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How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Benjamin Z says

    any other fifa you tubers that needs subs I would be happy to sub if I like
    your content

    1. Cherrie Horrobin says

      Benjamin Z subscribe to Kian Gee

    2. TBG360 Vlogs says

      Benjamin Z i subbed to u

    3. Sam _ says

      Benjamin Z i need subs

    4. Stormtrooper JKU says

      Benjamin Z sub for sub?

    5. Jesse Rees says

      Benjamin Z sub for sub

  2. stylianos constantinou says

    6:36 Lux was a bbva keeper you twat

    1. Frankie Badasspony says

      stylianos constantinou who cares he got casilla

    2. Darrell Garnham says

      stylianos constantinou


    3. Dylan McMillan says

      stylianos constantinou you’re a thick twat

  3. ElemoPlayz123 b says

    who else notices that the first pack in every draft is a good player?

    1. BrilliantBob says

      Elemo Jackson cuz the captain is always a good player.

    2. Wayne Pritchard says

      the captain is always good but not all the times yea i do notice 😉

    3. ryan langley says

      Elemo Jackson the first pack I get is always 99 messi

    4. Top Bin07 says

      ElemoPlayz123 b me

  4. alexander zervos says

    “I need a bbva keeper” lux appears and picks trapp

    1. MiniKick Start says

      alexander zervos exactly

    2. Susan Jackson says

      alexander zervos

    3. mrsaint9909 bte says

      alexander zervos

    4. Evan Smither says

      alexander zervos yeah your right

    5. Michelle Cullen says

      alexander zero pbc

  5. Sir ivan the gold ranger says

    on his 3rd draft he should’ve swapped Messi and Bale. Also swap Ronaldo and
    Neymar to get MSN

    1. Char Parker says

      Legend are awsome

    2. callum glavey says

      we get man of the match turn and I’m a man ??

  6. Gamer go wild says

    how do u make the crown

    1. krazi kaizer says


  7. Jae Watkins says

    McGregor intro!

    1. The master Of games says

      Jae Watkins ????????

    2. Aine Kearins says

      The master Of games ??????????????

    3. Aine Kearins says

      The master Of games ??????????????

    4. the siblings life says

      Aine Kearins 9okkkmmmmmm

    5. Desiree Akkari says

      the siblings life

  8. S Barclay says

    LIVERPOOL 10 i mean at the very end of the video with the white text on the
    black screen

    1. Jonas W says

      its w2s

  9. TheRedsPlayer 123 says

    When he pulled Neymar there was a add

    1. molly and friends LOL WORTH IT says

      TheRedsPlayer 123 N

    2. Cameron Rendell says

      TheRedsPlayer 123 when

    3. Isaac Hallam says

      TheRedsPlayer 123

    4. Snowball Snowball says

      TheRedsPlayer 123 yy

  10. It's Muffin Time! says

    All the Sidemen abuse their chairs.

    1. Isabel Bellando says

      It’s Muffin Time!

  11. Eya Jonas says

    Lux is a bbva keeper you idiet

    1. Gio Kai says

      spell idiot correctly next time (*_*)

    2. Claire Mcphillips says

      Eya Jonas is DEAD

  12. Match Attax Mania says

    What is the music at the Start called

    1. MIZ GAMES says

      Match Attax Mania the foggy dew

  13. freezer freeze says

    hey guys check my channel and pls subscribe

  14. Devin Lambert says

    Who’s watching this in 2017?

  15. The parkour bros GAMING says

    2:07 He got a legend

    1. The parkour bros GAMING says

      In the fifth choice

  16. Alphine Toxi says

    If you switched Neymar and Marcelo you would have gotten 100 Chemistry

  17. Woofybob says

    If you had switched Marcelo and Neymar, you might of had more chem

  18. Ale Wang says

    faster 10 million subs and w2s got the diamond play bottom

  19. FYRE STYX says

    Why does he always go onto LW OR RW And Think He’ll Get TOTY RONALDO OR

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