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Nigel Farage: I fear for my life – Ukip leader fears violent attacks every day

“Well, building walls is entirely sensible,” he said. “We don’t need to do it. We have got the English Channel.” 

On the ban on Muslims, he said Trump had amended his statement to say there should be “extreme vetting”. 

Farage said: “He doesn’t want terrorists moving to America. It’s quite sensible really.” 

But he denies such sentiments are racist, arguing that “no one did more singlehandedly to smash the BNP in Britain than me”. 

He said: “I took a conscious decision in 2011 to reach out to BNP voters to say, look if you’re voting because you are not happy with what is happening in your community, with your salary etc but you don’t agree with their ideology, you are doing it holding your nose, come and vote for us. 

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