Peter Thiel Goes Full Retard on Libertarianism


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Entrepreneur and self-proclaimed libertarian Peter Thiel made a bizarre statement to reporters outside the site of the Bilderberg conference in Dresden, Germany, claiming that the secretive group's lack of transparency was a good thing.

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    • Nah, Room 101 is when he betrays Julia, he says he doesn’t know what 2 + 2
      is when he’s being electrocuted.

    • +Theresa Buccola No no no, he’s being electrocuted to be broken initially,
      only in room 101 is he actually threatened with rats. Electrocution
      initially, rats later.

    • Ok Gentlemen, without checking further, I will stand corrected. I’ve read
      it twice, but it’s been awhile. I only remember the cage, and quite
      frankly, it’s too terrifying to open up and check again.

  1. He’s a good man. Look at what he has to say about college and building the
    future. He is also a Trump delegate

    • how can he be an authoritarian and a libertarian at the same time that
      makes no sense the two are polar opposites.

    • +GodBotherer1 democracy is bad period. Ideal government if there must be
      one is an aristocracy or monarchy. Democracy is communism light swiss
      democracy btw is terrible people have to stop what there doing and vote
      every month and they don’t get compensated for it. Sorry bud mass democracy
      is far worse then the shotty Democratic Republic we have in the states.

    • +GodBotherer1 I wouldn’t call Australia a monarchy its a problem with
      constitutional monarchy are neutered monarchy.

    • +Nick Cerce
      The corporations do control our political parties. Trade Unions do also.
      Party politics will always be dirty.
      But an absolute monarchy is dirty as gonzo porn, just look at Saudi Arabia
      for that proof.

  2. B-deet! B-deet! B-deet! That’s all folks! I think he was caught off guard
    being recorded with his boy-toy in tow.

  3. He flipped the entire argument Liberatarians make about privacy from the
    state for normal people on it’s head to justify secrecy for people who are
    effectively the state! I just don’t get why they even still meet at
    Bilberberg when everyone knows they go there? Do they just really dig the
    name so much, or do they have just such great service at that hotel?

  4. Person A – ”Earth isn’t flat just like 2 + 2 isn’t 5
    Person B – ”I don’t think you are right sir”
    ‘Background full of people clapping and cheering person B’