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A little tour of my room and new setup!
SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/
Cameralux: https://www.youtube.com/Callux

My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw

Songs Used:

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Mudffin says

    ULTIMATE SETUP. Uses macbook ..

    1. Mudffin says

      Nobody asked your PC specs..

    2. Jeff the Joke says

      ceNi S Well he can offord it but he didnt fur sum resun

    3. IskoPlays says

      Mudffin maybe because he use it for productivity and not for Gaming?

    4. trecherous3 says

      GTX 1060 really mate? He would obviously use a GTX 1080 and a Kaby Lake
      processor maybe or Skylake one.

    5. Mandrix Gaming says

      Mudffin he doesn’t need a super far pc because he games on console

  2. C0Drebel _ says

    3 pairs of yeezys


    1. VeyRon says

      I’ve got one pair of yeezys their really comfy

    2. Faze Green says

      yea and you fucking go get a life

    3. Zia Ahmed says

      C0Drebel _

    4. Gustav Pettersson Grill Mörbyskolan says

      C0Drebel _ Kuksugare

  3. Gaming Guinea Pig says

    lol he has minecraft 4:05 look at the bar

    1. MrFire Minecraft says

      Gaming Guinea Pig LOL

    2. Gaming Guinea Pig says


    3. Charlie gollick says

      Gaming Guinea Pig lol so funny haha

    4. Eye OF League says


  4. FuSiOn DrOid says

    I’m Callum police u got weed

    1. FuSiOn DrOid says


    2. Hubble says

      FuSiOn DrOid well then, w2s has some 10 year olds watching him..

    3. FuSiOn DrOid says

      Hubble ya

  5. Dallow says

    can you do this off a windows laptop?

    1. VapTex says

      can u plz demonstrate how !

    2. Fivefrost Shvartzenberg says


    3. Mr COD says

      VapTex ever heard of a fucking HDMI?? Yeah so why ask you pleb

    4. drunken driver says

      Mr COD Says the guy who plays cod and is mad 2

  6. Jetfire says

    wow yr monitor bigger than my TV ._.

    1. Just A Normal Guy says

      Jetfire that must be a small tv…..

    2. Jetfire says

      Just A Normal Guy probably 😛

    3. WOBBLYTWAT says

      Well Harry’s monitors are 27″ so your tv must be quite small

    4. Jeff the Joke says

      Jetfire you probably use a 12 inch screen lmao????

  7. Jason Connors says

    A macbook… I am disgusted.

    1. games stop says

      what name the desk

    2. Jason Connors says

      +Salty Candy It really doesn’t matter they’re both horrible.

    3. AlanTheGamerYT// Alan says

      Jason Connors I have an Android

    4. Lance Marrero says

      Jason Connors lol

  8. GrimFate says

    He dos t have a PC ??????

    1. Can We Hit 30 Subs With No Videos says

      GrimFate so pc are shitty unlike tech source

    2. Z5 Freestyle - Ultimate Soccer Skills says


    3. TIERNAN ODONNEll says

      sub for sub

    4. Mandrix Gaming says

      GrimFate ya because he games on console

  9. Izree GT says

    When im 18 and i get my credit card.. i will buy a setup

    1. Izree GT says

      +SNAX lel u can buy the whole setup ya know?

    2. Shahriar Mueed says

      Izree GT but it’s not just something you place on your floor and call it a
      day. you gotta put everything in place, wire everything up, plug things in,
      connect things etc

  10. Joe Shanahan says

    Setup starts at 5:40

    1. Mackyvlogs _123 says

      Joe Shanahan so I’m guessing it’s a 6 second vid ???

  11. VARDO 360 says

    You must lag so much

    1. MultishineGod says

      VARDO 360 kys

  12. Oli TM says

    Henry Henry

    1. joni nikunen says

      Oli TM henry?? he’s name is harry

    2. Insert name says

      Face palm

  13. Cloud Kitten says

    Can somebody link me his desc or what is it called please <3

    1. liverpool football club says

      Cloud Kitten no

    2. Sportzyhd says

      Cloud Kitten ye

  14. Joker Kid says

    Where did u buy that desk

    1. Sportzyhd says

      Joker Kid I wanna know too

  15. VasaPlayer7 says

    w2s jel you live in an apartment or house

  16. Luke C. says

    “That is seizure territory”???

  17. Sam Venters says

    That setup tho

  18. Joe Sierra says

    This is actually the most interesting setup tour I’ve ever seen

  19. SPhilpott 9 says

    Who was recording

  20. Axel f Axel f says

    How can he dont Have a Gaming computer

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