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Ousmane Dembele ● Crazy Dribbles & Skills 2016/17 ● HD

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  1. AV Voetbal Boy says

    We Will help me with 100 subscribers

    1. Juan Carlos Rivera says


    2. Sexy Beast says

      i see someone had a great time with google translate yesterday

    3. WFG Gaming says

      +Sexy Beast haha

  2. xGiinxyy02 says

    A very very good talent ! I hope those fucking bayern won’t buy him ..

    1. Silas Braun says

      +1337 Abonnenten ohne Video!?! Helft mir! 😀 Well, but there is a
      difference between top-class and world-class players.

    2. 1337 Abonnenten ohne Video!?! Helft mir! :D says

      +Silas Braun Yes, but both teams has world-class players… i mean they
      played in the CL final against each other some years ago… 😀

    3. Silas Braun says

      +1337 Abonnenten ohne Video!?! Helft mir! 😀 Yes, some years ago. But
      Bayern has like 15 world class players while BVB has like 3-4.

    4. 1337 Abonnenten ohne Video!?! Helft mir! :D says

      +Silas Braun Bartra (will get VERY good again and is still good)
      Aubameyang, Reus, Castro, Sokratis, Bürki , and the new players that will
      play very good too : Bartra (like i said) Dembele , Mor, Guerreiro

    5. Silas Braun says

      +1337 Abonnenten ohne Video!?! Helft mir! 😀 Well, but they’re still
      growing their skills and their confidence. Bayern already has grown up
      sstars. Yes, probably they will be world class players in 2-3 years, but
      most of them are not yyet. And I fear, they might be bought away by Munich,
      as sonn they are good enough.

  3. Thomas Cots says


    1. timotekkenstar says

      c est avec la mondialidation que le monde a commencer a aller mieux…
      avant y avait la peste en europe et les europeens ont fuis vers d autres
      continent et ont commencé le melange …exploitation etc…
      donc en gros non personne ne peut sans l autre . Si aujourdhui l afrique
      ferme les frontieres l europe aura un probleme car bcp de ressources
      viennent de l afrique.

    2. Johann says

      +timotekkenstar Blablabla… Arrête de trouver des excuses pourries qui
      méritent même pas d’être soulever. Je préfere que les pays du Nord soient
      pauvre et pas mélanger que riche et mélanger ayant perdu toutes ses
      cultures. Ce systeme de papier qui donne des nationalités est stupide.
      J’espère que celui qui a inventé ça brûle en enfer

    3. timotekkenstar says

      sans le coltan du congo par ex tu n aurais pas d ordi ou de phone mtn le
      coltan est unique ..tu sais combien d europeens et americains st sur place
      chaque jour? reflechis avant d ouvrir ta bouche sans l afrique l europe
      aura un enorme probleme

    4. Johann says

      +timotekkenstar Les noirs n’ont pas besoin de leurs ressources, ils sont à
      la Préhistoire. Donc vaut mieux que quelqu’un d’autre les utilise petit
      rageux. Sans l’Europe, le monde serait encore au Moyen-Âge.

  4. Maezuh | F/A says

    He will play for Bayern in 2 years..

    1. randi ortiz says

      pele makelele and drogba

    2. IWantTheBacon says

      Pele, Ronaldinho, Drogba, Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Kluivert.

    3. IWantTheBacon says

      +CesarConH Their* Your mind is pretty weak if you cannot use correct

    4. Soham Mulgaonkar says

      +IWantTheBacon savage lol!

    5. Dionysos says

      +Ilyas Ali loyalty? Really?
      Don’t understand me wrong. I like BVB a lot and don’t like Bayern at all,
      but the kid just arrived in Dortmund and u speak about loyalty?!

  5. Risujemmaaja says

    And everyone is hyped about rashford..

    1. tony gronaldo says

      is not the same post,and the hype around rashford is justified..the two
      player have a lot of talent.

    2. Angel Leon says


    3. loyalpowers says

      +Angel Leon kys

  6. ko da says

    he was in the 4th league in france a year ago and now he is playing for
    Dortmund and the national team… Amazing run ousmane

    1. Xykarus says

      last year, he played for Renne in ligue 1. 12 goals and 5 assists for 26

    2. JiiBr1L says

      his FIRST match in LIGUE 1 was in novembre 2015 before that he played with
      the reserve team in the 4th french league

  7. CihanEroglu says

    his first touch is amazing he got some explosive acceleration on himhis
    body faints are similar to neymar and messiand he got some decent passing
    on him as well didnt even realised that beforedefinitley a Player for the

    1. Christian Herrera (cheech) says

      this may be a long shot, but he resembles Pele in my opinion. hes faster
      than everyone around him, he utilizes both feet well and has skills on top
      of all that to beat you. he’s on the right squad to reach his potential.

    2. GAMING “Gaming prince” PRINCE says

      i was looking for someone to say that

  8. vellica hearst says

    Welcome to Bayern Munich in 3 years

    1. BeatJackersBox says


    2. El says

      Lmao so true

    3. Angel Leon says

      Or real madrid in 5

  9. Yolo Polo says

    I thought Emre Mor was the signing of the year for Dortmund….but
    damn…this kid is good!

    1. Lucian says

      Dembele > Mor

  10. Jazel Diodonet says

    he reminds me of Pele

    1. I Sexually Identify As An Apache Attack Helicopter says

      Have you even seen Pelé play? No? Don’t ever compare Ousmanne Dembelé to
      Edson Arantes Do Nascimento again

    2. I Sexually Identify As An Apache Attack Helicopter says

      This guy cannot play ginga style like Pelé could

  11. zach compton says

    The song is horrible but the video is dope :)

    1. W P Amadeus says

      The last song isn’t

  12. Rational being says

    the fucker doesn’t have a weak foot

  13. Dark Tudu says

    Ca rends fier de voir un jeune du centre de formation de Rennes au BVB.
    Allez Rennes!

  14. Triyanto H says

    Il est fort dembélé

  15. Cristian Pace says

    Su estilo de juego se parece mucho al de Pele.

  16. timotekkenstar says

    i swear he plays like Pele (style) and both of them dont know the
    definition of a weak foot

  17. isiano10 says

    his playing and dribbling style looks just like Pele!

    1. MrYounis26 says

      Better than Pele.

  18. Keyvax says

    France future looks bright i can easaly see them win the next 2 world cups

  19. PurePozi says

    This guy plays like Pele!!!!

    1. Marrion Lulu says

      I KNOW RIGHT!! runs exactly like him

    2. Thunder Thug says

      that true

    3. Ezechukwu Okere says

      he ain’t as crazy as Pele tho. Pele plays like he want to kill you

    4. PurePozi says

      Very true man Pele also had quicker feet and a much quicker football brain,
      also he had much better touch and technique, plus he could shoot with mad
      accuracy and power with both feet. He is in the right place as Dortmund
      have an amazing capability to develop players.

  20. Rom ano says

    This guy has an incredible talent. If he learns to look up and take the
    right decision team wise, he has the potential to be very very special

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