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  1. XxGreg2006xX says


    1. Derral Eves says

      +Greg 2005 Hey!

  2. Sander Broadcast says

    Helpful video like always Derral! Famebit is such a cool thing ;).

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Sander Broadcast thanks ! I’m excited where FameBit is Going!

  3. BroncoSolid says

    I have never heard of Famebit. Wow, do I feel behind the curve.

    1. Derral Eves says

      +BroncoSolid You have a few videos to watch at the end! 🙂

    2. BroncoSolid says

      +Derral Eves Totally, and a few subscribers to pick up first, too! Thanks
      for the videos.

    3. Paulo Nideck says

      Same here! I have some catching up to do!

    4. God's Son (Praise † Jesus) says

      +BroncoSolid You’re not alone. I just heard of all of this. And is thinking
      of joining one. Definitely NEVER join a network that “lock-in” it’s
      partners. Here’s advice, ‘FullScreen’ is one of the main ones you should
      avoid at ALL cost. Only because they get a huge percentage of your earnings
      (like 60% or something). The thing with that is, it’ll keep happening
      without you leaving, even if you want to. That lock-in 2 year contract they
      have will screw you over. Join something (if you want to) that doesn’t have
      a lock-in contract. From my researching, ‘Freedom’ is okay. I am looking at
      FameBit definitely for the future, and ‘Curse’ as well.

  4. Making It Work Vlogs says

    I would love to be able to use famebit one day! the concept sounds so
    simple and so clean with no issues. It sucks that I have less than 100
    subbs lol and I started years and years ago. LMAO

    1. Cece Charles and MORE says

      +Making It Work Vlogs I KNOW THE FEELING HAHAHA!!

    2. Making It Work Vlogs says

      right!!! LOL unlucky ones

  5. ChicHulaGirl says

    I’d like to make some money! Lol! I monetized and signed up for Adsense
    but, how long and often before you actually get a check? Do you receive a
    check once you’ve hit $100? And is it monthly after that?

    1. Super Gaming says

      +ChicHulaGirl yes. You need to make atleast 100 dollars until you get a
      check after that you get money in monthly periods in 100 dollar checks I
      think. You should try to partner up with freedom or something like that.
      They help you out with forums. I currently have made 0.68 cents and have
      1200 views. I mean I don’t have many subs but I have a good view amount.
      Lol sorry for that 10 year life story

    2. ChicHulaGirl says

      Thank you! +Super Gaming

  6. Anthony Ambriz says

    Love those updates and I’m a big fan of Adam! Been following his career for
    awhile. I met at Taco Bell when I was in California for VidSummit!

    1. FameBit says

      +Anthony Ambriz Thanks much Anthony. Hope to see you again at VidSummit
      next year and of course anytime at TacoBell!

  7. Stitts Bits says

    Another great video! I am learning that Facebook is the way to go right
    now. Sharing a Facebook video is easy and inexpensive. We are working on
    our presence there as we speak :)

  8. 2Gamers1Account says

    Do you think 150-200 views per video is enough to get a decent sponsorship?
    Also, what are the opinions on videos in another language than English?

    1. Blue Ninja says

      Ehh a Minecraft sponsor ship?? No just no! Your not bad but your content is
      not what their looking for! Also views don’t matter it’s subscribes have
      atleast 100,000 subscribers! Hope I helped

    2. Super Gaming says

      +2Gamers1Account well depends for what you want. Now just keep growing your
      youtube channel that is what is important what until you get 500 per video.
      I mean I get around 50-200 per video and I only have 8 subs, so umm make
      sure all your subscribers are real. Now do for the small stuff go for the
      stuff that is they pay you 100-250 dollars and say you want 50 dollars.
      (That is the lowest possible option) and go for anything related with your
      channel. More experience is better if you have done 10 jobs and have 1000
      views per video and you get 5K views per video and have done no jobs then
      they might favor you more. Good luck. My old channel had 1.5K and got about
      100+ views per video.

  9. MyShowBro says

    famebit never Sat right with me

    1. SERGE says

      +MyShowBro whys that?

    2. MyShowBro says

      +SERGE 2D I don’t know it is just a gut feeling and besides I rather deal
      with my client directly then dealing with them through a third party

    3. SERGE says

      +MyShowBro that’s what I always wondered get registered at famebit than
      just contact them directly it completely circumvents the need for famebit
      and there 10% pay.

    4. SERGE says

      +MyShowBro for me though my experience wasn’t the best with famebit so
      after that I looked for more reasons to care about famebit.

  10. Mary Ferguson says

    I wish I could sign up for this but I don’t have 1000 subscribers yet!

    1. Super Gaming says

      +Mary Ferguson I feel you. Sub for Sub? Just kidding those are the worst
      things you can do. I used to have 1.5K subs on my old account but a lot of
      them were not real so I deleted and made this new one and I feel proud I
      have 9 subs.

  11. Katie Louise says

    Any advice? I have signed up for many sponsorships on fame bit but they
    keep declining me , I haven’t had one sponsorship and I’ve tried for like
    30 :(

    1. Allthingsbeauty101 says

      just keep trying!

    2. SERGE says

      +Katie Louise contact someone who you think probably got accepted and see
      what strategy they used. most likely they just have a higher fallowing and
      better proposal buts its hard because your just at 1k and your still new of
      course don’t stop trying but focus on channel growth.

    3. MichaelSerial says

      the required amount of subscribers they’re asking for are active
      subscribers meaning they are commenting liking your channel and watching
      your videos. hope this helps 🙂

  12. MiTutoriais says

    Hei +FameBitOfficial
    We need more advertisers from Brazil :)

  13. What's Inside? says

    Nice. Love Famebit. Appreciate you putting this video together!

    1. ColeyBean 19 says


  14. beautifulbabydoll12 Tech says

    i sign up today in i got 4 jobs already i only have instagram though no

  15. FitForceFX says

    Love your videos! Very informative and concise. Thanks so much for creating

  16. MichaelSerial says

    hey buddy! Same bed is now requiring 5000 subscribers for YouTube the same
    for Twitter and the same for Facebook and every other social media it is no
    longer 1000! bummer

  17. Zony Brwavo says

    do we have to make video for facebook in order to sponser the produt or do
    we just post the images and stuff?

  18. moronbrothersKY says

    Derral, You’ve talked us into it. We are trying to sign up for Famebit via
    our facebook content. Here’s the problem, I don’t want them to manage my
    personal page. I only want them to manage one page. It appears that they
    want control over my personal page and every page that I manage. Again, I
    only want to work with “@moronbrothersbluegrass” Facebook page with them.

  19. GameLandGamer says

    Thank you so much. :)

  20. Ozzstar says

    Hows Famebit working out for you these days Derral?

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