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Muslim woman writes Islamic sex guide to help tackle abuse – and is immediately abused

Muladhat said she has been heavily criticised.

She said: “I’ve received encouraging feedback, but also a significant number of demeaning and disgusting messages.

“One woman said it’s not needed, they learn everything from their mothers. 

“I doubt any mother speaks in as explicit detail as I have.”

The author who has been married for more than three decades said she got her knowledge from life, magazine articles and chats with friends.

Describing how a “French kiss” can turn into sex, the book advises women to “explore their husband’s body”.

It says: “Put your tongue into his mouth and touch his tongue. Use your tongue. Tease him with light flicks. Go back and forth into each other’s mouths.

“Trace the edge of his lips with the tip of your tongue. Explore his mouth! Feel his gums and teeth with your tongue. Make sure to give him opportunity to reciprocate.

“Don’t just kiss on the lips. He has other kissable parts too! Work on his neck and collarbone. Bite, but gently. Nibble his earlobe or neck. Maybe his bottom lip. If you’re adventurous, give him a hickey. Kiss his neck with a slightly open mouth. Suck in the skin. This will leave a mark so be careful where you do it!

“Run your fingers through his hair and massage his scalp. His body is exclusively yours for the rest of your marriage! Explore the goods!”

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