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Sub for more: | Randy DeSoto for Western Journalism reports, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Tuesday that he has invited President Donald Trump to address a joint session of Congress at the end of next month.

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Ryan Invites Trump To Address Joint Session Of Congress

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  1. can someone tell a Brit why this is a big deal,isnt Trump supposed to talk
    to these people,though there is something about Ryan that gives me a bad
    feeling,felt it first time i saw him.

    • Steven harland . Paul Ryan and some of the other Republicans turned their
      back’s on Trump by not supporting him during his campaign run at
      presidency. Even though he was nominated the Republicans choice .These
      Republicans are not liked by the true conservative American. We believe
      them to have an alternative agenda. It had better have something to do with
      making America better or he will have nothing to do wth it.

      My guess is they are going to hijack him with the children that will be
      left behind or affected by his immigration Acts. They let them flow into
      this country uninhibitedly for the last 25 years. Regardless of how we the
      people felt about it. Kind a like what is going on in Europe with the
      Muslim influx and the approval of their government to let it happen .Now
      that we the people demand that you comply with the law of the land you want
      us to feel sorrow? Well I am sorry that I am not sorry. If you are here
      illegally you’ve got to go. Take advantage of the opportunity to go back to
      your homeland’s and make them great with what you have earned and learned
      in our free and open society. Thanks and come again. Sorry got carried away
      friend. Take care. Hope that sheds some light.?⚖?

    • Steven harland It’s all good,Trump five steps in front of him,he’s testing
      him,and loyalty.He fells he be fired200%guarteed.

  2. I don’t trust Paul Ryan at all, but I trust Donald Trump more. I guess what
    I’m saying in other words Donald Trump had the intelligence to declare
    God’s birth right for this nation. That being said, he got through 16
    Republicans in the primaries, and crooked Hillary easily in the general
    election. Everything he did that was traditionally wrong and would’ve wiped
    out any other candidate, he came through with higher numbers. If I were
    Congress and Senate, I would be considering if I act arrogant and cocky I
    may be voted out of office. If I don’t listen to what he tells me to do and
    how he wants me to do it, he’s going to Skype that I am the problem, I’m
    saying that is if I were one of those congressman or senators. So I I think
    in all honesty, he must be protected by God, he must be doing what the
    Almighty wants him to do. Because if he wasn’t, all the untraditional
    things and the tactless ways that he speaks, he would’ve been gone a long
    time ago. I love him. I don’t believe in being politically correct, I
    believe being politically correct ruined this nation, made us feel like we
    couldn’t tell the truth because we would hurt somebody’s feelings. Go
    Donald Trump, eight years. And I apologize if anything is up for
    interpretation I used voice to text, to write this. Technology is grand and
    awesome, but also dangerous. But in this case, Donald Trump use technology
    to start draining the swamp, and there’s no reason to think he won’t use
    technology to continue draining it. Go Donald Trump and go Skype.

  3. Yep, that was my first thought ‘set up’. Probably talking with insiders and
    Soros to organize protesters and ratchet up chaos.

    What’s more, Ryan is injecting insecurity by suggesting Trump needs to
    address economic crisis like Reagan and Obama.

    • Helios Seven It’s too bad that everyone of those congressmen/women &
      senators isn’t made to go under truth serum to see if they can be trusted.
      Ill bet a lot of secrets would come out. It would spare everyone from
      having to worry about these Ryan types getting in. They’d be told after
      coming out from the sodium pentothal to move on.

  4. I am royally pissed that my supposedly conservative Christian
    representative in the House once again voted for Paul Ryan. This is his
    third term of backstabbing his constituents, then spending the rest of his
    term trying to do good. In other words, go along to get along. I didn’t
    even vote for him last time, but knew he would win. I hope Trump exposes
    the real swamp that runs Congress behind the scenes.

    • seriouslynow22 Paul Ryan stayed as speaker with Trump’s blessings. If Ryan
      stabs Trump in the back you can be sure the stab will not connect and then
      bye bye that’s the end of Ryan. There will be no saving pvt Ryan at that

    • That is good news. Trump is smart, and I believe God’s hand is on him if
      God’s people continue in prayer. I strongly believe there will be attempts
      at a coup by the many Globalists in Congress, Democrats and RINO’s. If
      anything happened to unseat Trump and Pence, look who is 3rd in line. And I
      am still displeased at those weenies who voted for him.

  5. Historical releasing your tax returns and not benefitting directly from
    business deals happens as President but not crooked trump.

    • Trump makes his money from hotels and real estate. He probably has a
      cunning plan to make us all rich enough to afford expensive vacations so he
      can profit! If that’s financial rape, bring it on! It’s not like he makes
      his money by selling arms and munitions (LBJ and Bush) or drugs (Bush and
      Clinton). Luxury hotels are not WMDs.

    • +OWN we cuff​ He also owes 15 billion to banks which have an interest in
      stop the justice department investigation. Total amount of fines for
      ripping off American customers 12 billion dollars, you watch that case
      disappear and in the event it does, then the costs are coming out of your
      pockets. Trump actually made his money from federal money that his father
      acquired to build homes for Americans. The money was to give his father for
      a fixed return for building homes, instead he skimmed 8 million dollars off
      the top which he was fined for and why Trump jnr took over the company. As
      Trump would not piss on you or your children if they were on fire what
      makes you believe that a man open to blackmail would not start the fire in
      the first place.

  6. Seems like a power play to me. Ryan wants to gain prestige by showing Trump
    is at his beck and call. Trump should tell him, “If I want to tell you
    anything, I’ll order you to report to me at my office.”

    • lonestr1 he’s an idiot? He got to where he is by being an idiot? Maybe you
      should get your brain check up soon, there’s something going wrong in that
      cranium of yours and it ain’t good.

    • Alexander Kovesy thanks. you tell him. lot peoples like this guy. bet he
      don’t like working. because Trump going to making wrok.

  7. I keep hearing bad things about Paul Ryan but I really don’t know what he’s
    done can anybody let me know what he’s done