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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Krystle Vermes for Western Journalism reports, Boy Scouts of America announced Monday it would begin accepting and registering members into its Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the member’s gender identity, rather than the gender they may have had at birth.

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Boy Scouts Of America Lifts Its Ban On Transgender Members

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  1. Bore Hog says

    They should change their name Goy Scouts.

    1. Zionist/Wahhabist Killah says

      David Albert keep up. WeeWee man

    2. Joe O'Colit says

      Bore Hog

      No… Goy is a bad idea, someone may confuse it for the Yiddish ‘Goi’, and
      assume that joining involves a circumcision.

    3. Danny G says

      Well a Circumcision is not so far away from a Goy Scout.

  2. Tommy T says

    Take your boys out of Boy Scouts. They want to make your kids into
    drag-queenies, and sissies.

    1. Jason Dyrkacz says

      Molly Girl The first part of the name.

    2. mark matejic says

      Family, not politicaly correct. Our last safe haven from political

    3. Kev Mac says

      the BSA’s time has come and gone I was a member for a short time fifty
      years ago and quit because of the weirdos involved then,forget it now!

    4. Jim Nowak says

      My optimism, as naive as it can be at times, still prevailing, I don’t
      believe the rank and file BSA wants to make our young men into these
      things… rather… it’s leadership are a bunch of sissy cowards themselves
      bowing to every fear that casts a shadow behind ever rock.

      Actually, it makes me question what BSA leadership is hiding. They stood
      strong for so long, then suddenly….

      It’s amazing to watch as Trump, a real example of what a leader should be
      (full of mistakes, instead of trying to cover it up, he keep pressing
      forward as best as he can without looking back) as contrasted to these
      sniveling snakes trying to screw us over at every turn.

    5. Ken Forward says

      changing WITH the world IS HOW U WILL GET LEFT BEHIND — Those who DO NOT
      change with it ARE wise , while those who DO are Foolish. U ignoramous .

  3. Antonio Inostros says

    boycott the boys and girls scouts

    1. Dave Sysygy says

      It has already happened

    2. Serena Lee says

      Dave Sysygy geez I forgot how dumb conservatives are

    3. nathan koroush says

      Serena Lee , are you a trans boy scout?

    4. Dave Sysygy says

      Conservatives built America, leftists want to destroy it

  4. Mitchell Hewett says

    I will never support anything that is against our God

    1. John Wayne says

      sPIRIToFmYSTERY So your saying that Obama is a homo too? Everybody already
      knew that.

    2. MR Howard says

      +John Wayne The stupidity of that statement is actually kind of hilarious!

    3. Barbara D says

      Mitchell Hewett God give me the courage to do the same?✡?

    4. Johanna Romero says


  5. Mark Glover says

    This is not the Boy Scouts of my youth.

    1. Margie Russell says

      my son is an eagle scout 2015. I’m proud of him. It was no easy task. his
      troop would take 20 mile hikes in 100 degree heat with a 60 pound back pack.

    2. John Drohan says

      Margie Russel , as a U.S.Army Infantry vet , I can tell you THIS : THAT’S

    3. dustin jaspers says

      same here mark i remember my troop road our bikes 50 miles to the camp
      ground, sleep there for the night then road the same trail to get back to
      the cars, we climbed 80+ ft cliffs and made it look easy, camped in
      hammocks when it was warm out and made igloos when there was enough snow on
      the ground, we have even volunteered to pick up trash at the Ohio
      renaissance festival, by the end of it all i felt like a man, but now i
      want to take these kids there letting in and smack them up side the head
      for being such cry babies
      i am glad i got my eagle when i did because if i saw this was going on i
      would start feeling ashamed of myself and those around me, now i am 26 and
      working 10 hour shifts and i some times find myself wishing i could go on
      more of those camp outs, but now i fear if i have a son that he would not
      get to experience the joy the boy scouts gave to me

    4. Still of the Night says

      Mark Glover What the hell??? Is Obama running the Boy Scouts to?!?!

    5. Mark Glover says

      +Still of the Night It’s the liberal culture that has been shoved down the
      public’s throat.

  6. mrrobertks says


    1. TheTruth TheWay says

      start attacking the other side of that name of yours. do jews hate
      Christians yes many not all. do they destroy? yes some not all..bc 1)
      they’re afraid of another halucaust.. 2) they hate Jesus Christ their and
      our Messiah.
      plus these “jews” are not of Abrahams stock being unbelievers! another
      thing about these “jews of the synagogue of Satan”..false jews who say they
      are Jews but are not and do lie, well they too, like you and many others,
      are against Zionist teachings that state there will be a gathering of
      Israel in the Last Days and a Nation will be reborn just before the Messiah
      2nd Coming, and out of this Nation Messiah shall rule from Jerusalem
      forever on David His father’s Throne! God is all for Zion His Holy Mountain
      (Jerusalem), so am I!

    2. David Albert says

      TheTruth TheWay Save it for the Synagogue RABBI, Not here for Your Biased

    3. Serena Lee says

      mrrobertks good only LGBT hating republicans think that, sorry by the way
      people live their lives doesn’t affect you, I’m glad you’ll never have kids
      in boy scouts because we don’t need more hateful people like you there!

    4. Kev Mac says

      and we don’t need any blind morons that think the world is a “Colors of
      Bennington” commercial

  7. ON Ontarible says

    If a girl identifies as a boy & joins Boy Scouts she/he will soon learn
    that little boys get horny & will not hesitate to prove to a girl, she is a

    1. billjones citrus county florida says

      ON Ontarible Gang Bang ha ha

    2. Eli Butterfield says

      ON Ontarible

      I’m trying to find this funny… because I know thats how you meant it to
      be… but I cant… because the reality is that it’s sick, and situations
      like this WILL happen.
      just like letting gay men be leaders, and letting them turn into
      pedophiles–just like there have been situations with that, there will be
      situations with this.

      and it makes me so sad…

  8. Craig Bullock says

    As a former eagle scout I find this disgusting but not surprising.

    1. Serena Lee says

      Craig Bullock I know you’re disgusting and hateful trash

    2. Blade Master says

      +Serena Lee You’re the one who’s trash. We just happen to have a sense of
      morality you clearly lack.

    3. Margie Russell says

      congratulations Eagle Scouts, you are honorable. It’s your duty to carry on
      the tradition of true Scouts.

  9. Patrick Reagan says

    We are fucked

    1. Zionist/Wahhabist Killah says

      David Albert not running around with a sack of WeeWee’s over your shoulder

    2. David Albert says

      +Nick condo Look Nick, I said we are a Long way from Fucked because Our
      Nation is in a Critical state of Affairs right now. These Brave News Sites
      that have come Forward to Bring Americans the TRUTH are Full of Muslim
      Jihadist Child Raping Agitators, Libtard Haters of My GREATEST Hero Donald
      J Trump, Paid Agitators trying to Pit Americans Against Each Other. Three
      Underage American children have Already been Raped by these Filthy Animals.
      One Autistic. An attempted Beheading in Oklahoma recently. 15 Muslim
      Jihadist Caliphates in 9 States HERE Already, Hiding like Snakes in Rural
      Areas. And Beatings, Imposed Sharia law on White women, and On and On ! GOD
      DAMN THEM TO HELL. Who Am I ? An American Patriot US Veteran Way beyond
      anger in a state of Focused Rage.
      I do not teach MMA but I am highly trained and military minded. And I am
      going to Help Others Remove this Filth from Our America. That is Who I am.
      You seem like a good guy, Find a Way to Join this Fight for America. I
      don’t have Time to Fight Americans right now. I am a Point man, Understand
      now Nick ?

    3. Serena Lee says

      Patrick Reagan I know you are

  10. Ted Turner says

    It sends the wrong message! So tired of the LGBTQ group being offended by
    Male and Females. These PEOPLE are offending me!

    1. dan volk says

      but your a white male!! check yo privilege

    2. Jason Dyrkacz says

      dan volk What privilege?

    3. Tarson Talon says

      You could go straight to spite them. What am I saying, you don’t know which
      woman will screw you over with rape allegations these days…

  11. Chris Wheeler says

    Michelle Obama was a Boy Scout……

    1. bob blow says


    2. Eli Butterfield says

      Bobby Deery

      pfff. no. she’s just Brown.

    3. seriouslynow22 says

      +Bobby Deery. I doubt it. She was a football player named Michael Robinson.

    4. Chris Wheeler says

      seriouslynow22 aka BIG MIKE.

    5. thee black hole says

      seriouslynow22 shes the black ray finkle…need ace on this case…

  12. H Maas says

    Already ahead of you. Took my son out two years ago.

    1. Randy Woodworth says

      H Maas Send him to Trail Life USA instead.

    2. Blanca King says

      H Maas bravo.

  13. V Love-Williams says

    Real transgender people have a mental disorder, and it’s a rare one. This
    “transtrender” phenomena, as it’s been called, is just a bunch of people
    who have been convinced that being “normal” (a straight boy) is somehow
    bad, along with homosexuals who are trying to sort things out but are now
    being confused with these ideas that being a boy who is “different” means
    you’re not actually a boy at all. I really thought the Boy Scouts was going
    to stand firm, but the anti-science, anti-male, anti-woman, and homophobic
    LEFT has succeeded in taking them down, too…

    1. SunofNothing69 says

      this is why a christian holocaust is necessary, I think religion is a
      mental disorder.

    2. The Science of the Universal Mind says

      Your drift is apparent. You have a problem with Christians.

    3. sPIRIToFmYSTERY says

      No, I have a problem with Christian hypocrites.

    4. seriouslynow22 says

      +spiritofmystery .And yet you did not say why they were hypocrites. A
      hypocrite might think they are morally superior, and yet be blind to their
      sin. An example would be illiberals talking about their freedom of speech,
      of access to the information they want, even some bizarre rights like
      killing babies and burning cars in protest. And yet they have no tolerance
      for any dissenting opinion, even God’s opinion. They are the hypocrites.
      You are a hypocrite.

    5. sPIRIToFmYSTERY says

      +seriouslynow22 How exactly am I a hypocrite? Actually I’m a Christian, but
      of faith NOT religion 😉

  14. steven Nelson says

    Yes the world is changing people are changing but don’t forget this is
    Satan world and he is loving the falling away and rejecting God.

    1. TheTruth TheWay says

      steven Nelson so so true

    2. Serena Lee says

      steven Nelson nowhere in the Bible is it transphobic so have fun living a

  15. Jim Nowak says

    my son would do better in the royal rangers

    1. Tim van Benthem says

      Jim Nowak thank god there they accept gays as well

    2. Jim Nowak says

      well, in that case I’ll just keep doing what I’m already doing… take my
      kids out and teach them how to survive in the wild, love God, nature,
      peace, righteousness and fellowman everywhere.

    3. Cooper says

      Tim…this discussion is about transgender, not gays. There is a difference.

  16. kay baysinger says

    sick…God doesn’t like gays or transgender people? pray for them

    1. Ryan Nichols says

      kay baysinger ?

    2. David Albert says

      kay baysinger Oh, and When did GOD tell You that Reverend ?

    3. Eli Butterfield says

      David Albert

      probably when she read the bible.

      and i know. he doesn’t dislike anyone because he loves all his children.
      you don’t have to argue that point. I know it…
      but I am sure he is VERY disappointed in many of the people here

    4. SunofNothing69 says

      I gather up the force of darkness
      to bring damnation lust and war
      Demand all heaven’s virgins
      to bend before our horny lord

      Tonight nothing is too sacred
      we desecrate and live in sin
      Inhaling the stench of rotten flesh
      and of burning winds

      Descend from blackened skies
      on soundless magic wings
      To spread the words of Satan
      and live in eternal sin

  17. Frank Elyar says


    1. David Albert says

      Frank Elyar They Already have, what a Sick group.

  18. Austin Britt says


    1. Zionist/Wahhabist Killah says

      bohdi sativa stop saying that it’s Zionist

    2. Zionist/Wahhabist Killah says

      bohdi sativa Judaism are the teachings from the Torah. Zionism is the
      teachings of the Talmud

    3. me says

      Zionist/Wahhabit Killah. – Nothing is as bad as the dancing boys of
      Afganistan whick is Islam.

    4. Zionist/Wahhabist Killah says

      me I seen that those northern alliance people that are supported by NATO
      the Zionist love it

    5. me says

      Zionist/Wahhabist Killah – Afganistan – News Flash is an Islamic country.
      It use to be Buddist untill Islam came and through wholesale slaughter
      killed them.

  19. Eli Foust says

    Next ,Trans counselors who indoctrinate youth to a sick life.

    1. The Next News Network says

      +Eli Foust “If you like your gender you can keep your gender”

    2. Chuck Bailey says

      dose that mean boys can join the girl scouts now

    3. model nutty says

      LMAO good one Gary

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