Overwatch: Top 5 Mistakes EVERYONE Still Makes


Top 5

Today we are back to talk about the top 5 mistakes that everyone makes playing overwatch. I know im guilty of these at times, let me know if you are too and any other crazy things you see in game. Be sure to drop a Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed!
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  1. Issues with our other upload guys (will remake for another day), so Today we are back to talk about the top 5 mistakes that everyone makes playing overwatch. I know im guilty of these at times, let me know if you are too and any other crazy things you see in game. Be sure to drop a Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed!

  2. 1: picking a dps not named soldier 76

    2: being bad in general

    3: being dumb in general

    4: picking hanzo

    5: trying to shot call as the only one who understands overwatch but then you realize you’re 12 and everyone else is a 25+ stoner and nobody listens to you

  3. Here’s some off the top of my head:
    1) Not grouping up with your team
    2) Not communicating with your team
    3) Not focus-firing
    4) Not timing and coordinating your ults
    5) Not playing your hero correctly


    • SpiralArcGFX another one:when a healer doesn’t heal you and u stand their waiting for them until they die and you die…I REALLY HATE PPL WHO TAKE ZENYATTA BECAUSE HIS ORBS ARE POWERFUL AND NEVER HEAL OR WHEN A MERCY IS FIGHTING WITH HER SHT GUN WHILE THE WHOLE TEAM IS DYING…

    • yeah in top 5 I would say:
      1 – No communication
      2- No communication
      3 – no communication
      4- … well you get it!

  4. people are constantly tunnel visioning what is in front of them rather than what is happening in the fight around them. as a healer im constantly seeing players do this.

  5. Lets say Your reinhardt makes mistakes and cahrges to the middle of enemies . . . What do you do?

    I want to know this from two view points. As Lucio and As team.
    Should I speed, heal or back off? Should we all try to push? force our way to follow the reinhardt? Leave The Reinhardt to die?

    Seriously. What would be the right call? let’s add that it is 6v6, no one has gotten pick yet. You see that your reinhardt is going to charge the enemies and is going to hit someone.

    What happened to me, I speed boosted as lucio, went in with reinhardt and 3 people were standing far away from us 🙁 and someone went to flank and died . . . so it ended 2v6 😀

    • when my rein charge im right behind him if im playing solider if im genji im flanking and poking tell my team to group which is a signal for my Reinhardt or my team to push in so we can have a team battle instead 1v 6

    • knee jerk reaction, id say speed boost and give your team a chance to fight. Get in there, start knocking people around with lucio boop, create some space for your rein if you can and move that swinging hammer fast through the enemy team. Might make a wipe happen faster, in which case you get a reset and can push again with more time left… first reaction to the situation..

    • call it out and speed boost to him. if rien does snag someone on the pin (specially the other rien or zarya) then you can easily win the team fight. keep rien alive and the enemies can be wiped. usually though if he misses the pin it’s over for that push.

    • Wizardxeze at low ranks play Zarya and bubble him you’ll get a tonne of charge and he’s much less likely to die, also if you bubble a shielded reinhardt you still get charge with the shield up! to be fair Zarya is easily the best tank against low ranks anyway especially if your dps is a bit on the weak side, she’s extremely efficient at surviving and flexing!

    • Soffor Unessa oh lol! I ment NOT playing the objective. You are correct. Overwatch is a team game where kills count doesn’t matter, you win by playing/defending the point and payload. I main mei because she is by far the best at stalling the point. Thanks for correcting me kindly

    • This is the opposite of true tbh, of all games overwatch doesn’t really have the problem of people not playing the objective, in fact most of the time people rush directly to the point, puting themselves in a less advantagous position, instead of fragging out a team fight first so the team can actually get good headway on the ovjective

    • I didn’t mean play dumb, I mean many players even up to high gold still chase kills and are afraid to push the objective. it is terrible when I finish comp matches, with gold objective time, with less than a minute on the point. Not one game mode in competitive requires you to reach a certain amount of kills, all of them requires you to play the objective to win. The point of the game is to win and you win by being on the objective.

    • Pie Cake worked in my favour earlier. Got to the studio door on Hollywood without a hitch. Soon as we hit the checkpoint, the enemy used Grav, rip tire, dragon blade, nano.
      Safe to say we respawned and rolled over them with ease

    • I hate it when it goes the other way as well, if you are attacking and you’re at the checkpoint waiting for the doors to be open don’t ult. in that situation than you are using ults when you don’t need to, the attackers have the advantage so they can just respawn. I would recommend keeping them till the second half or near the next point when it starts getting more harder.

  6. Taking the game too serious. We’ve all been offenders of that.

    Also, poking at the choke annoys me the most. I like Eichenwalde a lot, but not when the team refuses to move past the choke at the start of the map…

    • I find this more at Hanamura tbh. On Eichenwalde if your team isn’t pushing in you can Pharah or Sombra and just zip straight to the point without being seen. Generally at the level of play where teams spend a game at the choke you can also rely on the enemy team not being co-ordinated about who to send back to deal with the flanker so often the whole team turns their back on the choke (with the rest of your team firing into them) and it’s a cakewalk. Even better they have to commit to going a long way back because there’s so much cover you can just sit behind and, unless the team’s deliberately trolling at the choke, they’ll naturally push in to chase kills on the people running away from them.

      Hanamura point A there’s pretty much no way to get to the point without being seen and even if you do you get maybe 5 seconds tops before a bunch of people are on you making it much harder to force a team push and stay alive to contribute kills.

    • In Hanamura, a Genji or D.Va car flank to the left side.
      You will be seen, but that’s the point: if at least two of your opponents turn their attention to you, it should greatly help your mates at the door.
      If less than two opponents hunt you… then it’s even better.

      Either way I find you give your team more opportunities.

  7. OMFG. #1 frustration in OW is the team just standing at the choke not initiating all game… Like come on Guys/Gals! The other team sin’t going to just leave the choke and give us a free pass! GO IN! And Flankers PLEASE FLANK! FFS picking Genji, Pharah or Tracer and not flanking the choke is like picking Reinhardt and not using your shield! Eichenwalde and Hanamura are the worst for this. Especially when you get a pick or 2 and your team STILL won’t put pressure or initiate and by the time they do the people who died on the other team are already almost back or already back to the choke! I’m always like “come on guys, we can’t wait forever lets go in”, “come on Rein, you gotta walk through first, we’re right behind you”, “Guys they’re 1/2 down, let’s go in! Put pressure on them let’s go!”, etc… Hate when we already have a pick or 2 and I’m like “Guy let’s go in now!” Then I go in and die and I watch the deathcam and my whole team is just watching me and didn’t follow….

    • I mean… When you watch pro flanker hero players play then you don’t see them flanking the whole time. I understand flanking at times but they don’t have to do it the whole time. There’s this big misconception on flankers that they should always be on enemy back lines without heals or without any heal, especially if your team isn’t putting pressure on the front line and you have to disrupt the back line (generally consisting of Ana and a hitscan) while their whole team can just focus you.

    • I’ve been yelled at for swapping off Ana to Tracer on Eichenwalde (We had a Zen instead of Lucio). And then, as a result of me just going to the point, I literally had 5 of the enemy team on the point *AND MY TEAM WAS STILL IN A SPAM WAR WITH A JUNKRAT AT THE CHOKE*.

      I can only yell over my mic *MEI IS ON POINT GO IN* so much before I tilt.

      I even killed their Mercy, and had they pushed in sooner, we would’ve capped the point and could’ve continued on.

      At the end of the round the Zen is like “Really glad we had a Tracer instead of Ana”, and I just say the dumb fucker *I HAD 5 PEOPLE ON POINT AND ALL 5 OF YOU WERE STANDING AT THE CHOKE AGAINST 1 PERSON, SO HELP ME IF YOU THINK THIS LOSS IS BECAUSE OF MY SWAP THEN YOU’RE AN IDIOT! THE ONLY REASON WE ACTUALLY GOT 2 PIPS ON THE POINT WAS BECAUSE OF ME! Uninstall this game Zen.*

    • Loud Leaf yeah he does, If I can get a safe pin on him I’ll do it, but as you say, the shield only lasts so long against a bastion. I normally find that when I initiate, pin one, fire strike, swing and kill 2 more that people complain for me going in and dying. The worst I’ve ever had was a 6 man earth shatter where, I was the only one to jump in on it, got the ana, lucio, soldier and rein, but somehow a roadhog and dva were too much for my team to clean up, so we ended up resetting with me down my earthshatter.

  8. before the video starts, the one i see the most is when i sleep someone as ana and someone wakes them up instantly. its never like a mccree or junkrat who would at least do a lot of damage. no, its always like a dva or lucio who does nothing to them

    • Lucio main here. I can explain why. Lucio’s attack aren’t hitscan, so you could be engaging an enemy and out of nowhere a sleep dart hits the target you are attacking. Most of the time, I have already fired, and the projectiles hit the target while they sleep.

    • UnderPuppy88 well most of those arent there fault, lucio are projectiles, dva has so much sprrad she could aim next to the sleeping target, tap him, and wake him up, but granted some people need to learn how to read situations better

    • Dank_Memes 2020 i know when it’s a team fight and bullets are flying everywhere there is nothing that can be done, but when I sleep the tank or the person ulting and my teammates change the person they are focusing because they see an easy target, that’s when I get pissed

    • It was also hilarious when my one of my teammates said “enemy soldier is really good” after I won 2 duels against him as Mercy.

    • I can agree to your statement if you are referencing “bad” healers but the reverse is also true. I play a lot of Mercy and cannot/will not follow a Tank that rushed a team without his own in tow. There are also plenty of times a Tracer/Genji will flank behind me and I’ll watch as my dps-mates just ignore my call for help. I understand that the team can’t always respond in time, and self defense might be required but remember that every second your healers spend fighting they cannot heal (except Lucio). I must also stress paying attention to the kill feed or callouts when your healer dies. Too many times I’ve had someone spamming “I need healing” and not knowing (sometimes an honest mistake) I’m dead or blatantly ignoring my call out. Its a problem the game will always have as queuing with any number of randoms results in players of different play styles, experience and knowledge. At the end of the day just try to learn from your mistakes and your losses, even if you played your best with that character and lost, could you have done more on a social level with your team? P.S: Don’t treat arcade matches like competitive. They are not and will simply cause everyone a headache ^.^ .

    • Im not saying that if we have a hitscan pharah shouldnt exist, im saying i get angry when the hitscans completely ignore the pharah, especially when we discussed it as a team and people switched to hitscans specifically to counter her

    • @Pop McPop I get what you’re saying, it’s just always important to mention that hitscans can only do so much. One problem that I’ve had as a Pharah-counter hitscan pick is that my team won’t do much about their OTHER DPS, so I’ll end up getting picked off while trying to keep Pharah out of the fight. Pharah sees that I’m dead and starts obliterating the team. Said team then yells at me for not focusing on Pharah…

    • I started picking Zen often lately, and Pharahs are being deleted left and right, plus transcendence just completely denies rocket barrage.

    • For me, it’s usually a Soldier that’s allergic to looking at the sky meaning I have to change to Zenyatta just to get rid of her or killing the Pharah more as Junkrat then our soldier.

  9. In 30% of the games I have to share a cheat/exploit I found out long time ago. Sometimes there is a blue rectangle appearing on Reinhardt and if you stand behind it, you won’t take any damage. There are teams which doesn’t use shield at all and calling in lobby to pick Rein, because ‘YOU HAVE TO HAVE REIN ON THIS MAP’. What’s his use if the only person shielded is the shieldwielder?