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Players vs Ball Boys ● Fights, Humiliation, Funny and Other ● HD

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Players vs Ball Boy Fight | Humiliation | Funny and Other

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Song: Tobu & Itro – Sunburst [NCS Release]



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  1. TheNolinator says

    The one that saved the dog is my hero of the video :)

    1. Jorge Padilla says

      That happened in my country “Bolivia” if you care i can find him+Meatloaf

    2. Cleο9 ComedyGames says

      +TheNolinator Stop being that guy, plz 🙂

    3. Albérto Einstein says

      +lalasam12345 dude even dogs carry their puppies from their necks

    4. shawnda corbin says

      TheNolinator I love you

    5. shawnda corbin says

      +Allahu Akbar fck you

  2. Brian Keith Jones says

    some of these ball boys deserved to be punched

    1. Ehsan huq says

      There’s a reason why there ball boys not football players

    2. George Bleming says

      It keeps the game funny and stuff..

    3. XLESUS 123 says

      I think it is hilariou

    4. XLESUS 123 says


    5. Ariyan Khan says

      go punch yourself

  3. Sergio Ramos says

    Joe Hart “Gimme the FUCKING BALL!!!!!”.

    1. Connor Ferrand says

      Gets me every time

    2. _kubusz1506 _ says

      +I jack off on titties,faces and asses No he doesn’t…

    3. I jack off on titties,faces and asses says

      +_kubusz1506 _ well he deleted one comment so i was right

    4. _kubusz1506 _ says

      +I jack off on titties,faces and asses But it was only a YouTube bug,
      sometimes it write 3 times.

  4. Adolfo Vazquez says

    The kid at 2:26 really pissed me off, what a disrespectful moron, qnd
    everyone in the crowd clapping and cheering for what he did, fucking crappy
    people! My respect to the player who remained calm.

    1. Grand Master Yoda says

      +Adolfo Vazquez i as talking about that player.

    2. the GBO gamer says

      i think it wasn’t his intention to do that tho i mean idk

    3. Ben Copsey says

      +Adolfo Vazquez My bad, I wasn’t speaking to you. I was speaking to Jack
      For some reason YouTube isn’t putting the name when I reply to a specific
      person from the video, so I assumed I was replying to you.
      It only puts a name when I reply from the google notifications.

    4. Adolfo Vazquez says

      +Ben Copsey Oh I see man!! Don’t you worry!! 🙂

    5. WS 9 says

      the one with Ronaldo pissed me off because he did it to annoy ronaldo but
      ronaldo just stayed calm and shook his head

  5. Станислав Петков says

    let’s admit it. We all came here thinking of hazard.

    1. Asan XIX says

      +nizam shukor me to

    2. StarZzHD says

      +nizam shukor the ball didnt want to give the ball all respect to Eden

    3. StarZzHD says

      +AndyPlayz- Minecraft ball boy*

    4. Yoran Verduyckt says

      +nizam shukor He did only hit the ball ?

  6. GermanFootball says

    There are only three normal ballboys in this video (i’m not sure whether i
    forgot anybody)
    1. The guy who saved the dog
    2. The Boy who celebrates with the team
    3. The Boy with Jogi Löw

    1. MrFelixify says

      Ball boys are suppurters of their teams. Of course they are going to help
      the team by slowing the game if they are in the lead when its 10 minutes

    2. Kristoffer bjørnbak says

      The one on the end

    3. Oseyi Moru says

      +Kristoffer bjørnbak yea

    4. Arham Ansari says

      One with sanchez

    5. NICK THE BIG says

      yes that’s right . and the last one ball boy in the video

  7. luchiboy says

    Ball boys should not have any bearing on the outcome of a match at all. If
    they delay a quick throw in they should be banned. This is professional

    1. SGT Norgan says

      tell that to the players

    2. poohead970 says

      And what about the players who are slapping an kicking the kids?

    3. luchiboy says

      Pat on the back, what else?

    4. Tom Nichol says

      +luchiboy oh shut up. They’re only kids

    5. luchiboy says

      Again… This is professional sport, no room for little fanboys to throw
      sideline tantrums cos their team is in a tight game. You don’t want any
      reason to blame the ballboys/girls for a loss. I’d chokeslam the little
      fuckers to teach them a lesson. Being a kid is not an excuse to have an
      impact on the outcome of a game. Otherwise they should stick spectating

  8. BeatJackersBox says

    why do some ball boys have to be such cunts

    1. BeatJackersBox says

      +Nice Boy loool

    2. MrFelixify says

      They support their local team. Most of them even play for the team youth
      academy. Honestly, i see nothing wrong with it. And it’s funny to watch,
      and make great youtube videos from it 🙂

    3. MrFelixify says

      They are volunteers mate. Salaries? lol. They are happy to watch the game
      for free.

  9. Vedad Hodzic says

    Ive heard that music 70 times already in football montages

    1. Miguel Rodriguez says

      no one asked you how many time you heard it

    2. Vedad Hodzic says

      +Miguel Rodriguez
      No one asked you to tell your worthless opinion.

    3. Tresh Talk says

      +Vedad Hodzic Exactly

    4. Harijs Borgs says


  10. TREMO says

    Without ncs it would be probably good video

    1. INSANE says

      i totally agree. had to mute the sound

  11. Xavi Xiang says

    The worst part is when the crowd applauds those boy balls. Those players
    shouldve kicked their heads off

    1. Keegan Watt says

      +Keegan Watt oh wait I get your comment now

  12. Cleο9 ComedyGames says

    I think ball boy must have more respect to the Players.. The one with Evra,
    deserves a punch in the face.. Anyway :)

  13. Mr Quack Man says

    These ball boys are jerks and sore losers because their teams are
    cacapoopoo and deserve to be sponsored by the got milk ad so quack them to

  14. Sotirios Spanos says

    Why don’t the ball boys just give them the ball? Anybody would get pissed
    if they didn’t.

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