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Pastor Mark Burns’ National Prayer Special- Pray for Donald Trump 10/19/16

Your president Donald Trump

Join Pastor Mark Burns and RSBN LIVE from Las Vegas at the debate hall as we hold a group prayer for Donald Trump ahead of the final Presidential debate.

Pastor Mark Burns' National Prayer Special- Pray for Donald Trump 10/19/16

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  1. Simon Inchrist says

    Go trump all the way to the white house

    1. Rosina Julia says

      AMEN !

    2. cbasallie says


    3. JASON THE GAMER says

      Simon Inchrist amen

  2. Sweetie Pie says


    1. victoria garcia-bohn says


  3. Japheth Bruce says

    Amen I am in agreement!!! With you and the body of Christ!

    1. cats meow says

      Japheth Bruce : Amen!
      God all Mighty, we adore and thank you for the grace you have poured upon
      I’m standing with you in prayer, 9unity, trust and faith with these my
      brothers and sisters.
      Lord cover Mr. Trump with your mantle of mercy and love. Keep him safe and
      protected…Show him what he shoud speak
      according your will.Amen!

    2. Donald jackass trump 2016 says

      +lori dundas you mean Satan…God Don’t like ugly ..Donald is a ugly
      muthafucka..God will remove Donald and all his deplorables

    3. Japheth Bruce says

      In Jesus name amen!

  4. Calavera 310 says

    Latino family for Trump.

    God please provide Trump with the spiritual armor to defend against the
    establishment and the media’s slings and arrows. Amen!

    1. noemi barrios says

      Amen God’s hand is on D.J.T!

  5. ginoforever2011 says


  6. Rosanna Judah-Elliott says


  7. Erin Ulshafer says

    AMEN! ???

  8. Ginger Ludtke says


  9. Maginox says


  10. Jillian Patton says

    Amen. Surround and protect him, fill him with your spirit to speak truth
    and wisdom.

  11. Susan Manlove says

    Amen! Thank you Pastor Mark

  12. Brian Rorke says

    this is the last chance
    this is the grace of GOD

  13. Judy Armstrong says

    Amen , Amen Pastor .

  14. noemi barrios says

    AMEN pastor Burns!

  15. tonebari says

    Pray the Donald will #DrainTheSwamp

  16. johnup53 says

    AMEN I have ask GOD for his help we need him

  17. Dai Arnado says

    America has missed you lately. You’re loved amongst us pastor
    God bless you

  18. Eun Hwan Bai says


    1. Rolando Quinanola says

      Amen. 700000xxxxxxxxxx!!!!!! God bless.

  19. Tiny One says

    Black family for Trump. Still praying for Mr. Trump today.

  20. Solid Asian Gold says

    While Pastor Burns is always sure to bring-down-the-House, Hillary is sure
    to bring down all of America into WWIII, and quite possibly all-out nuclear

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