New FREE Live TV Apk for Android | October 2016 | Great Selection of LIVE TV CABLE Channels!


New Tech Evo

This is a nice APK for LIVE TV Channels.


You need the following source:

These are the sources if you want to download it:

This APK will get you lots of LIVE TV channels I recommend using Favorites as well as, the search function for this APK


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  1. Hi i tried few channels but work for 40 sec, and start buffreing, any way
    its not your fault, but nothing is working good i know its free but its a
    pin in butt .apk+kodi i see its same. anyway thank you.

  2. Hey newtech there is an awesome live tv app called Stream Nation Kaz in a
    box did a video on my question is any way you can add that app in your
    overdose web page?

  3. lately keep asking update and when i click onupdate,then it goes to add,and
    was not updating, so i took it out this apk.

  4. Really good app, thanks for the video! I’m using Kodi less and less, also I
    using apks Terrarium TV (really good for recorded shows) and UKTV Now
    (another great live TV app) and not to mention the old faithful Mobdro.

    • I have it already and wanted it so I could get Universal Chanel, but it
      lags and freezes, now this LiveTV app on the video here has completely quit
      and wiped out all my favorites, I think they’re wanting to start
      charging… oh well

  5. Hi, eveytime i open the livetv app .. I get a message : you are using an
    old version, update now!? …. I click on yes, download the update and i
    get the message application not installed !! Any idea why !?