Next News Week In Review 01/29/17


Your president Donald Trump

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  1. 1st, 2017 will be the greatest year this country’s had in a looong time and
    every year Mr. Trump will be in office will get better & better, you go
    President Trump!!

  2. Why are these Islamists living in America, only to turn on America and
    revel their hate. It only goes to show that there purpose is to take away
    all of our freedoms and impose a fascist sharia law. They’re not citizens
    but agents against the West.

    • could she not be deported for this , it is close to treson no one is
      allowed to push fr other laws in a free country then again our fucking
      idiot PM trudeau would probably go pick her up and bring it here

    • 13th Floor Looking Out Look Ashley Judd, Rosie ODonald, Madonna, Myllie
      Syrus, all said stupid stuff!!!
      Canada don’t want them!!! Madonna in trouble that apology can fix.. But
      this Woman is a Terrorist. She is a American.

    • 13th Floor Looking Out That woman needs to be removed & sent back one way.
      We will NEVER put sharia law into our western country. If she wants it, she
      can get out & find a country that will leet her live like that. This is not
      a muslim country! We LOVE Israel & love christianity. If you can’t hang,
      swing out & jump Linda Sarsour.

    • 13th Floor Looking Out bkk kkkkbk. B. Bob b k,kkkk l. M,kk l lm but,bm,
      b,bb,b. M b,m. B m. B, M,
      b. ,m, ,, b .

  3. The women in the march are screaming about rights? So why do they want to
    lose their rights like not being able to drive a car and wear a hibab..
    Also they have to get their genitals cut cause they are not allowed to feel
    sex and if they go out alone without a man they have a right to be raped
    wow that isn’t rights that is slavery!

  4. You know when you are in Sharia Law is when you need not shop for the
    latest fashions because you will have one dress code, black or brown, head
    to toe. — You know when you are in Sharia Law is when you don’t have to
    worry regarding money or credit cards, because you husband will take care
    of your money, and credit cards, and good for you because no more following
    your dreams in your career, or dream job, because your new job now will be
    taking care of all those yearly children you will have because you’ll
    become a baby machine. —–

  5. this sarsour woman needs to be locked up and deported. evidently BECAUSE
    she’s over here she evidentially doesn’t have a Muslim husband but yet!
    they are so stupid, so so stupid! if she was over there where she came from
    she wouldn’t be able to do this stupid protesting, they’d kill her, stone
    her to death

    • Sharia law is anti-women. Honor killing of daughters, sisters and wives,
      usually by being doused in gasoline and set on fire. Women can’t even enter
      a mosque, in fact the more progressive are fighting to be allowed to stand
      outside in front during the service. It seems the more liberal these anti-
      establishment women are the less their reasoning power. The last barrier is
      the glass ceiling in business, but behaviour and thinking like this…no

  6. This is the strategy of the Islamic Jihadists. And what good is interest
    free credit cards, if your head is rolling on the ground while the extreme
    Muslim terrorist that just beheaded you screams, Allah Akbar?

  7. Obama: “I wont stop”. Somebody, stop him. This country can take a lot of
    destruction, but there should be limit to crap.

  8. This is only for three months so we can get immigration under control. I
    remember what the Terrorists do to Christians. They need to be investigated
    when they file for immigration. If they make it we welcome the open arms
    but not terrorists.o me they are devils.

  9. All them that do evil if they are Hollywood actors do they walk even if
    murder? Not everyone are under the law like the average man…

  10. So vulgar and offensive to women everywhere (that so called women’s march).
    I’d much rather be a part of the March for Life.