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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, President Donald Trump took his oath of office Friday, and while power was successfully transferred from one president to another, troublemakers in the streets prevented the process from being as peaceful as it could have been.

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OOPS: Punk Trump-Haters Torch Limo… Learn Too Late It Belonged to Muslim Immigrant

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  1. Archie Bunker says

    Burn the protesters..

    1. James Galdwin says

      Archie Bunker LMFAO, I would say that’s racist… However I realize the
      vast majority of them are white so :p

    2. Mark Santiago says

      Archie Bunker what a bunch of peaceful Repulsivecunts.

  2. logpile13 says


    1. RDLONG30 says

      You’re insulting headless chickens .

    2. Sharon Newman says

      They are mentally insane

    3. Mr. Dystopian says

      My bad.

  3. MsDebt1 says

    Dang, must be Karma, baby!

    1. LastStitch says

      +rolloverriderpgr Also Since you know About Porn ..There Is A Company
      Hiring Fluffers ..

    2. LastStitch says

      +rolloverriderpgr Oh Short Bus rider since First Grade ..Also let me bend
      Over So You can Lick My Brown Eye .you Demorat

    3. rolloverriderpgr says

      LastStitch Awww this is your snappy come back libtard?
      Actually, try to write a complete sentence instead of showing the world
      your gay tendencies.

    4. rolloverriderpgr says

      LastStitch Well go get the job you know do much about.

    5. rolloverriderpgr says

      LastStitch LastStitch Lolol Democrat? you are a brain dead idiot if you
      didn’t pick up on the slam!

      The only democrats I like are the ones of the female persuasion that have
      callouses on their knees and that carpet burn scar on their backs as they
      only have the intellegence to swallow anything stuffed in their mouths.

      oh this is for you fool.

      TRUMP!! USA!!
      Say goodbye to the halfbreed!

  4. Matt H says

    They couldn’t burn the washington post building? This behaviour reminds me
    of the nazis on Krystallnacht.

    1. Sharon Newman says


    2. forpiepress 1 says

      yeah but at least the Nazi’s didn’t burn/ break the things they wanted to
      keep safe. Not saying that pillaging of anything (shops and houses) is good

    3. Thomas Hanner says

      What is spiritual about it? There is nothing spiritual about it, the
      rioters are destroying their own neighborhoods so, what does that say about
      the rioters??? How does that help anyone?????

  5. John Perry says

    what the hell wrong with people Mr Trump trying to bring back the jobs

    1. Gary Lee Caruthers says

      anonperson -Anyone calling the president of the united states ignorant, or
      any other name I find offensive. There are more diplomatic means to get
      your point across. I`d like to point out that, I like Ben Carson and would
      have voted for him if he won the nomination. Mic drop!

    2. Mark Santiago says

      Gary Lee Caruthers mic drop how stupid

    3. Gary Lee Caruthers says

      Got my point across.

  6. John Anderson says

    SEE, some good did come out of the riots.

    1. Rashaan Elam says

      +Kamadev888 run. You’ll loose brain cells on this troll infested thread.

    2. Otis Driftwood says

      +Rashaan Elam to persuade one’s political belief, Wich is what you are
      trying to do. I don’t care if you are bored. I have no interest in
      entertaining you.

    3. Rashaan Elam says

      +Otis Driftwood what does politics have to do with the definition of a word?

  7. John Roberts says

    jail them. it was not a protest it was a riot and destruction of property
    should get jail time. #wethepeople. #DRAINTHESWAMP #justiceforall

    1. Michael Shapiro says

      ABSOLUTELY NOT! “Jail Time” means WORKING CITIZENS get to pay their room &
      board for a long time. NO, NO, NO. Public lashings immediately, and
      CONFISCATION of ALL their possessions FOR REPAYMENT OF DAMAGE is the way to
      go. Hold extended FAMILIES responsible if they own nothing of value. It
      takes a village….

    2. Jokester30 says

      They were jailed

    3. John Roberts says

      Fenris 46290 we now jave law and order. #wethepeople

    4. IVoidwarrantys says

      model nutty and they got FELONY charges. So they can’t vote in the future

    5. rer1967 says

      John Roberts, exactly, the snowflakes actually believe that their riots are
      peaceful protests. They are the scum of the earth.

  8. Randall Lowe says

    Protesters are bums and need to go get some jobs you pathetic morons.

    1. A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says

      +Mark Santiago ; Yeah, look at all those young republicans out there
      burning down the cities, killing cops, protesting everything, badmouthing
      Trump, threatening his son, threatening to blow up the White house, race
      baiting,blm, militant feminists…….

    2. Randall Lowe says

      +Mark Santiago – paper route. Ever heard of it? No I am a Christian. I
      belong to the family of the most high God.

    3. that kid with the mets hat says

      Randall Lowe the police need to shoot job applications

  9. Brandy Pompeo says

    *THANK THE **#LordJesusChrist** that these **#MentallyEnslaved** people &
    their evil cult leader did NOT win the election!*

    1. mac cheese says

      Brandy Pompeo yes praise the Lord Jesus Christ for having mercy on us in
      this country

    2. GREAT GOD MARS says

      brandy is sexy milf

  10. Tice Rippy says

    Yep I’m getting an assault rifle

    1. Amanda Anderson says

      Tice Rippy Get several

    2. silverbird58 says

      FG-42 buz saw . m-1 garrand , MP-40 Schmisser

  11. ScentlessApprentice7 says

    Whatever happened to their slogan: “Love Trumps Hate”???

    1. Sacrilege83 says

      It is now “Hate Trumps Love”.

    2. Lava1964 says

      I think it’s now “Trump trumps everybody.”

    3. TechNick says

      ScentlessApprentice7 who cares it never made any damn sense

    4. Andrey Dikit says

      Fire trumps Muslim properties!

  12. Amanda Anderson says

    See these riots are staged and bullshit.

    1. Mr. Nick b says

      Amanda Anderson yes by the liberals and George Soros

  13. Joyce Maestas says

    Well the Liberals have no idea what they are really fighting for.

    1. Ethoea says

      like sheep someone points and they go.

    2. piperpepperpickeda peckofpickledpeppers says

      Ethoea Or badly trained dogs…

    3. Cosmos Factory says

      They are fighting against reality. They are in conflict with it. They are
      too stupid to realize it though. They think they’re fighting against
      fascism, while they act more like Nazis than anyone I’ve ever seen.

    4. Ethoea says

      welcome to the mirror effect this is what happens when you project too much
      you start to believe everyone has become what you have become thus you
      never can admit fault and its always someone else even if you yourself
      become that what you wanted to stop.

      Be carful when hunting the monster for if you are not too careful you may
      become the monster you sort to slay.

    5. Thomas Hanner says

      Joyce Maestas, I am a liberal Republican, I know what I am fighting for; it
      is called direct democracy, freedom and liberty. So, already I have proven
      your comment to be incorrect. Do you know what you are fighting for? And as
      long as you don’t know what you are talking about you might not want to
      judge all by your narrow understanding of reality.

  14. Gene Paulk says

    Go ahead and hang the son of bitches that burned that lemo !!! And I bet
    these dumb son of a bitches will think twice before burning any thing else
    !!! Take America ?? back from these thugs !!! TRUMP show your power !!!!

    1. Helena Nickerson says

      Nothing wrong with instilling law and order. It is quite ironic that the
      same idiots who destroy the lives and livelihood of other people are the
      SAME idiots who call the police when their own property is being
      threatened. Funny isn’t it? Just shows you there is no conscious thought in
      their heads. Hang the sobs.

    2. Ethoea says

      want to know something funny they was blocking a bunch of people from
      getting to work but letting woman past at that point the guy took the
      opening and belt it past woman tried to hit him and he smacked her in the
      face soon after they demanded the police did something about him thing is
      he was in his right to self defence after that they started to chant “this
      is what a police state looks like”.

      Motto to this they are a bunch of hypocritical dumbass

    3. Cobra Strike says

      +Helena !!!!!!TOUCHE QED!!!!!!!

    4. Mark Santiago says

      Gene Paulk and it’s the limo not lemo STUPID INBRED!!!

  15. antwon valentino says

    they blew up a muslim vehicle that’s racist!!!!

    1. MuX says

      Same people also invented the KKK. (democrats, it’s history and fact) So
      what else would you expect.

    2. APCOPILOT says

      What was wrong with KKK ?? ……… Very few crimes were committed by
      blacks upon whites or any other group when KKK was active……

  16. Tammy Selvens says

    Trump T-Shirts Giveaway on TrumpRights,com ( small shipping fee on these )
    T-Shirts are sponsored by Absolute Rights Pro Trump Supporting site.

    1. Jim Mcquade says

      Sarah Carter that “army” didnt even know why they were assembling or which
      way to go. i could single handedly win that war. its like herding children.

    2. Mud Rabbit says

      Tammy Selvens – this is spam. Go away.

    3. Magnús Másson says

      Liberal Lemmings.

    4. Mark Santiago says

      Sarah Carter you have obviously been skull fucked far too many times

  17. James Edmond says

    Limo owned by muslim, burned down by liberal BLMrs. Now, that’s FUNNY.
    LMFAOFF. What bunch of MORONS.

    1. Mark Santiago says

      Thomas Hanner thank you Thomas Hanner you’re the only one of all the
      comments that I’ve read on this thread that have made any sense. thank you
      once again sir

    2. Sharkattackguy says

      If Hillary was elected this would not have happened at all.. The media
      that is fueled by the liberal agenda stokes the fire of these thugs.
      Liberals need to own up to their violent ways when they don’t get what they
      want. After all is said and done they proclaim themselves as peace loving,
      inclusive and gentle ones.

  18. Kelly Falloxe says

    Trump T-Shirts Giveaway on TrumpRights,com ( small shipping fee on these )
    T-Shirts are sponsored by Absolute Rights Pro Trump Supporting site.

    1. Randall Lowe says

      bob smith Just use them to wipe your simp gay tears with!

    2. Anon Person says

      Kelly Falloxe forget those shirts why would you Guys support a pedophile
      constitution violator who is anti-American

    3. Stephen Odell says

      now Obama is out of office, so why bring him up?

  19. Kebab Removal Unit says

    They should be found and fined for the $70,000 worth of damage they caused.

    1. Cosmos Factory says

      I heard they did around $20 million in damage in Washington DC.

    2. Cosmos Factory says

      Some were and are facing 10 years in prison. I heard that the police stood
      down when BLM where beating the dog snot out of people including a
      handicapped woman. I heard Obama had the cops stand down. I guess because
      Obama and these provocateurs have the same backer named George Soros.

    3. Kebab Removal Unit says

      +Super Truther Obama should be executed for treason.

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