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Paused Disney Moments That Snuck By Kids! COMPILATION

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Disney movies may be catered towards children, but there are plenty of moments, jokes, and innuendo directed towards the parents. As a young child watches Disney films, it’s easy to get up in the songs, stories, and lively animation, but some of the more bizarre moments can be interpreted completely different than you ever expected. Thanks to digital HD copies, people are watching Disney films in a whole new light. This includes pausing specific frames, analyzing scenes, and capturing hidden moments that the animators never intended in the first place.

Watch to see some of these paused moments in all their glory. No Disney classic is left unturned as there are revealing moments from Disney classics like The Jungle Book, Cinderella, and Pinocchio. Modern Disney films may also feature these moments that can be misinterpreted. This includes Frozen, Aladdin, and Tangled among others. Each moment will make you rethink characters, story directions, and the way that animators truly felt about specific stories. The moments include sexual innuendo, controversial scenes, and characters showcasing expressions you may have missed the first time around. Some of these screenshots will make you laugh while others will make you reanalyze the whole movie and wonder if there was some secret message all along.

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  1. Cassidy golightly says

    I hope I’m not the only one who’s confused by the thumbnails

    1. Gaurdian Gamer says


    2. Victoria Perea says

      of course ur not alone……

  2. Bronopaly Gaming says

    I think I’ve seen this before

  3. elliot classen says

    Screenrant I hope u see this, u r awesome and plz keep uploading, I was wondering if one of your vids u could base around lion king

  4. Eleanor Gouldie says

    Why are there so many of these videos omg

  5. Mr.Mcmuddy says

    Yo that’s pretty gay

    1. Dog lover says

      At 2:23 it looks like may is humping someone

    2. Gaming-With- Luffy says

      Dog lover Or twerking to arouse Hercules

  6. Echo Magic :D says

    This is just ridiculous. The things they say does not make any sense. xD

    1. conor meade says

      Echo Magic 😀 like that chances are the jungle book 6 eye image is just part of a quick head turn

  7. Tawny Maes says

    these are all stretches

    1. Ceedubs Entertainment says

      Tawny Maes MASSIVE stretches. Anything looks funny when you pause it

  8. WolfXcitrus says

    This is desperate and sad, I like your videos but come on. If you have seen a months worth of videos from you guys you have seen them all.

  9. Baconzgamer _ says

    When Elsa inhales the smoke, it’s steam to clear her stuffed nose. Have you never had a cold before ScreenRant?

    1. Parker says

      Baconzgamer _ ya really. It was labeled. Like honestly

    2. Shaylin Ainsworth says

      Baconzgamer _ ikr how about he gets all the facts before he says stuff that isn’t true

    3. Kat Gamer says

      Baconzgamer _ Ikr they always say things that…aren’t what it actually is..

    4. Miles Wolf says

      3 numbers 420

  10. Ally .O says

    Like u if died comment if u survived

    1. Kay.Bay. Edits says

      I’m on a couch lol

    2. CrazyRanger 0 says

      i’m siting in a chair lol

    3. Daniel Hoskin says

      whats a bed

  11. Poshfully says

    Yes, the very small chance that a family will pause the movie at the very quick scene where Genie throws the Sultan under himself is a need for concern. Do you guys seriously watch the movies and constantly pause the movie until you see a weird face or movement and go, “Yes, we can sexualize this definitely.”

    1. Tyler Poulter-hall says

      Poshfully I do

  12. Toxiic Sheep says

    Uhm it wasn’t an accident with the 6 eyes or even put in there for theory. It’s a style of animation..

    1. Miles Wolf says

      Yeah screen rant IT’S FLIPpIN drawn animation

  13. InternetTroll16 says

    Your videos keep getting worse and worse. Yikes

    1. Cromwell Fluffington says

      InternetTroll16 agreed

  14. Kurubai says

    Do you know what smear frames are?
    Look them up, that’s what most of these are

  15. Chyna Duplessis says


  16. KosmicGames says

    I wonder if you realize these are all transitions from one animation frame to another

  17. Laco Janciar says

    scary, author must be really sick

  18. Cinthia Cardenas says

    John candy did not voice pacha. It was john goodman.

  19. Fairytale Gaming says

    Does it sound like “basterd” or is it just me? 28:12

  20. Asha Bharadwa (Student-SS) says

    “It’s probably one of the many reasons why Princess Jasmine fell for him.”

    Yes, because he could do weird things with his body. Very attractive.

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