think they could have done to have set so many people off to such an
      extent? Nothing?!

      I see you have no problem when it comes to categorizing Muslims, other
      countries, or any other sort of collective.

      It’s only when it comes to the Jews that you and others like you have this
      hang up about “lumping” people and making blanket statements.

      The Jews have a World Congress. They have literally thousands of
      organizations all over the world in every country they inhabit.
      And regardless of any divisions they make a pretense of, they still
      understand the social, political, and economic benefits that are to be
      derived from belonging to that Jewish UNION.

      Little harlots running off to Hollywood understand this principle. Don’t
      try to convince me that you don’t.

      They get their way through bribery and various forms of coercion.
      They now have the “Russian” mob scattered all over the world working with
      them as well.

      And people like you campaign to provide this organized crime syndicate with
      a convenient social shield which hinders police action against their

      Then you try to come across like “Look at saintly me, everyone, how I
      protect the poor little innocent Jew from the big bad WASP meanies. Aren’t
      I sweet?”

      Dumb is more like it.

      As long as the Jews act IN UNISON and behave like a POLITICAL ENTITY and a
      SOCIAL UNION, then they are as entitled to scrutiny and criticism as any

      This business about crying “anti-Semitism” and bringing up the “holocaust”
      is nothing but a means of political and social extortion.

      Anne frankly , I’m sick of it.

    • John Doe you are stubbornly twisting my words and pretending not to
      understand my point. You are either obsessed or fanatically indoctrinated.

    • +Rake Dos I would argue that many modern countries will experience the
      emergence of a stagnant population as women pursue careers and have
      children later in life and smaller in number. However, it does not make
      sense to solve this through mass immigration. Firstly, immigrants also grow
      old – shocking isn’t it. Should we just keep importing more and more people
      until quality of life is in an absolute shambles? The economic model at
      present times is not sustainable.

  1. People, you need to realize that it was the Jews who opened the door to all
    of this.
    If you want to stop being over run, you are going to have to boot the Jews
    out of your government and legal processes. They are destroying you from
    the inside out.
    The Muslims are only a symptom of the disease. The disease was initiated by
    Talmudic Judaism.

    • +Lorna McCairley-Perets
      Jewish political activists and social engineers have worked to establish
      open immigration policies in both Europe, the US, and in Australia. They
      have played leading roles in creating forced integration in all
      predominantly white countries in which they settle.

      This is a fact which can be verified using Jewish sources if anyone cares
      to look.

      It’s easy enough to blame the German’s for being stupid but it’s easier
      simply to call them “xenophobe” , ‘racist” etc when they oppose it.
      What’s harder to explain is why a nation filled with “racists” , as the
      Jews are wont to call “WASP”s would advocate so strongly in favor of their
      own displacement if they were so racist to begin with.
      It’s also difficult to explain why the Jewish lobby and their
      representative neocons would work so hard to convince western white men,
      Christians in particular, that the greatest threat to their safety is from
      Muslims while their own ADL and other representatives declare anyone who
      opposes unchecked Muslim immigration into the US as an “Islamophobe”.
      This is especially ironic given the fact that is those same Muslim types
      whom the Israeli Jews are systematically displacing from their own land.
      It is also worth noting that the same Jewish policy makers in the US who
      would call anyone wishing to build a wall along the Southern boarder of the
      US a “bigot” would also call anyone objecting to the US tax payer funded
      wall in Israel an “anti-Semite”.

      Will you blame all the blatant Jewish hypocrisy and deception apparent here
      on me as well?

      Although you may have some success in conning people who are unaware of the
      facts by your implications, you only call attention to your own dishonesty
      to those who are aware of them.

      “And Jewish groups across the country are acting together in a way
      characteristic of the community on few issues besides Israel.
      “It’s about the right thing to do,” said Robert Gittelson, co-founder of
      Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and a Republican. In
      op-ed pieces and interviews, Gittelson, a retired Jewish businessman from
      California’s San Fernando Valley, has called certain GOP strategies on
      immigration reform “un-biblical” and “cruel.”

      For the Zionists supporting the apartheid state of Israel to call US
      citizens in favor of enforcing US immigration laws, “cruel”,
      is nothing less than slimy.

    • I used to think that anti-Jewish feeling was unfair and unearned, but then
      I learned from a solid source that since Roman times, Jews had been the
      slave traders and continued in it long after the fall of Rome in Europe. So
      even though Jews did some good things in Europe, there is plenty of reasons
      to have bad feelings about them and not want them in your countries.

    • When Europe was always persecuting Jews, Islam was doing it less. They also
      think that they can come out on top every time. I think they are wrong
      about that.

    • This is all false. Records that were opened up after the fall of the Soviet
      Union actually raised the number of dead and it is quite possible to gas
      that many with so many camps running full time. Many others died from
      starvations, bullets, etc. But the big point is that why bother to deny the
      number of Jews murdered in WW2? You think someone is going to feel that
      they were such good people for not killing as many while they declare that
      they still want to kill more Jews? It’s illogical and silly and a waste of
      time and thought.

    • Muslims feel peace walking in slow motion when everything is paid for as
      your wallet burns and taxes rise with no room on the side walks due to
      strollers double wide and free day care for Muslims but not your grand kids
      because you are not a mess making invading Asian nor Somalian pirate nor
      stinkin Muslim rapist

    • Unfortunately since the Holocaust, the Germans have gone on a mammoth guilt
      trip about it, and about Nationalism and they will forfeit their cultural
      heritage, — which is sad.

    • +Joe
      I don’t feel guilty because I’m NOT guilty.

      But I AM MAD! I’m sick of their crap and I’m fed up to the gills with

      I’ll treat these people the same way I’d treat anyone else. If they can’t
      show me the same respect they demand from me, then they needn’t expect me
      to continue being “polite” about it while their trying to twist my arm.

    • Marrowbones Not all Mexicans are quick to fight anyone. Many Mexican accept
      that the lands that used to be Mexico was given to the US as a way for
      peace. Many Mexicans are proud, But only a Minority are such Supremacists.
      Not only Mexicans treated the migrants bad. Americans did it too. They
      treated Hispanics as subhumans in Texas. Us Latinos eventually fought the
      American Dictators. Mexico is a Democracy now, If the territories were
      still part of them now. They’d also be apart of a Democracy.

    • +Blade Strikes
      Wow…I never thought I would have to defend him at any time in my life,
      but calling Merkel Hitler is actually an insult to Hitler…

      She is something far worse to be completely honest…

    • Seems like never. Too many weak ones medically helped to live over the
      decades have made a large part of them as a group blind and stupid.

    • The ones of use are, the call is racists, the woman vote for more of their
      rapist, but there is no greater diverse force than a unified Europe,
      nothing of them shall be on our grounds

    • Western Marxism is different from Eastern Marxism. In the West, Marxist are
      not nationalist at all, but globalists who think that they can make the
      world into a Socialist Utopia.