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“Pretty Little Liars” Returning for Season 8? | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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Would costars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario and more come back for more "PLL"? Find out why things could be totally different after season 7!

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"Pretty Little Liars" Returning for Season 8? | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Matt Cullen says

    I’ve got a new channel full of dance videos, vlogs, and cooking videos!
    Would love for you all to check it out and let me know what you think of it

  2. emonjoaah says

    LMAO shay is def the only one interested in continuing on the show.. Lucy,
    Troian and Ashley are clearly over the show and want to move on to other
    things… annoyed that troian said that “most” of the major story lines
    will be answered.. if marlene tries to continue unsolved stories into a new
    season with new cast..well there goes the ratings even more. Only way
    season 8 would work if it was Ali’s lost years, and the original cast can
    make cameos so they don’t have to dedicate a full filming schedule since
    clearly their over it.

    1. Ballas&Hough Love says

      Absolutely. Troian’s been kinda done for a while, if the show happens to
      continue, i don’t see Troian or Lucy coming back as regualrs on the show.
      They’re more than ready to move onto other projects.

    2. Rachel Oriuwa says

      +Ballas&Hough Love troian has her heart set out on directing, producing
      etc. but they’ve been doing it for SEVEN YEARS they deserve a break

  3. LJ Figueroa says

    I think pretty little liars is going to end, and they are continuing in
    Emilys perspective with a different story that somehow relates a little bit
    with the pll one.

    1. MeTooTho says

      Sasha I have no idea how she feels about it but I would love a emison

  4. Karoli Quijada says

    Why they keep saying “the end as fans know it” damnnnn

  5. It's Care Bear says

    I can’t watch another season the waiting 4 answers things is starting 2
    rlly annoy people

  6. Sara Pollly says


  7. Owen Santana says

    They should do a spinoff of Sarah Harvey

    1. DailyHart's says

      she’s dead

    2. Victoria Odegaard says

      +DailyHart’s that would be one short spinoff XD

    3. Victoria Odegaard says

      +Tessa AuClaire a tv series based on a previous series that stars a
      specific character… Usually a fan favorite…

  8. natalie jones says

    i am so, so, so sick of hearing the end “AS WE KNOW IT” anyone else?

  9. vanna tinker says

    I will tell you this if pll stops I will never watch anything on ABC family

  10. Jasmine Payne-Freeman says

    Lol either say yes or no hopefully yes but with the same cast because
    otherwise there wouldn’t be any point

  11. Baby Doll (SwaG) says

    Keegan is funny

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