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WORLDS HIGHEST CROSSBAR and more challenges
Chris: https://www.youtube.com/user/Sirhcchris2010
My Twitter: http://twitter.com/wroetoshaw

SDMN Clothing: http://www.sidemenclothing.com/

How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Jackyboy Chan says

    I live it when these two do videos together

    1. Noob Gamer says

      Jackyboy Chan yeah me too with ur spelling

    2. Marley Ibbotson says

      The first half of the year of my,

      Jdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdndndn j. Ck I love you so much better if you don’t know
      what how to make
      The first time I see you r tt and the first time in a few years ago and I
      have to be a good time with the same time I see you in the first
      I love you so much fun and I,.h the first time in the first time I see you
      in the first time in the first half of the year of the first time in the
      first time I see.gg the first time in the first time I see you in the first
      time in the first half of the year of the first time.h the first time in
      the first time I see you in the first time in the first halt the first time
      in of the year of the first time in the first time I see you in the first
      time in the first half of the first time in a few years ago and I don’t
      know think I have a good

    3. Elo Gautier says

      Jackyboy Chan ,,i07o333333333eeeeeeeeee


      Jackyboy Chan you mean love

    5. Sophia Staff says

      Jackyboy Chan a

  2. Solar Eclipse says

    Like:Kissed by Crush 0_0
    Sub: Marry your crush.

    1. Abdullaziz Alhashmi says

      Solar Eclips

    2. Vildan Ucar says

      It’sJoe It’sJoe

    3. PikaJuice says

      All two. 😀

    4. Arda harmancı says

      Solar Eclipse ok

    5. Blane Thomas says

      Solar Eclipse eorlrlr

  3. Marcedona says

    Whoever tells me the song first at 6:08 will earn a sub.

    1. Ashton Ferguson says

      Marcedona areo chord boundless

    2. Kieron Andrews says

      Marcedona Aero Chord Boundless

    3. DanRuane05 says

      Marcedona aero chord boundless

    4. Swag Miller says

      Marcedona ded

  4. Surfer dude Named Matt says

    Go sub to roman at wood

    1. maxmanpro 05 says


    2. 206 Gaming says

      Surfer dude Named Matt no

    3. Daboys 47 says

      Surfer dude Named Matt rrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrr. R r r r rrrrr r rr

    4. Daboys 47 says

      Surfer dude Named Matt rr r c c r r r r. Rr

  5. Finn Campbell says

    Has Harry ever won a challenge in football

    1. Julian Decarlo says

      Finn Campbell I dount no!!!!!!!

    2. DanRuane05 says

      Whoever subs to me I’ll sub back with 3 accounts

    3. jemaine nkala says

      Finn Campbell yes

    4. Devon Kumar says

      Finn Campbell he whitewashed Chris in his vid

  6. PikachuXD - Minecraft y mas says

    5:20 Song?

    1. Brkhpinar Pimar says

      PikachuXD – Minecraft y mas

    2. Lita prodniece says

      PikachuXD – Minecraft y mas senbei 5 am

    3. canal nambo says

      jetta id love

    4. J and A Outdoors says

      PikachuXD – the crest is Jetta the song name “I’d Love to change the world”

    5. Agisdude says

      PikachuXD – Minecraft y mas I love to change the world

  7. Naapurin Erkki says

    who ever tells me the song at 1:10 will earn 2 subscribers

    1. DanRuane05 says

      Naapurin Erkki burnout x Apache

    2. DanRuane05 says

      Naapurin Erkki two subs please

    3. Mirian Martinez says

      Naapurin Erkki

    4. joloswagger says

      Naapurin Erkki tervepä terve homo 😀

    5. Naapurin Erkki says

      joloswagger moi lepso

  8. Slxshii says

    Who ever tells me song at 6:40 will find a iphone 7 tommorow and get
    5,000,000 subs

    1. Samet Bulut says


    2. Kirill TheFuriousSlayer says

      Slxshii cartoon[on and on]

    3. Danger Gamer77 says

      Slxshii on and on

    4. Royalerpg says

      Slxshii beuh

    5. Callum O Brien says

      Dr dre next episode

  9. Chrissy Blaney says

    What song is at 6:39 please I’ll sub

    1. Georgejohnson03 ! says

      Chrissy Blaney the next episode by dr dre

    2. Blue Hoodini says

      Chrissy Blaney why haven’t u subbed al ready?

    3. Abe Ayadi says

      Chrissy Blaney darude sandstorm

    4. TGLT HeadHunter says

      Chrissy Blaney dre dre

  10. TheGameSover says

    3:05 song please

    1. Ryan Nicholas says

      Haterade – CLICK

    2. Brandon Whitehead says

      Ryan Nicholas s

    3. Pete Melling says

      Brandon Whitehead

    4. Adna Godinjak says

      TheGameSover haterade click


    Do a vid with F2

    1. The SILVERMINECART says

      It would be amazing

    2. Barack Barry says

      He cant

    3. Starry Skies2006 says

      The SILVERMINECART how can he not

  12. ANONIMOUS 58 says

    what is your name 1:12

    1. Samuel Kaplan says

      ANONIMOUS 58 Apache- Burnout

    2. Alex Chavez says

      ANONIMOUS 58 his name is harry

    3. Pomfritten Dk says

      ANONIMOUS 58 hbn

    4. P4covio Vl0gg3r says

      ANONIMOUS 58 hes name is harry

    5. Ognjen Rancic says

      ANONIMOUS 58

  13. Rocco Curti says

    Since Harry started making these videos he’s gotten so much better at

    1. Lisa Rex says

      I think u mean editing and cutting

    2. Franek Jakis says

      Lisa Rex

    3. Julie Wilson says

      Franek Jakis

    4. Mateus Almeida says

      Franek Jakis

  14. Bskillz says

    When Chris and Harry make a video together……………………HAPPINESS

    1. Dary Irman says

      ikr they are like my two fav fifa youtubers

    2. Maxim Karamfilov says

      Dary Irman same

    3. Decklyn McVeigh says

      i dont know

  15. HorseOnFire says

    I Wanted 20p ???

    1. navin tyagi says

      HorseOnFire h

    2. LUKE Bathrooms & Kitchens Ltd says


    3. kapten gamer625 says

      i got 440 p

    4. Igor UNBOXALL says


  16. GroudonLAVAMelter says

    Like=Crush Kisses you
    Sub=Be Rich
    Reply=Marry Your Crush

    1. willyg says

      GroudonLAVAMelter hello

    2. Galaxy Cookiez says

      GroudonLAVAMelter potato

    3. DaBeastBoss 1 says

      GroudonLAVAMelter YAY

    4. Elliot Mills says

      GroudonLAVAMelter pineapple

    5. Daniel Hvassum says

      GroudonLAVAMelter nice

  17. JerVis Tan says

    tmr is my birthday I wish I can get 100 subs

    1. Nikolaas Noyez says

      JerVis Tan n

    2. alberto moreno says


    3. Samuel Littleton says

      JerVis Tan i will sub

    4. JerVis Tan says

      Samuel Littleton ty

  18. LateNight Gamers says

    Dont worry Dude Perfect’s gonna break that record XD

  19. Charlie Brett says

    wanna hear a joke?
    Harry’s loyalty to a football team

    1. Broken Shadow says

      Charlie Brett more like Harry making sidemen Videos

    2. Charlie Brett says

      +Broken Shadow fair point ?

    3. Calvin Neff says

      Charlie Brett just no bruh

    4. Julie Wilson says

      Charlie Brett

  20. Le Duo double says

    QUI est français 1:00 MERCI W2S

    1. Mari Petkova says

      Le Duo double gk9

    2. Adrian Davic says

      Mari Petkova ص

    3. Enzo Cordier Boero says

      Le Duo double moi

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