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NEW 2016 Football Skills ● Tricks

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Football Skills, Tricks, Dribbling 2016

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Special thanks – Football Skills (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7C13iTtI_ankf52o17Ftw)

1. Paris Blohm – Left Behinds ft. Taylr Renee (Gioni Remix)
2. Veorra – Run

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  1. Juuzou Suzuya says


    1. Andressa Gcedffetgvc xomes says


    2. Butac cunto says

      Fucking weeb

  2. Berk Arda GÖK says

    Ricardo Quaresma
    turkish league

    1. NicoWee says


    2. furkan bıyık says

      İngilizce seviyem

  3. vishal kunkal says

    song name plzz??

    1. Ian S says

      Look in the description

    2. DavidKhan3 says

      +vishal kunkal description

    3. adamın hası says

      +vishal kunkal yarraaak

  4. VivaSkills says

    Nice bor ;)

    1. FootoZ says

      +VivaSkills thanks bro 😉

  5. Veronica Vadmand says

    2:05 Pukki!

    1. Mirna Torres says


  6. Владислав ™ says

    4.00 song name pls

    1. adamın hası says

      +Владислав ™ yarramın başı

    2. AlexTheGamerYT3 says


  7. BarcaMSN World says

    who’s the player at 2:22

    1. Okay says

      +Nikunj Joshi Thabo Rakhale

    2. aziz samb says

      thabo is a good player i like his skills

    3. Manuel Matteo says

      +Okay oke

    4. Raquel Zavala says


  8. Leonardo Serino says

    Skill at 3:59 Was in 2014

    1. FootoZ says

      +Leonardo Serino No. This is 2015/16

    2. LewisFC says

      +Leonardo Serino It really wasent, it was in this years Champions League, I
      am a City supporter I watched the game myself
      Manchester City vs Roma

    3. Mehdi Styles says

      +FootoZ can you please do sofian boufal skills

    4. JocaFC says

      +FootoZ Some skills were 14/15

  9. Nazimbadie Nazim says


    1. Rolando Cervantes says

      ikr wasn’t that a double meg lol

    2. Nazimbadie Nazim says

      +Rolando Cervantes lol

    3. reynaldo josue romero perez says

      +Nazimbadie Nazim jf474kfudu.4433

  10. DaniCecco 99 says

    Quanto cazzo gasanoooooo

    1. .samuele d'antoni says


    2. Janayna Videos says

      +.samuele d’antoni


  11. yahia aizel says

    where is riad mahrez !?!?

    1. TheRippah says


  12. joao vitor Almeida says

    só fico me perguntando porque não tem o paulo henrique ganso no videos

    1. G Nabarro says

      +joao vitor Almeida desde quando ganso é bom?joga uma partida boa e nego se
      ilude meu deus…

    2. kauan Oliveira says

      +Gabriel Nabarro Ganso e gênio sempre foi vc não sabe nada de futebol….

  13. tolulope Akintan says

    the first 3 moves were all ronaldo chop, lol

  14. diaz noobietown says

    tell me 1 skill that was “NEW”

    1. The Darkmoon Manifesto says

      I can’t do that, but I like your slifer pic

  15. EL Baby Louie - BigBoss - says

    que padre que pones de la liga mx, excelente vídeo.

  16. Accent Tué says

    *when he stood on the ball WTF !*

  17. Mert Kilic says

    Song in the First part?

  18. Club Cooee News says

    wtf rabona is since poeple start palying footbal ._.

    1. Munib Wahedna says

      I hope you’re being sarcastic, because if not, you’re a dumbfuck

  19. Md. Soriful Islam says

    what is called the music.

  20. Mirza Yousuf Fc says


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