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New Tech Evo

This is a good one. The selection of channels is not huge but it does the job! Enjoy Nighthawk TV Kodi Addon:

Source 1: http://nighthawktv.netne.net/
Source 2: http://overdose.srve.io/addons *** PROTECTION YOURSELF FROM GETTING NOTICES FROM YOUR ISP****

Always use a VPN when watching IPTV, MOVIES etc.

I recommend IP Vanish, due to their Zeo LOG policy and speed.

Click the link below to protect yourself:

https://www.ipvanish.com/kodi/?a_aid=newtech&a_bid=48f95966 *** PROTECT YOURSELF FROM ISP SPYING AND GETTING ISP NOTICES****

Always use a VPN when using your favorite add-ons. VPNs encrypt your online activity and allow you access to blocked content.
I recommend IPVanish, due to their zero-log policy and fast speeds. Click the link below to protect yourself:


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  1. Anthony xxKodixx says

    thank you for everything!!

    1. newtechevolution says


  2. sajid1891 says

    wen will this die lol? jk. thanks again newtech!

    1. newtechevolution says

      no idea when it will die all i can do is bring it for you guys 🙂

    2. dabig 25 says

      lol like most kodi iptv addons do

  3. budeweiser1968 says

    Thanks for the video once again.

    1. newtechevolution says

      Thanks! Bud!

  4. Willy p says

    live tv works great…let’s hope it last a while. ?

  5. dabig 25 says

    Been looking for an iptv addon with MLB network & NBA TV… Thanks

  6. Alan Nunez says

    thanks for another cool video

  7. kyle diaz says

    cool addon but it needs a ufc channel

  8. J Ruiz says

    funny how all this new iptv, have the same channels like Suicide Tv?

  9. J Ruiz says

    funny how all this new iptv, have the same channels like Suicide Tv?

    1. newtechevolution says

      +J Ruiz maybe they are borrowing from suicide . you know suicide does not
      own the links its all public links

  10. Jason S. says

    Thanks again!

  11. Vicky b says

    I have a question but not about this what keyboard can I buy that will work
    with the new fire stick. I think it would be easier to use a keyboard
    rather then the remote to type things in

  12. Whats On Television says

    Im surprised your one of the few that didnt review the Reaper addon. Your
    one of the only few youtubers that actually respect developers when they
    say no youtube videos. ?

    1. newtechevolution says

      +Whats On Television I am not here to put any YouTuber down some of them
      are my friends and are good guys. I just respected his wish great addon

  13. shabbir ahmed says

    Thanks for the Tips – Play from here

    1. newtechevolution says

      +shabbir ahmed yeap works better vs default action

  14. Alvaro ch says

    didn’t last long, nothing working at all

  15. Elvira Hernandez says

    Am I the only one dealing with the Channel are jumping from 1 to another?
    What 2do?

  16. JediWigSplitta says

    and it’s down…

  17. Connie Playa says

    I’m only getting 30 sec worth of video before it quits and loads another
    random stream? I tried to both ways, stream from here, and without. Any

    1. newtechevolution says

      Did u try play from here option?

    2. Connie Playa says

      Yep, my original comment includes “I tried to both ways, stream from here,
      and without.”

    3. newtechevolution says

      Connie Playa okay not sure try reinstalling if not try another addon like
      iptv go its on my channel as well freedom iptv etc

    4. Connie Playa says

      I will definitely try that! Thanks for your help! I enjoy your videos!

  18. Mike Applegate says

    Boots out after 40 seconds.

  19. Marco Solo says

    worked for a day

  20. Mike Gord says

    Neither of these currently work for me 12/25/2016

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