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Neymar Jr ● First Match for Barcelona | HD

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Neymar Jr – Debut for Barcelona

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  1. AV Voetbal Boy says

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    1. Smitty says

      Your grammar does not deserve any!

    2. TheHaterCree says

      +Smitty lol

    3. GEOMASTER 50 says

      I won’t tbh

    4. love to PRANK!! says


  2. Madar Hassan says

    you steal this video

    1. A kid in Africa says


    2. Tomas Kristiansen says


  3. SportStudio17 says

    sub to me and i’ll sub back

    1. GEOMASTER 50 says

      Earn your subs lazy idiot

  4. Mæteo Bœrs says

    I can’t believe that it was just 3 years ago. He has developed so much from
    the day he came to Barça. I remember how people were saying that he will
    not success in Europe. Where are they now? 😀 From young talent to one of
    best players in the world. And imagine that he just started, he has so many

    1. anis elziani says

      True words

    2. LIFE OF JOY says

      Guys, I also have a youtube channel about football, come check it out 🙂

    3. GEOMASTER 50 says

      +LIFE OF JOY no

  5. Łukasz Ellert says

    Lechia Gdańsk !

    1. Łukasz Ellert says


    2. Legia Warszawa says

      tylko Legia

    3. Łukasz Ellert says

      +Legia Warszawa Jak tam uważasz nie mam zamiaru się kłócić

    4. LIFE OF JOY says

      Guys, I also have a youtube channel about football, come check it out 🙂

    5. Gareth Bale 11 fanz says

      +LIFE OF JOY I subbed to u

      sub to me

  6. B San99 says

    I this this vídeo is a little late, lol great video man

  7. Mohamed Mousa says

    Song: tobu&marcus moya – Running away

  8. MaRtIrOsYaN Tv says

    hayer jan kanalis poxadarc sub klineq

  9. KVP Hayranı says

    fucking bolds

  10. Anto! says

    Its polish chanell

  11. CinekVeB says

    The debut of the Polish team in Poland. Something beautiful! 😀
    POLAND! <3
    Visca el Barca! <3

    1. Bp films (Bpfilms) says


  12. TheSniperRusher says

    Help me out by sub to me pls! Nearly at 100!

  13. MAN BILL says

    how are they tied

  14. Jasraaj Singh says

    neymar is stupid and bale is clever

    1. Azarul Ziqri says

      this is not a math test

    2. Salman Wahidi says

      And clearly you are just a Real Madrid fanboy

  15. Abobaker Naseri says

    What was in Sanchez’s hand ?

    1. Ronaldo Junior says

      thats what I was thinking as well

  16. Saitama Gamer says

    I hate how LGD just started kicking Neymar.

  17. Nigga with Attitude says

    A my swoje!!!!!!! Lechia Gdańsk!

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