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Songs Used:
1) https://youtu.be/CtwJvgPJ9xw
2) https://youtu.be/EPuWlzZDJxU
3) https://soundcloud.com/7obu
4) https://youtu.be/-FOU-o-CqX4

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Sam Tong says

    my mom will never let me waste whip cream

    1. Daniel Oreilly says


    2. Mateo Cossani says

      I guess that you don’t win as much money as Harry does

    3. Simon TheFutGamer says

      Mateo Cossani your right they don’t win money like harry

  2. TCx CR4ZYGING3 says

    He could have used Olson and got a lot more chem

    1. Fawan Jami 4B Hadbjerg Skole says

      TCx CR4ZYGING3 yes and maybe a better rating

    2. FINNBARZ Plays says

      TCx CR4ZYGING3 Yeah!

    3. BertBooks23 says

      yeah i know

    4. Saleh Alhammadi says

      TCx CR4ZYGING3

    5. Al Thomson3107 says

      TCx CR4ZYGING3 that’s what I thought

  3. Ryan Whitelaw says

    He looks young and I’m gonna give him a go

    1. Mark Olbertz says

      Ryan Whitelaw why… Just why

    2. Kimberley Morris says

      Harry screems at 99 Messi he is mad??

    3. Kimberley Morris says


    4. FUTskills 179 says


    5. Darejan Qvarcxava says


  4. XBOXTUCKER8 says

    He could of got mor chem if he put Olson instead of kana-biyil

    1. XBOXTUCKER8 says

      Don’t kill me I know it was a year ago

    2. Usman Butt says

      XBOXTUCKER8 gfhg the best and best home ever

    3. Samantha Savage says

      XBOXTUCKER8 that is not English

    4. Carly Ross-Robinson says

      XBOXTUCKER8 I agree

  5. BrakemKrates01 says

    Anyone came here after what KSI said about Harry’s mother?

    1. Eoghan Workman says

      Thresh Talk yup

    2. AJ Muskitta says

      BrakemKrates01 yep

    3. Liam_FC says

      What did he say

  6. zi zono gui says

    6:12 harry “you know drogba right”
    H. Mum “yea i do…. yea”

    1. W B cards Laborne says

      do you collect match attax

    2. Birmingham City Tekkerz/Matches says

      W B cards Laborne ye

    3. Jay Noel says

      W B cards Laborne I do watch my 2 pack openings

    4. Ashton Bruford says

      zi zono gui

  7. TOXINIC says

    What’s the song at 0:07

    1. Grazorad says

      Milosz Tomaszwski Saw is already the past tense of See. So its not Sawed wtf

    2. Ahmed Suliman says

      HappyHats- -HH

    3. The master of fifa 2016 says

      PieDeePie Chamillionaire-Ridin Dirty

    4. Harry Page says

      NerdyTuberHD they see me rolling

    5. XBOX360 PLAYZ says

      Toxinic they see me rolling

  8. Gaming Wolf15 says

    Harry’s Mum ” He looks really young and I’m gonna give him a go “

    1. hy ku says

      The GamingGod5 lol

    2. Susana Fernandes says

      The Gamin

  9. Balthazar de Bruijn says

    Moms with minicoopers are golddigging milfs.

    1. Mac Brodie says

      On next one get Ronaldo

  10. Roy Raad says

    Harry: mom, why nedved
    mom: he’s white
    did anyone take that in a wrong way ?

    1. Brian Shevchenko says

      Roy Raad I’m pretty sure everyone did

  11. Dark_Soul_451 says

    Who’s watching in December 2016?

    1. Brogan Cherepko says

      I’m watching in January 2017

    2. Ducky-norsk Gaming says

      Bro C meeeeeee

    3. Dawid LEGION says

      Thelegend 27 wit is this

    4. Dawid LEGION says

      Thelegend 27 no legend wiat is this

    5. Sarhad Ali says

      I have

  12. MoDp says

    who else is watching these old good fifa videos becouse he don’t make them

    1. Lynn Smith says

      MoDp y
      ,llllljjhhtddrsxtfddcdffthgugj1234567890. 123456789 10

    2. Lolsslkd Hdhcbxbdnsn says

      MoDp me

    3. • K i r b y b o o • says

      MoDp Nahh.

    4. Ramzi Zananiri says


    5. Articuno66 Roblox says

      MoDp Not me

  13. Dog Gaming says

    Who is watching this in 2017

    1. Zain Ali says

      Dog Gaming me

  14. Jack Rowan says

    Your my favourite Fifa player ?????

    1. Ducky-norsk Gaming says

      Jack Rowan b

    2. Ducky-norsk Gaming says

      Jack Rowan h

  15. Avrick Mendonca says

    That intro actually made me giggle a bit

  16. 2442 4224 says

    Why didn’t you put Ollson in CB with Cahill

  17. Sam Venters says

    My mum would do this with me but my dad would not

  18. Bob De huisbaas says

    ‘why him mom’? ‘cuz he is white’ BRUHHH hahahaha

  19. • K i r b y b o o • says

    Harry: “Mum, there is—”
    Mum: “Neymar!!”

  20. Egg fried rice says

    Can I finger your mum

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