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Plan Of Action | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

As President I will put America FIRST! #TrumpIsWithYou

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  1. Lance Newell says


    1. Reckless Goddess says

      ladies first

    2. SuperSMT says

      as long as that lady is not Hillary

    3. Lance Newell says

      +D0J0P true dat

  2. John Gray says

    Donald Trump WILL make America great again. HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016 TRUMP

    1. Lance Newell says

      words of god

  3. Elliot Almqvist says

    Well what is the plan then?

    1. SuperSMT says

      Go watch the full speech… Look at his website…

    2. Elliot Almqvist says

      +SuperSMT Link please

  4. elsie merquita says

    your cracy mr trump you put america first. is that your stupid plan. your
    showing that you don’t know nothing about politics and the people of
    america. lol….. your non sense candidate.

  5. elsie merquita says

    you are NOT capable for being a president mr trump. you can not even single
    out what is your plan. you put america first? america is already first and
    great. don’t youKNOW that? you don’t even have an idea what you are going
    thru when you become a president. i think america is a laughing stock to
    any other great countries if you are the president…..and more bankcruptcy
    to follow if you are the president.. BAD!!!!!!!!!!

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