Nick Jonas & Mike Posner on Making “Remember I Told You” | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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How did the collaboration for the hit single come about? Jonas and Posner dish on making the single, it's meaning and filming the music video. Watch!


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Nick Jonas & Mike Posner on Making "Remember I Told You" | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Shehadeh Fino says

    why is nick the only one talking??

    1. Bollet Fast says

      maybe because it’s his song 😀

    2. evolutionofwords says

      Shehadeh Fino She kept directing the questions at him. He is generally someone who doesn’t speak if he doesn’t have to. He would always rather have others comment if he’s with a group of people etc. He’s there just nodding. Also the premise did come from him. So he wanted to share his perspective.

  2. cade liiban says


  3. May Flower says

    I just downloaded the song

  4. Dolce says

    “… I don’t suppose you have a moment to check out my cover… please…” 😐

  5. AdnanFaraj Depotana says

    anne marie got really pissed off cz he interrupted her and then did not let her lol

  6. Tysean Vines says

    do you have a bihind the scenes of ypur video

  7. evolutionofwords says

    Well now I totally relate to the song.

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