New Tech Evo

This APK is great. Works on Any Android Device.

You either need MXPlayer or XMTVPlayer from

You can also download the actual APK from the developers website:

Enjoy tons of Free live TV on your Android TV BOX or any other Android Device

Get tons of Cable channels! Sports! etc and even Movies! Great apk! *** PROTECTION YOURSELF FROM GETTING NOTICES FROM YOUR ISP****

Always use a VPN when watching IPTV, MOVIES etc.

I recommend IP Vanish, due to their Zeo LOG policy and speed.

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  1. only thing I do not like is the app readjusts my TV picture because I guess
    this app is meant more for my mobile.´╗┐

  2. thanks man for the app great job on the info as always.. I had apk sport’s
    tv.. it wasn’t better then this app all channels didn’t work smoothly….´╗┐

  3. I have installed this Live tv apk, from your site long time a go was not
    working good so i took it out, I am going to try again with new player;

  4. I installed live TV and I live in the US. I must say that it’s probably the
    best live streaming TV that I have ever seen. However, under us channels
    most of them no one has even heard of. TLC is actually the UK version. and
    three-quarters of the channels listed under us are UK. and it also does not
    have TBS. there’s only a few channels that I need which is TBS, TLC the US
    version, Discovery Channel which is also a UK version. I’m grateful for the
    two channels that I can watch but isn’t there any possible way that real us
    channels can be added?? It’s a shame that it works so well and lacks us

  5. hi I was trying to add your overdose apk server to es file explorer I added
    your url to favorites named it apk and it brought me to Seedbox Company it
    would not load´╗┐