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Optimize Your YouTube Video – Translate Titles and Descriptions

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In this video, I show you how to translate your titles, description and tags for your videos and playlist into 76 different languages. On average, over two-thirds of a creator's audience watch time comes from outside of their home country. This makes your videos more accessible to fans and grow an international audience.

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  1. Draw Curiosity says

    I’m bilingual and I love this YouTube feature – it means I can translate
    and close caption everything into English and Spanish so that almost
    everyone can follow without struggling with language. 🙂

    I hope one day YouTube incorporates audio descriptions too for the visually
    impaired, making it even more accessible.

    1. THBronx says

      Hello Draw Curiosity, I saw your channel and let me ask you something: do
      you translate all your videos and then creates the subtitles? What is the
      process? It takes a lot of time to be done? I was thinking of creating
      subtitles for some of my videos (my videos are in Portuguese), but I don’t
      know how to start, if it is something that I can do alone or if I’ll need
      to hire a company to do that. Any tips? Thank you.

    2. Draw Curiosity says

      +THBronx hey there! Thanks for the comment 🙂 first I transcribe my video
      from the language it is spoken in. If it is a voice over it takes five
      seconds to copy and paste the script in. For off the cuff, I type as I talk
      and that may take slightly less than twice the duration of watching the
      video. Then I set timings, and after five minutes I add a new language
      (Spanish), and it shows me the lines I wrote in English split up, so I can
      simply write their translation into Spanish, that probably takes me a
      similar amount of time. In total, about 4-5x the duration of my video at
      most, and also means I get to check it uploaded with no encoding errors 🙂
      I think YouTube offers the option to hire people to do it, or you could do
      it via Fiverr, or you could open your channel for crowdsourced translations
      🙂 hope this helps!

    3. THBronx says

      Oh thanks a lot for your help. I will definitely try to do that in the
      videos that I do a sort of guide. I think it will be a cool option for
      English speakers. Thx for your tips. =D

    4. Draw Curiosity says

      You’re welcome! ^_^ The best thing about this is that you can reach more
      people too with your message!

    5. Eala santos says

      I can translate english to arabic who needss ?????

  2. BlazingFire HD says

    can u help me with my youtube channel my channel needs some help

    1. Simon Elias says

      Your videos are just game play with background music over it, are you
      giving tips or tutorials on how-to, are you showing cool and interesting
      things you’ve found playing, what the value you’re giving to your viewer?

    2. BlazingFire HD says

      +Simon Elias I don’t have a laptop or desktop so I really can’t do much

    3. Simon Elias says

      The app you’re using to record that rocket league game (I didn’t know it
      was on mobile lol) allows for voice over, perhaps you could add some live
      commentary to your game play to help make it YOU.

    4. RoyalCrown says

      +Simon Elias Mr.Elias Could You Possibly Give Me Feedback? and Constructive

  3. Saad Nassif says

    do you speak Arabic?

    1. Derral Eves says

      No… I don’t. Spanish 🙂

    2. Saad Nassif says


    3. Saad Nassif says

      i wanted to ask you when are you making a live stream

  4. Paulo Nideck says

    Hey Derral! What languages do you speak? Grettings from Rio de Janeiro,

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Paulo Nideck I used to live in Paraguay… So Spanish and Guarani

    2. Paulo Nideck says

      Amazing, Derral! Thanks for answering I’m a big fan

    3. Eala santos says

      I can translate english to arabic who needss ?????

    4. Xavier FromAmerica says

      +Derral Eves and English!

  5. thatsBETSYV says

    I always feel defeated with all the new things YouTube comes up with

    1. New Future Builder says

      Why defeated? 🙁

  6. Ghica Vlad says

    i approve this I want more languages for more audiences

  7. THBronx says

    I always try to translate some of my videos titles and descriptions, not
    all videos but those that I think someone who doesn’t speak Portuguese may
    want to see or at least have an idea of what I’m talking about. And I still
    don’t know if it’s a good investment to create subtitles, so this way more
    people can understand the whole video. What do you think? Anyone here tried
    to use subtitles to reach more people? The time invested in the translation
    and creation of subtitles are worth it?

    Thanks for the vid and tips! Take care.

    1. New Future Builder says

      I haven’t tried it yet and would also be interested in knowing.

    2. Magdalena Lewczuk says

      It depends on your audience demographic, but you can have a much bigger
      audience this way. I write both english and polish subtitles. It takes much
      less time than creating a video, so I think it’s totally worth it.

    3. THBronx says

      So I’ll test with one of my videos! Thx!

  8. New Future Builder says

    Awesome tips. Still need to optimize my playlists and the idea is GENIUS!!!

  9. vegetayami says

    if it would be possible to add different audio language, that would be SO

    1. Kristiāns says

      I know right?! In my country (Latvia). The first language is Latvian but
      the second language is russian. I know both of them but i don’t want to
      create two channels because it takes a lot of time..

    2. vegetayami says

      +Kristiāns S yeah, i can speak german and french. i wanted once to make 2
      seperate channels but…. i didn’t get motivatet for that, so i did 1
      channel to make test try some things and the other (french) to be a gaming
      channel. but… i screw up and i think i did some problemes, thats why
      nobody find my video (even not i can research about the video).
      what was we talking about ? oh yeah ! multiple language ! technikly it
      should be not so hard to make, its like different subtitltes.

    3. Eala santos says

      I can translate english to arabic who needss ?????

  10. David Stoll says

    I didn’t know about the language features of TubeBuddy.

  11. Mrgunsngear Channel says

    Agree with your suggestion. I speak three languages and that would be

  12. SorrowfulM // MapleStory Veteran says

    Never thought about doing this, but I think it would be a really good idea
    since I believe my 2nd largest audience is non-english speakers (natively).

  13. Martín Bonari says

    Hi Derral! How many tags are right? Is there a minimum or max number?

  14. rxstrmom says

    This is awesome Derral. I subscribe to a couple of women who speak French
    and this would be great for them to use for those of us English speaking
    subbies…I also do the closed captions in French when watching their
    videos which is not perfect but I get the gest of what they are saying.
    Thanks for this! patti 🙂 ?

  15. Dear Gamer says

    Great video I appreciate the tips.

    1. Marvestal says

      lol XS

    2. Marvestal says


    3. Marvestal says


  16. CrystaliteGamer says

    i have one question sir ummmmmm…..
    how do you get more views and what apps do you reccamend for editing and
    creating intros

    1. RoyalCrown says

      Adobe After Effects

  17. Crafty Max says

    help! I am doing all the suggested things to get subscribers but they are
    not coming!
    I do not know what to do to/ not do.
    can you help me?

    1. Kristiāns says

      Buy a promotion

    2. Crafty Max says

      +Kristiāns S
      thanks I will consider it

    3. Xavier FromAmerica says

      +Crafty Max I think u need to upload more

  18. Zaffron says

    i think it is a nice idea to (exchange translation) between youtubers
    speaking different languages.

  19. Terri Lynch My Life says

    When I try, it gives me an error.

  20. 9tofunk says

    Loving your ideas, hopefully Youtube will listen to that :)

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