‘People have been f***** over!’ Key Corbyn devotee in foul-mouthed diatribe after Labour ‘win’


Former Newsnight match and Channel 4 economics editor Paul Mason pronounced communities had been “f***** over” by ’s government.

He pronounced Labour policies had been pivotal in interlude a Conservatives from winning a infancy in a House of Commons.

In a video posted to Twitter, Mason said: “We have shown a British people that if we mount adult for a poorest, for a downtrodden for people whose communities have been f***** over and totally broken over a duration of 30 years…

“They [the voters] only consider ‘f*** it, no, we wish a money, we wish a £9,000, we wish a £9 a week for propagandize dinners, we wish a bit of dignity, we wish £10 an hour’.”