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Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Stoyan Zaimov for the Christian Post reports, Roman Catholic Church leader Pope Francis has said it is too early to pass judgment on U.S. President Donald Trump, and urged people to wait before criticizing him. At the same time, he also pointed out that populist leaders of the past, like Nazi Germany's Adolf Hitler, were also supported by the people.

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  1. Billie Little says

    While I am not a Roman Catholic I have always respected the Popes, and
    thought that this Pope was both intelligent, just and humane. However,
    after these comments I am flabbergasted. Why is the Pope not using his
    pulpit to go after terrorists and warmongers? Most of the countries in his
    own home continent of South America have been governed by corrupt after
    corrupt government. Governments that have included death squads, torture,
    loss of personal freedoms, exploitation etc. Why isn’t he speaking out
    about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and in African
    countries. The world is full of so many very serious problems child
    trafficking, slave labour, hunger, disease, so much human misery and he
    comes out to criticize Trump? Equating the man with the most vile of all
    dictators is he insane.? Where are the harsh words for corrupt dictators?
    Those who live in the lap of obscene luxury while their people starve.
    Sorry Pope Francis guess you forgot the one about ” Judge not others lest
    ye be judged.”

    1. Sigkim says

      +raul Busters “so he should be more like….you?” Did I ever elude to this?

      “just for curiosity..are u an evangelical leader of a church”.

      Nope, just a pew sitter.

      “that would explain a lot..:!!!” Im sure it would but not not in the
      context you would contend im sure.

      “When you speak truth, “they” will attack you, because “they”, cant attack
      the message”. ~Pastor Jay Juan~

      I notice you have no rebuttal to what is contended in the above comments.

      Maybe that should be a “clue”, and give you food for thought as to why you
      chose to not rebut, but are only seeking to probe the messenger.

      Again, seek information for yourself about the vatican in an unbias manner,
      and you too will find many truths.

      The choice is yours, do as you please.

    2. Cecilia Wimberly says

      Billie Little Never will I leave the Catholic Church with such a a vulgar
      and immoral man.

    3. Sigkim says

      +Cecilia Wimberly What? You may want to try stating your comment again.

    4. tubeyerself2 says

      Trump was also educated in a Jesuit school, ….just saying?

  2. warrior messiah says

    Donald trump is getting criticized and hated. Jesus Christ was criticized
    and hated…

    1. DeVries M.F. says

      Eileen Barr + If you want see the light, is best to start in the darkness.
      Maybe because I was in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and in some Islamic
      country’s? Please don’t forget your oppressed sisters, protest as loud
      against islam, as you do against Trump, and if you have a chance, please do
      go to countries, where they stone woman to death as a reward for being
      raped, or where they think it’s OK to wed girls of 9, or throw acid at them
      if they don’t want to be forced married. Then when GOD asks you what you
      have done to help them, just say; :”I protested against Trump” GOD will

    2. Sigkim says

      +Subliminal …….go on.

    3. Black Sheep says

      Donald Trump is Jesus?

    4. Sigkim says

      +Black Sheep NO, but he is The Boss:)

  3. Vlasta Molak says

    Pope Francis was silent when Argentinian fascists were murdering people,
    just as he is silent NOW when Muslims are murdering Christians. Pope is
    also defending the totalitarian, supremacist, apartheid and imperialistic
    IDEOLOGY of Islam and promoting Muslim invasion of Europe. Pope Francis is
    DESPICABLE and should resign immediately or perhaps Catholics should force
    him out. He certainly does not belong into leadership of the Catholic

    Perhaps this Pope Francis likes Islam as Islam condones pedophilia
    marriages and boys molesting but condemns adult homosexuality…

    1. Zachary Van Dress says

      Broussard’s Trinkets I’ll take your word on Gutenberg. You are wrong about
      the Latin. it was never a bone of contention as a matter of fact there is
      still Latin Masses today and it wasn’t changed to the language of the
      country till Vatican two. even when I was a little kid I knew what the
      Latin Mass was saying in English so I don’t think it was any different for
      people in the past. the Catholic Church used Latin because it was the
      language of the people back when the church started. all romance languages
      came from the Latin language. the Bible was translated into other languages
      well before Martin Luther came along.

    2. Sheeple Nomore says

      Zachary Van Dress the Catholic Monestary near me does all masses in Latin.

    3. Zachary Van Dress says

      +Sheeple Nomore there’s nothing wrong with that the Latin mass is still
      valid. Just about every Parish I know of still does the Latin Mass along
      with English.

    4. Vlasta Molak says

      I was taught Latin in my math and Science High school in a Communists
      country, which was considered a basis for teaching other languages as many
      words in the Western world have origin in Latin, especially Romanic
      languages, syc as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and
      Romanian…German and English also have numerous Latin words…

    5. Chico Blue says

      Vlasta Molak did you help them to murder people

  4. Gilda Marlowe says

    Pope Francis seems to obsess about non-religious concerns -perhaps this is
    why many people have lost interest in the teachings of the Church. I know
    many who have deserted the Pope (I have no info about the people removing
    themselves from the religion itself). I do not like this Pope. He is an
    Hispanic who–in my opinion- cares more about people in South America who
    have drifted away from Catholicism for Pentacostal dogma than he actually
    cares about Catholicism and its teachings.

    1. Gilda Marlowe says

      People can still read what I typed and why the f—- you have deleted my
      remarks and continue to do so is ridiculous and makes me wonder why I
      bother. I have seen many vulgar & stupid posts that have gone undeleted.

    2. Subliminal says

      Sorry, I did because I didn’t like your comment.

  5. Gary Bell says

    THE DEVIL IN A WHITE CLOAK!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Gary Bell white is black to the jesuit.

  6. Ella Garden says

    Pope Francis is a communist !!! He is with globalist !!! He is against Mr.
    Trump and American people who vote for change !!!

    1. Blue Sphere says

      NO D wow…..the bible says people know the truth by HEARING it not by
      fancy things made by human hands. you might want to look into Jewish
      culture a bit more as well.

    2. NO D says

      Blue Sphere : As Paul reminded the Church witnessing at Rome, it is faith –
      not truth – that comes by way of hearing it proclaimed (‘truth’ is
      perceived in other ways, Isa 11 : 3 et al, and divine truths come by the
      Spirit, 1 Cor 2 : 14).
      ‘Faith then cometh by hearing; and hearing by the word of Christ.’ Rom 10 :
      Writing down the Song prescribed in Deut 31 : 19 did not refer to writing
      out the whole of the Law (let alone each the texts accepted by the various
      Jewish groups as ‘all scripture’). In the rabbinical – and Pharisaic –
      customs, this obligation chiefly related to the Tefillin and Mezuzah texts
      (to wear or to place at home, and kiss lovingly as ritual prescribed), cf.
      Mishnah Torah: The Book of Love, Matt 3 : 5. Yes, I do know a fair amount
      about ancient Jewish culture – and modicum of its current applications ..
      from Ultra-Orthodox to liberal reform; most Jews (not least those of the
      Land, and Galilee not least) held the full texts in common (learning, by
      heart, a passage at the Synagogue school); it was the individual rich man
      who bought the scrolls for himself (and presumably held them secure, as
      something holy to God – not like scrolls of a cheap novel or a very
      expensive history) .. but even there, the idea of interpreting these holy
      texts according to one’s own individual fancy did not arise, Acts 8 :
      26-40, cf the Beroeans, who studied the received texts as a body, to test
      the spirit of Paul’s witness.

      ‘Now these were more noble than those in Thessalonica, who received the
      word with all eagerness, daily searching the scriptures, whether these
      things were so.’ Acts 17 : 11.

      But note well the Lord’s warning on those who scour the texts but who
      neither know the Scriptures nor the power of God:, Jhn 5 : 39-40.

    3. Blue Sphere says

      NO D thankyou for your long reply. but a person can only have true faith by
      knowing the truth. people have faith in all sorts of pagan religions. i
      think you miss the point of that passage. yes faith by hearing but they
      hear the truth and have faith in God.

    4. NO D says

      +Blue Sphere And I do thank you for your courtesy (it is a rare treat in
      the tangles of the web-world). Sadly, no, Blue, truth and faith are not
      always intimately linked; though I readily grant you that true faith must
      be linked to the truth .. because it is true. Reason and Faith, for sure,
      are not inimical but are interdependent .. this is true even of the heathen
      (hence they can have no excuse before God for irrational faith or faithless
      reason), not least in judgments based not on appearance but on right
      judgment, Jhn 7 : 24*.

      ‘For the invisible things of Him, from the creation of the world, are
      clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; His eternal
      power also, and divinity: so that they are inexcusable.’ Rom 1 : 20.

      God bless you, and do keep up the sterling witness to the Lord .. for there
      is no other Name than His by which we are saved.

      * That witness alone should put Pope Francis and his cronies to shame,
      alas, it does not; God knows why; and we also can see it unfold before our
      eyes .. so we too are without excuse, Jhn 14 : 30 – in fact our Adversary
      has been at work among the saints with extra vigour for the last 100-200

    5. Christine Poinsard says

      He is an Illuminati

  7. TheIrishRock says

    I am catholic, but this pope is so overtly anti Christian and
    contradictory, that I now have deep reservations about my whole faith. This
    pope attempted to influence the American election, this pope kisses the
    feet of so called refugee’s, has he kissed the feet of ISIS members? This
    pope states “It is unchristian to build walls” Yet this pope lives behind
    massive walls. This pope makes no mention of Israel’s wall. In essence this
    pope is pro world government and is in league with globalist scum, this is
    not in line with Christian theology, this is in fact Satanism!!!!

    1. Tesla Tom says

      You’re a moron . Why don’t you knock down the wall of you own house if you
      think I there should be no walls . ? Why should any museum for instance
      have any walls at all or gates or doors ….Walls keep thieves out you
      fuckwit . If the Vatican had no walls , every single object in it would be
      robbed and defiled within hours , you cretin

    2. TheIrishRock says

      Well, ive read some imbecilic replies on Youtube, but yours is unique.
      First of all it makes no fucking sense, your raise a stupid analogy that
      also makes no sense. But seeing that I respond to each and every comment
      directed at me, ill also address this comment. Quote “Walls keep thieves
      out” Yes they do, The Vatican’s walls aren’t there to keep thieves out,
      those walls were built to keep out pirates and marauders going back a
      thousand years. The modern day walls that Israel has built aren’t there to
      keep out thieves either, they were built to prevent attacks by militants
      from the Palestinian side. Trump wants a wall to keep out modern day
      pirates, terrorists(muslims) and a host of other marauders… So I suggest
      you at least try to comprehend the post you are commenting on… To make it
      easier for you to understand, try this. LEGOLAND walls are not built to
      keep thieves or anyone else out, they just happen to be built. Now go away
      and try again you fucking cretin.

    3. Tesla Tom says

      The Irish Rock

      ” Well, ive read some imbecilic replies on Youtube, but yours is unique. ”

      Yes it is . I can spell ‘ I’ve ‘ and it is filled with something yours
      lacks ..truth .

      ” First of all it makes no fucking sense, ”

      Yes, because taking down a Vatican wall exposing it to thieves makes no
      sense . I suppose your local off-licence should do the same , after all ,
      no-one would touch the booze right ? you Irish twat !

      ” your raise a stupid analogy that also makes no sense.”

      Yet I’m still waiting on you proving that ?

      ” But seeing that I respond to each and every comment directed at me, ill
      also address this comment.”

      I can’t wait . ( and it’s spelt ‘ I’ll ‘ )

      ” Quote “Walls keep thieves out” Yes they do, The Vatican’s walls aren’t
      there to keep thieves out, those walls were built to keep out pirates and
      marauders going back a thousand years.”


      ” The modern day walls that Israel has built aren’t there to keep out
      thieves either, they were built to prevent attacks by militants from the
      Palestinian side. ”


      ” Trump wants a wall to keep out modern day pirates, terrorists(muslims)
      and a host of other marauders…”

      You dumb twat . I voted for Trump . I love that wall . It’s your DUMB
      criticism of the Vatican wall that’s ridiculous .

      ” So I suggest you at least try to comprehend the post you are commenting

      There isn’t a thought in your head I couldn’t comprehend kid

      ” To make it easier for you to understand, try this. LEGOLAND walls are not
      built to keep thieves or anyone else out, they just happen to be built.”

      EH ? All the more reason to keep the Vatican walls

      ” Now go away and try again you fucking cretin.”

      Go away and learn to spell you Irish twat !

  8. Saiz says

    The office of the pope is the false prophet. He calls himself the vicar of
    the Son of GOD. And yet, he does NOT know who the Son of GOD is.

    1. Josee Soul says

      chriskb12350 HATER

    2. Saiz says


    3. Carol Middleton says

      Amen !

    4. Carol Middleton says

      True..How-ever in any system there is always a leader..

    5. James Snow says

      He will tho one day. We all will

  9. Paul Masgalajian says

    I never cared much for this pope for two reasons. First, contrary to what
    the Vatican would have you believe, he is a LIBERAL. Second, he’s a JESUIT.
    If you are a Catholic, then you need to pray for your church.

    1. vR 7evyn says

      no i am not one of them. i am jewish, for your information. lol.

    2. vR 7evyn says

      the pope is a sham, read my comment saying “you wanna get educated real
      quick?”. actually read it before you retort

    3. Shirley Cranfill says

      I never cared for him after I read about the horrific part he played in
      Argentina’s dirty wars.

    4. Chico Blue says

      Paul Masgalajian well all Christianity churches under principal of the
      Catholic church

  10. jimoconnor76 says

    Gary, Francis I is the False Prophet. The prophecies of LaSallette, proves
    Francis I is the False Prophet. See Dan chapter 10:3 (what he is doing to
    Holy Communion)
    Trump is the Modern Cyrus the Great, Isaiah chapter 45. God bless

    1. jimoconnor76 says

      Carol Middleton please tell me

    2. Carol Middleton says

      You are correct..I perhaps was a little muddled.Thank you for the
      insight..Correction is a good thing..How else do we learn from
      mistakes..especially from the word of our beautiful savior Yehoshua..

  11. Jim LaGuardia says

    I am an avid Christian, and I would never sully myself by stooping to the
    level of the Catholic Church, which has committed horrific atrocities all
    over the world for almost 2000 years – the Inquisitions, the Crusades, the
    Pedophila, etc. They are socialists and globalists.

    1. ariesred777 says

      I believe in the teachings of many sage’s throughout human history.All
      speaking about universal love.Not just about our immediate environment.

    2. Zachary Van Dress says

      +ariesred777 Christianity is All About Love. Love of God and love of your
      neighbor. People can be unhappy that’s part of being human. You talk of
      love and peace that is what you’re after but nobody in this world truly
      attains that. Our Lord and savior said as much.

    3. jsilence418 says

      ariesred777 do you believe ( interesting word) in the school of thought
      that maybe instead of commenting on religion on a YOUTUBE post, you
      actually get a life and live it ?

    4. ariesred777 says

      No school.I believe in freedom of thought and everyone has there own
      beliefs and opinions.Respect for differences through
      understanding.Yes,there is more to life than YOUTUBE,isn’t there?!

    5. Chico Blue says

      Jim LaGuar stopping

  12. marianne carlson says

    Pope Francis is an antichrist pope…look at what he has said in the
    past..All his words are the complete opposite of what the holy bible
    teaches.. He is an antichrist Pope.

    1. Carol Middleton says

      He says not to pray to Jesus Christ ..That that practice is dangerous !!to
      come to the( pedophile) priest instead..

    2. Chico Blue says

      marianne carlson you don’t under stand the Catholic

  13. Anna Forhisglory says

    i hope he never steps foot in us.

  14. truckeemick says

    jews have long infiltrated the Vatican and this so called pope francis
    looks like a jew to me.

  15. Sten-Åke Dahl says

    Hey pope make no mistake the muslims will kill you too like they have
    killed countless of christians

  16. Franz Fischer says

    Francis is a socialist. He should invite Bernie Sanders as his personal

  17. Black Sheep says

    Trump is the Antichrist you morons

  18. Gummy Deer says

    He is ignorant about God. He is a coward and a self righteous moron.

  19. Juan Martinez says

    Saco de plomo Argentino

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