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  1. Amna Taleb says

    your camera was blocking the rating and chemistry

    1. Ander's YouTube With fun says

      Amna Taleb it’s really annoying

    2. Gamer Guy says

      It is annoying

  2. Nicole Popowicz says

    What a squad!

    1. ISHMAM Sabab says

      Adnan Burale you can’t

    2. Jac Pye says

      Adnan Burale m

    3. Adnan Burale says

      ISHMAM Sabab my brother wrote the comment

  3. Tetley says

    5:23 look at Florenzi’s stats

    1. Ethan Lillie9 says

      Kristi Dicianu y

    2. Muhammed Ali says

      Tetley Jesus they were good

    3. REDFAI GAMING says

      Tetley wow

    4. Mór Réfy says


    5. Octupus opdecam says

      Tetley how is he 85?

  4. Trixzzz says

    Who saw at 0:19 his hover board it was freaking out

    1. KING HORSEY says

      Awp Trix me

    2. PrestonGames says

      Awp Trix me

    3. SoAwesome5379 says


    4. PrestonGames says

      SoAwesome5379 what

    5. Slimebob M says

      Awp Trix I saw that

  5. brookyn tv says

    1:41 stupid
    2:35 beyond stupid
    2:41 ridiculous
    2:47 ridiculous
    2:55 sick
    3:04 ridiculous
    3:53 stupid
    4:28 amazing
    4:39 jesus
    4:44 insane
    5:26 jesus christ
    6:10 unreal
    6:16 this is ridiculous
    6:28 holy crap
    6:31 wth

    1. FE Freestylers says

      brookyn tv
      Du är sämst

    2. XxDanxX says

      brookyn tv

    3. Den anonyma snubben med swag says

      FE Freestylers jag gillar korv!

    4. Ander's YouTube With fun says

      brookyn tv ?

    5. x jc says

      brookyn tv d-#>}

  6. HeySnowy says

    Half of these players didn’t even get a tots.

    1. Thabresh Ussen says


  7. Shane O Reilly says

    dose the fifa 16 beta cost money?

    1. Jizzer Jizzer says

      Shane O Reilly no

    2. Isai Cardona says


  8. Amy Haynes says

    I swear the person you played was Simon (miniminter)?!?!

  9. bida 235 says

    your the best at fifa here’s my number 07533624461

  10. Brendan Boyd says

    Florenzi’s stats lookin like Dany Alves Jr

    1. Thug-lifeCam2006 Brazier says

      Brendan Boyd Gaylord fucking dickhead

  11. Luke Vlogs says

    Isn’t work you must be embarrassed ?

  12. KING HORSEY says

    DAT intro doe

  13. Nadim Kabir says

    14 hours of sleep lol I sleep half of that 7 hours.

  14. Isai Cardona says

    I have 5 messi’s ###Isai

  15. Justin Jouan says

    w2s you are the best!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nicu GODICA says

    in sted four it said fart lol

  17. Nnhoran 087 says

    He has to do the 2nd team because if he uses the first team I will be too
    much coins XD lol

  18. DimiPlays says

    can i download fifa 16 beta now

  19. Philunix says

    You are so bad!
    You just played Seasons!!!

  20. Adnan Burale says

    oh yes we’ll come to Manchester united Anthony marginal

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