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Next President of the United States Donald J. Trump Talks About Bad Trade Deals and NAFTA

Your president Donald Trump

I believe in making the best deals for America. NAFTA was a horrible deal! I want to make great deals that will keep jobs here and employ millions of Americans. We MUST get America back to work! #MakeAmericaWorkAgain

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  1. Your Big Black Penetrative Daddy says

    it’s gonna be YUGE

    1. TheAlexagius says

      The wall just got 10 feet higher.

  2. Reaper9567 says


  3. Donald Trump says

    This clown is that superhero from South Park captain hindsight.

  4. Declan Miller says

    Looking forward to the future!

  5. TrevorPlayzGamez says

    Hillary is better

    1. Al Vanderhey says

      thanks for your highly valued input Minecrafter

    2. TheAlexagius says

      So someone who has proven to be grossly incompetent and criminal in action
      is better than someone who hasn’t. You can disagree with everything Trump
      says but he didn’t cause the deaths of diplomats, he didn’t illegally
      handle classified information and he hasn’t been sending emails detailing
      how he wants to further destabilise the middle east (see wikileaks for
      hillary’s emails on the subject).

  6. Elcyde gaming says

    subsribe to me if you hate trump

  7. Maximus Reese says

    HILLARY can go suck swamp water. That screechy ole menopausal “same old”
    pos crook should crawl back to her mansion and stfu. Mr TRUMP is my vote.

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