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New Feature: Real Time Analytics For Your YouTube Channel

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Real Time Analytics on Your YouTube Channel – YouTube just announced a new major feature to see Real-Time Analytics (minute-by-minute) for your Channel and your Videos.

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If you are like me, you check your Analytics on Youtube all the time, but you had to wait a few days to really get your data. But Now it is Real-Time! 🙂 Happy Days!


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Real Time Analytics For Your YouTube Channel

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  1. rxstrmom says

    Yes Derral…it will help !!! Thanks for keeping us up to date on all

    1. Derral Eves says

      Patti +rxstrmom ! You’re Welcome!

  2. Jarhead6 says

    Bro I am loving this!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Jarhead6 Great Right!

  3. Ash Almond says

    It is indeed a cool new feature and we can see how many people are really
    watching our videos on real time.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Ash Almond for sure…

  4. Lacey Shih Tzu says

    Hey Derral — I happened to come across this feature the other day and it
    is great!! Thanks for explaining it further…

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Lacey41908 You’re Welcome!

  5. Woman-101 says

    I’m a newcomer to the subject of analytics…oh my gravy, I had no idea you
    could see views minute by minute. Wow! It’s also neat to see what one can
    DO with this information!

  6. Rusty Movement says

    i was so surprised to see this today, one of my videos wasn’t updated and
    this feature offered my this video is viewed very nice :D:)

  7. Peace donkeys says

    why do my stats say i have youtube red views when i don’t even have youtube

  8. Think About! says

    Derral you helped me.
    But can you talk just a little slower (for non-english users)?

  9. minecraftaddict1169 says

    this is a great feature but i would really like to know how long people are
    watching the video. having to wait 2-3 days is seriously annoying and a
    major hassle. if your doing a video series like i am any and all feedback
    is important. you don’t want to not be putting out video’s for those 2-3
    days so you can finally get your analytics. also you don’t want to post
    everyday with the same mistake costing you views. YouTube has come a long
    way but it still has a ways to go when it comes to helping content

  10. henryssurfshowcase says

    Great feature “real time” helps a lot!

  11. Vikas Borade says

    my analytics problem
    “No activity to show
    See realtime report instead
    Check back in a day or two”
    can u solve this plzz

  12. Zachary Brough says

    Derral, love your stuff man! So my wife has a video going semi-viral right
    now (it’s the Broughington Meghan Trainor parody video, if you’re
    interested!). How accurate are the “estimated views” on the realtime
    analytics report? It’s showing 14,000 views, but the actual video still is
    only showing 5,000 or so. How long does it take for those views to show up
    on the video?

  13. Jessica Sullivan says

    Hi Derral, at 1.45 in this video what do the times 9.05am to 9.06am under
    the date September 19th,2014 mean? Is it how long people are watching for
    or how many people began/finished viewing the video in that time frame? I
    hope that it makes sense.

  14. raja ram says

    you cool

  15. Kit And Kitty says

    Thanks man, good for a new YouTube channel

  16. tim3854 says

    I’m sorry, but this is a little off-topic. Do you know if it’s possible to
    see which country the views are coming from? I did find a video on this,
    but it seemed to use an older layout of youtube. Maybe this views by
    country option is no longer available??

    1. Joshua Kyan says

      Yes it is possible! Actually if you look under dashboard-views, then scroll
      down, there should be a percentage of people coming from different

    2. Joshua Kyan says

      If you click views in dashboard it shows the SPECIFIC country it comes
      from! Hope that helps! 😉

    3. tim3854 says

      +Joshua Kyan Thank you for that!! : – )

    4. Joshua Kyan says

      +tim3854 No problem! 🙂

  17. Upcoming.hyd says

    i am getting yellow message whenever i click on analytics and showing see
    real time report or check back in 2 days but i am not able to get any

  18. gypsymusic nasion says

    I’m getting subs but it still says 0 do you know why? I got an email from
    youtube help it says: Just wait 72 hours, then you see the official result
    from the first day (in your YouTube analytic page is this the reason? this
    is a new chanel I have not used youtube in ages

    1. Joshua Kyan says

      Yeah it takes 4-5 days to get the actual sub count, but there are websites
      that give you live sub counts! Hope that helps! 😉

    2. gypsymusic nasion says


    3. Joshua Kyan says

      No problem!

  19. Joshua Kyan says

    I have a question, my real time view count is 2000, but my final view count
    is 905, one of my vids got 750 views on real time but only showed 198 on
    final view count, why is this happening? I waited 3 days still the same and
    the view count is frozen… Please help!

  20. Jesse Roberge Courtier Immobilier says

    How come my google analytics for a specific video had a number count, when
    I find the same video via the YouTube search engine the number is
    different, and when I use my iphone app the same video has different number
    as well… How many views do I accutally have ??

    Example : New video uploaded with 16 new views in under 5 minuts via
    realtime, no views via youtube search engine and ihpone app…

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