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Police Now Arresting YouTubers for “Offensive” Videos

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UK police arrested a man for making a joke YouTube video about his girlfriend's pet dog being a Nazi.

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  1. HerbalNuggets says

    Then.. Shouldnt the quraan too be banned as hatespeech?
    It’s only fair.

    1. HerbalNuggets says

      +MGTOW Also about the career, I don’t have one, I’m currently on sickleave
      for my mental health issues. When I’m better I might become a teacher, then
      when I have children I think I will be a stay-at-home mom.

    2. El Señor vuestro Dios says

      Just to note, you know that Islam also follows the Old Testament? It’s
      similar to Christianity except that instead of revising to follow the
      ‘peace loving’ views of Jesus, they follow the ‘war mongering’ views of

      Islam built itself off the back of Judaism as did Christianity, it is why
      their Quran is a bit more lenient towards the Christians and Jews,
      believing that they are ‘misguided by false prophets as to Allah’s will’ as
      opposed to believing in false gods. They have the same God, they have the
      same Old Testament.

      I don’t actually know what the New Testament of Christianity says about
      homosexuality, probably something about “guiding them back to reason”. It
      doesn’t fit the overall theme of the New Testament to have them continue to
      follow the policy of ‘stone them with stones’ that the Old Testament calls
      them to.

    3. HerbalNuggets says

      +El Señor vuestro Dios The difference is; Christianity is reformed. They
      don’t go around killing people because the Bible says so.

    4. MGTOW says

      +El Señor vuestro Dios Christian’s follow God’s law not old Jewish law in
      parts of the old testament. Besides, Jewish law is man made law. God’s law
      says, “Thou shalt not kill”. <---- That's in the old testament.

    5. morganerr says

      exactly, inciting violence against non muslims.

  2. PhazonSouffle says

    Maybe the British Police should spend more time catching the Pakis who are
    grooming under age girls.

    1. Jack Hand says

      The British should put more effort preventing terror attack and solving
      violent crimes then wasting time prosecuting people for speech, views and
      opinions the current Political party does not agree with and the British
      people clearly do not have much freedom of speech if people are being
      arresting for a joke or any kind of speech.

    2. Gojira Beaver says

      PhazonSouffle ha like are police would do that are police are to Busy about
      eating mc Donald’s

    3. Raphael Aegis says

      It isn’t just pakis grooming under age girls phazon

    4. Sideways Plays says

      He said scottish

    5. Kiss Trading says

      Factually you are right but overwhelmingly across the UK it was found that
      predominantly Pakistani gangs were grooming young girls, not white British
      gangs. The police and media found out about it and deliberately hid it from
      the public until it slipped because they didn’t want to be considered
      racist. You fucking cretin.

  3. MrFang333333 says

    Disgusting violation of basic human rights.

    1. Rspsand07 says

      +alastermyst Oh, did the dog tell you what he said? No, that’s right, he
      uploaded the video for Neo-Nazis and ragheads to see.

    2. ZenosOsgorma says

      +Byeah Byeahington , its not Europeans its the European union ( a Politcal
      union thats out of control )

    3. Rspsand07 says

      +John Bon Jovie That’s not true by any standard.

  4. Hop The Border Productions says

    Isn’t it funny how any joke made about christianity never receives the Hate
    speech label but is instead celebrated?
    Should people asking themselves why one religion (islam) is protected while
    Christianity is Always hated?
    theres no excuse because every religion has done horrible things in the
    past so why is specifically christianity being singled out? Ponder this for
    a second while the world spirals deeper into a police state.

    1. Milania Leighton says

      Christianity isn’t protected because unlike Muslims, the Christians don’t
      take to the streets and start torching things on fire over anyone insulting

    2. Gooba Jungle Boy says

      because islam is demonic and so are leftists

    3. Abdulhadi Merza says

      Well I’m muslim I agree with you

    4. Elisa Castro says

      Hop The Border Productions Christianity is an ideology that can’t do
      anything because it isn’t a person. Also, MANY awful things were done in
      the name of atheism, the religion of radical egotist, yet it’s taboo to
      make fun of them or call them out, which is the same treatment Islam gets.

  5. Десничар says

    George Orwell called.
    He wants his 1984 back.

    1. Mathead says

      +Rod 1984
      Yeah. So? Mussolini used to be a communist. Even Hitler was for a short
      time. You guys have no clue, as it seems.
      Also, there’s a big difference between being a communist in a ‘communist’
      country and being a communist in a non-communist country. In the first
      case, chances are you’re (not you) just conformist, which is closest to
      being conservative.

    2. Rod 1984 says

      +Mathead “Mussolini used to be a communist. Even Hitler was for a short
      time.” and you have a source for that of course, from a non Marxist, non
      jewish source right…

    3. Mathead says

      +Rod 1984
      For Mussolini, it’s well know. As I can’t judge what is a ‘marxist’ or
      ‘jewish’ source to you, just google “mussolini communist” and pick your
      least marxist or jewish one. As to Hitler, infos are more rare, as his
      flirt with communism didn’t last long. There’s a photograph of him on a
      communist propaganda car from around 1919. Couldn’t find it right now but
      it was in a documentary I saw.

    4. Rod 1984 says

      +Mathead O.K, lets back up, and start again, i enjoy talking with people
      that are looking for the truth, a journey of the sane and reasonable is
      sought by rational people, if that is what you seek then it is good that
      our paths have crossed.

      Can i presume that, like me, i do not wish to waste my time, having to dig
      up sources that i may have researched 1-10 years (i find many subject
      facinating…) ago, would take considerable time, it would be wasted on
      someone who maybe unreasonable/illogical/unintelligent etc (i’m NOT saying
      that you are, i am quiet aware that i am more or less of average
      intelligence (when i went to school, those these days, it seem i might be a
      it above average. lmao.

      I’ve heard all kinds of things about A.Hitler, 99% are fabrications that i
      have looked into, i know little of B.Mussolini, i will have alittle look
      into your statement.

    5. doltBmB says

      1984 was 10 years ago

  6. Ishan Almazi says

    Is there anywhere in the world that is safe for free speech?

    1. Luke S says


    2. Ishan Almazi says

      +Luke sol RIP

    3. I King says

      +Ishan Almazi Freedom of Speech depends on the One who speaks it. Courage!
      is All it takes to speak Freely, Not Country’s Or Laws.

    4. Ishan Almazi says

      That’s a romantic attitude toward the concept.

    5. Alpha-Dog Trump says

      This is why you don’t let globalism get a foothold in your nation. They
      always bring with them censorship, and authoritarianism.

  7. Mary says

    Hey, I just had my Facebook account banned for 24-hours because I called
    Caitlyn Jenner a “freakasaurus”. I got a note from them saying it was
    considered “hate speech”, if you can believe it. Yet the PC group can
    call anyone who disagrees with them a “bigot” and a “racist” or a “Nazi”,
    and I guarantee that their posts are never banned. Just unbelievably

    1. Chante Moody says

      Wow, that’s completely silly of Facebook! So, if I call someone a doo doo
      face will I be accused of hate speech and bigotry against people will poor
      wiping skills? 😉

    2. theoriginalbadbob says

      +Chante Moody “Doo Doo Face” is OK; Poopy Face is OUT.

    3. Nonenowhere says

      I deleted my facebook accout. You should too.

  8. Christopher Boyum says

    Well there goes your “Free Speech”

    1. Chad B says

      Unless your Muslims..

    2. trolling-to-wake-you-up says

      +Chad B or any left standing liberal

  9. batmandeltaforce says

    What kind of lame peasants are you English cowards? Why would you allow
    your God damned government to kill free speech? Damn get some balls you
    weak bastards.

    1. Brandon Boos says

      +UnyieldingDefiance I hear the black markets are doing well this time of
      year. *cough*

    2. Dubious says

      The Scottish recently voted in a load of regressives so this was inevitable.

    3. Keith Murphy says


    4. Alpha-Dog Trump says

      It’s not like they can just head inside and grab their guns. Their
      governments neutered them generations ago. This lot was fucked before they
      were born.

  10. SonicandInuyasha says

    I hate the jews

    1. Pieter allen Master Blue says

      +FBI Sorry you don’t have the security clearance.

    2. dachou55cs says

      well … I hate the goyim too.

    3. Hampus Andersson says

      I don’t understand why anyone would hate Jews? I can see why the “hate”
      towards Islam exists but not the reason people hate jews

    4. Colin Smith says

      Anyone can hate anyone. This is the beauty of freedom.

  11. Iambic Pentameter says

    If George Orwell and Ray Bradbury were still alive today, they would be
    terrified that their prophesies are slowly manifesting.

  12. steve boshakis says

    C’mon in Paul, America will welcome you!

  13. shennandoah66 says

    Europe is the new China. Good luck to you guys.

  14. john mcintosh says

    Thought crimes, 1984. Since when did offending people become a crime?
    This police action offends me and I think they should arrest themselves.

  15. The Reflafitator says

    The thought police. Y’know, the thing about the handbook they’re using to
    control the world (1984) is that it’s a work of fiction. People aren’t
    going to put up with real life thought policing. They’ll revolt.

  16. d55 says

    The difference between the Scottish guy who was arrested and John cleese,
    is that John cleese is actually funny.

  17. Patrick Noe says

    Offensive my a$$

  18. Patrick Noe says

    these people cant arrest me for an opinion thats not a democracy if u get
    offended boo hoo

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