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Obama and Crooked Hillary Have Destroyed America’s Economy | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

Americans are disheartened with Democrats who are destroying the economy and killing jobs, and making it harder and harder for people to make ends meet.

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  1. BASED_ BRIT says

    Trump is last hope for US economy. Democrats have been running it through
    the floor.

  2. Mary Kali says

    America is a mess… unemployed, beggars on the street corners, lawlessness

    1. ctwatcher says

      We were taught about lawlessness by those in D.C. All of them.

    2. kazzicup says

      And this is because of crooks like Hillary Clinton. Corrupt people like
      lying crooked Hillary are destroying our country.

    3. Melanie Walker says

      It’s the same in the Uk.

  3. Yakuza Boss says

    Only white nationalism can save the union.

    1. Paul Dalton says

      err. *Nationalism

  4. Victoria “Kerrybatson” Powers says

    Down with Hillary

  5. R Hemo says

    Hillary, The Woman’s candidate: Totally corrupt, criminally colluded,
    influence peddling liar who repeatedly defends her cheating, rapist
    husband, shames and blames rape victims and accepts many millions of
    dollars from countries and dictators who are notoriously oppressive to
    women… just because she’ll support a woman’s right to use abortion as
    birth control.

    That’s probably the most morally bankrupt, sociopolitical delusion we’ve
    seen since the Democrats murderously opposed rights of freed slaves.

  6. mb19129812b says

    These ads need to air!!!

  7. Onlythefaithful one says

    “Americans are disheartened with Democrats who are destroying the economy
    and killing jobs, and making it harder and harder for people to make ends
    meet.”Americans are disheartened with the Democrat party , who are
    destroying the economy and killing jobs therefore the
    establishment idiocrats are making it harder and harder for people to make
    ends meet.My alterations are better than your original ,as evidenced, if
    you want me to fix your you tube lyrical material or any other lyrical
    material, I’m willing to do so, for a fair price. Just, message me.

  8. Roumyana Petrova says

    Hillary is a threat to America. Why do you tolerate her?

  9. dan gr says

    I live near Detroit and think this would do well in Michigan, a place where
    everyone personally knows a colleague educated discouraged “worker”

  10. James James says

    Trump digs coal.

  11. David Hill says

    Wall Street is with Hillary. I’m with Trump.

  12. Snow1 Paw says

    Trump is just Gona get us killed by Isis this is why you should vote for
    this racist selfish rasist hated man

    1. njexd5421 games says


  13. huy suse says


  14. Jazz This says

    Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations create jobs? Well then please
    enlighten me on who is creating the jobs? They’re just falling from the
    sky? That is literally the most uninformed thing I have ever heard. That’s
    like saying “don’t let anybody tell you that your car is transporting you
    to work.”

  15. Cileece Middleton says

    Anyone else notice when highlighting the number after the guy state bad
    news about jobs, the article is actually about that number of jobs being

  16. zonpakuto admin says

    Donald Trump for President! If you are planning on voting for Hillary,
    you’re an idiot! Let’s make America great again!

    1. zonpakuto admin says

      Hillary just wants to be the first woman

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