Nutella-Stuffed Cookies


Pull apart one of these ooey gooey double-chocolate cookies and marvel at how it gushes melty Nutella just like a mini lava cake. You’re going to want to eat these right out of the oven. We know you’ve seen these chocolate bombs on social media, and now this recipe answers that age old question: “How do they get the Nutella inside the cookie?” Turns out, it’s incredibly easy— and you don’t even need to inject them with one of those giant cupcake-filling syringes.

Remember our Nutella-stuffed pancakes? We’re using the same trick to make mind-blowing cookies. The secret is freezing spoonfuls of chocolate hazelnut spread, then while they’re still hard, wrapping those chocolate nuggets with our easy chocolate cookie dough.


We couldn’t stop pulling apart these fresh-baked treats and watching how they ooze creamy Nutella. Even after they cool, the surprise chocolately center makes these next-level cookies. Be warned: this is a chocolate overload, so be sure to have a glass of ice cold milk on hand.

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