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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Charles Campbell for Western Journalism reports, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough criticized Barack Obama’s “self-righteous” attitude Tuesday over a statement the former president released which condemned Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban. “I’m not toggling both sides, I’m not playing the other side. This is just rank hypocrisy on Barack Obama’s part for being such a huge part in the Syrian refugee crisis,” Scarborough said Tuesday on Morning Joe. “Shutting Syrians out for years and now acting shocked and stunned and deeply saddened that Donald Trump would basically in effect do the same thing.”

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Obama’s Statement Supporting Protests Of Trump’s Executive Order Ticks Off MSNBC Host

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  1. whats really happening says

    we need news reporters like you in Australia we are having the same problem

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      Thorarrin Spek in some suggestions on YouTube RSBN =Right Side
      Broadcasting, infowars, numerous channels,
      David Seaman a classic liberal and Trump supporter he used to work for
      Huffington post until they fired him for telling the truth and of course my
      favorite and most watched news station, Next News network

    2. Mark S says

      I am starting to think its a sickness that’s going around the globe and I
      am sorry to hear your country has it to..

  2. Unicorns Are Real says

    I swear Gary you are a robot! We the People truly appreciate a man that
    stays up so many hours to deliver us real news. thank you for your courage
    your intelligence and your honesty.

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      Unicorns Are Real he seems like a robot but I think it’s the life change
      tea he drinks

    2. Unicorns Are Real says

      +Controversy Deluxe like I said you’re a special snowflake

    3. Controversy Deluxe says

      +Unicorns Are Real and you think your opinion matters?

    4. GuildBankLooter says

      It doesn’t take long to read news articles online and just read them to
      your viewers..Everything this guy reports on, i already saw on my news
      feed. Hes not getting the info on his own.

      So yes, he is very much so a robot. A robot reading his programmed lines..

  3. Gary O says

    I don’t want to see Obama shot, I want to see him hung.

    1. One MercilessMing says

      Gary O–You want to see him hung? As well as Michelle or as well as the gay
      couple he’s just been diddling in Palm Springs?

    2. phantasmo9998 says

      You are not the only one. I want to see the pieces of his cut apart corpse
      dumped in front of the liberal rioters.

  4. Atheist Allah says

    Obama, go away, you monkey!

    1. cassandra del vega blanco says

      Alice Kroeker hope you punched her in the mouth with a rock

    2. Section31HQ says

      Atheist Allah , don’t insult monkeys 🙂

    3. Governing Body of Apostate Witnesses says

      Haven’t the #Obamas and #Clintons of this world yet figured out that they
      have been ousted because a growing section of the population has grown
      tired of all the hypocrisy, the self-righteousness, the insincerity!

      There are a growing number of Americans who have finally got their number!
      As the most famous president of all once pointed out, YOU CAN’T FOOL ALL OF
      THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME! The day eventually arrives when some of them
      finally wake up!

    4. One MercilessMing says

      Governing BOdy of Apostate Witnesses—You forgot to list “politically
      correct speech”.

    5. Kevin G says

      you forgot the Lies

  5. joann mcmahon says

    The left are Anti American hypocrits

    1. Nunya Bizzz says

      Soulless Anarchists who don’t care if Christians are murdered but would
      kill for a radical islamist. Sick f’in ppl

  6. Dia Kel says

    Obama who??

    1. Princess Ginwood says

      Dia Kel OMG I literally just commented the same thing. That was my first
      thought too. I didn’t see your comment until after I said the same thing.
      Great minds think alike Ha ha ha!

    2. Sylvia Dawson says

      Dia Kel a

    3. Anto Ma says

      Dia Kel
      the muslime

    4. SnowPIG 777 says

      The creator of ISIS

    5. Broussard's Trinkets says

      Dia Kel Exactly!

  7. John Anderson says

    Trump has exposed the lies/bias of the MSM. Now he needs to expose 9/11,
    and heal this country and world.

    1. John Anderson says

      +What If My mother used to say ” The TRUTH will stand, when the world is on
      I think it has been long enough. Over half of the US citizens believe that
      the government lied, to get us in endless war’s , take our rights, and rob
      the country blind

    2. What If says

      +John Anderson
      You are as an individual is willing to risk our country to give the world
      to truth. Very enlighten by yourself. You are a very dangerous person, with
      really bad idea’s! Thank god you have no power. You think like a liberal!

    3. Cindy S says

      +John Anderson my mother always said the almost the same she would say ”
      The truth will stand while the world will burn”.

    4. John Anderson says

      +What If
      If you think I am any label you are able to produce , you are wrong.
      It did not hurt America when the Gulf of Tonkin lie, that cost over 50
      thousand of my generation was exposed, nor the release of the ” Operation
      Northwood ” plan to have a false flag attack, with a airliner shot down by
      Cuba, with attacks in Miami and NY by Cubans.
      Continuing the lie, is the danger.

  8. Dave Bogusky says

    Nobody wants to hear from the gay muslim. STFU you crybaby.

    1. Psyko Klown says

      Zack So what you’re saying is that it’s all in her/his/its head. Thank you
      for admitting that it’s a mental disorder.

    2. Psyko Klown says

      Dave Bogusky The truth is that libs are outright panophobes.

  9. kjb B says

    obama is such a poor loser! go away! you made us all mad you dumb moron!

  10. Bly Cat says

    Doesn’t OBummer ever go away? He’s a stain

  11. MontanaMountainMen says

    Obama who? Oh, that guy I forgot about him already.

  12. Ginger OConnell says

    Obama go back on vacation and relax….let it go….

  13. Joe Secor says

    Obama’s legacy went up in smoke, thank God.

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