Nikki Bella talks ‘shocking’ engagement, mishaps in a ring


Nikki Bella is still reliving one of a happiest days of her life.

On Sunday night, longtime beloved John Cena due to a 33-year-old wrestler after they degraded The Miz and Maryse in a tag-team compare during WWE’s WrestleMania 33 in Orlando — that was also televised for a universe to witness.

“It was shocking, though amazing,” gushed Bella to Fox News. “I totally know now when they contend it’s like one of a tip 3 many extraordinary moments of your life. we have never felt what we felt that approach before. It truly was magical. Just positively magical.”


But life hasn’t slowed down for a bride-to-be. On Wednesday night Bella and associate wrestler Lana kicked off a mid-season premiere of E!’s “Total Divas,” a existence uncover for that she serves as executive producer. According to Bella, a array has helped made a approach a WWE is being noticed and distinguished by women. As a result, they both trust now is one of a best times to be a womanlike wrestler.

“We started to have some-more women and small girls in a audience, where it started to be 40 percent womanlike that sat in a live audience,” she explained. “So we think, when that was function and a women were stepping adult and saying, ‘Hey we can do what a group do,’ and afterwards we saw it on a existence show, it was usually unavoidable for us to have this women’s evolution.

“For me, being a lady here right now is amazing. It truly feels like all my blood, persperate and tears have paid off, and you’re usually vehement to be a lady since you’re removing usually as most time as a group and you’re removing a recognition.”

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Lana combined that it’s good saying womanlike wrestlers get recognition.

“It’s usually such an sparkling time since we’ve worked so tough to get opportunities… If we are given opportunities, we can do anything we set a minds to,” Lana said. 

However, being a WWE Superstar has a challenges. Bella announced on Twitter Tuesday night that she was holding a mangle from a ring to entirely reanimate from a neck injury. Lana certified to violation her wrist and “having a rod and 3 screws” from a unpleasant mishap. Both aren’t phased when critics insist their foe is artificial and usually for show.

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“You can’t usually be anyone who is off a streets and come do what we do,” explained Bella. “You have to sight and there has to be something within you. You have to have jaunty ability… What we do is 100 percent athletic. we feel like it’s one of a tip jaunty programs out there when we cruise veteran sports.”

Lana chimed in, “We usually have fixed endings, like any form of TV uncover or movie. But we quarrel and people mangle their noses, and get punched in a eye and get stitches.”

Another barrier a ladies have to put on smackdown is being in a open eye. Recently, several womanlike celebrities, including WWE’s Paige, became victims of online leaks that resulted in private photos and videos common online but their consent.

“I cruise usually vital in a day and age of technology, either you’re a luminary or a normal tellurian being, you’re always disturbed about your privacy,” certified Bella. “And we cruise as prolonged as we behave, we know you’re OK. we cruise anyone worries about that. But appreciate God, it hasn’t happened to any of us and we’re usually grateful.”

The play both Bella and Lana have faced recently was frankly prisoner on camera for “Total Divas.”

“You will see me kind of get in a quarrel with a integrate of a girls and afterwards make up,” pronounced Lana. “We have debuts, we have a lady removing profound — I’m not going to discuss any names. We have a comeback. We have a initial prom. We have dance-offs. We have a lot of unequivocally exciting, opposite things, so you’ll have to balance in.”

“Total Divas” plays each Wednesday during 9 p.m. on E!.