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  1. TheSwoleNurse says


  2. TheSwoleNurse says

    Them arm vains though. Us nurses dream about veins like that!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +TheSwoleNurse haha so I have been told! 😀

  3. Anabolic Aliens says

    Awesome way to do pin press if your gym doesn’t have the proper setup!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Anabolic Aliens Thanks Eric! Great job filming!

  4. Mathias Bekele says


    1. Mathias Bekele says

      +ScottHermanFitness no I haven’t but I’m sure it’s dope. I have been
      lifting for 5 years have my routine down! Keep the positive and honest
      instruction coming man. Wish you best of luck with everything!

    2. cesar koy says

      i agree

  5. Elation Fitness says

    Looking pumped AF !!!!!
    One explosive exercise I like to do is superman pushups. They are one heck
    of a killer exercise and it forces you to make sure you make the rep, or
    you break your nose :P

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +JPdestro haha dude those are insane!!

    2. Samuel Alfred Fairbrass says

      +ScottHermanFitness How many years have you been training? You have some
      great gains

  6. Cuts n' Shreds says

    scott herman ur my fav shredded monkey!

    1. Cuts n' Shreds says

      +ScottHermanFitness no

  7. Y00N says

    regulah bahbell bench press

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Richard Yoon Damn right! You have the accent too 😀

  8. Edenilson caballero says

    You sound like Arnold sometimes

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Edenilson caballero Do I look like him too?? 😀

    2. Edenilson caballero says

      +ScottHermanFitness almost there Scott, almost there

  9. Cris Martinez says

    Looks like a nice gym but aso looks really crowded

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Cris Martinez Yeah this was a busy time!!!

  10. Samuel Alfred Fairbrass says

    I have a question, everytime i exercise the triceps, on my left arm I get a
    tingling pain at the back, do you know why this is?

    1. Samuel Alfred Fairbrass says

      Ok will do, thanks mate

  11. Jake Lennon says

    I love how in these videos you see everyone in the background just messing
    around laughing and stuff, not really getting a whole lot done. But You are
    just the opposite, you don’t mess around you are all business, getting it
    done! And the workout, KILLER! Awesome as usual! Couldn’t wait to see the
    Psycho crunches in a workout!!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Jake Lennon haha yeah man I am in the gym to do the business! haha.

  12. Heavy Lifter says

    why suddenly the boston accent??? cringe

    1. albertolinguini says

      +S Don yeah it’s annoying af. He passes for natty and his accent passes for

    2. tcfreestyler123x says

      +S Don The Boston accent is infectious. Literally if you spend a couple
      days around some people from Boston your accent randomly starts to change!
      It is weird and cringe worthy though i agree.

    3. ScottHermanFitness says

      +S Don Watch my 800,000 subscribers video.

    4. albertolinguini says

      +S Don So u don’t have to watch the 800k video. His reason to why he has a
      Boston accent was “he was masking it the entire time”. Yet now that the
      accent is “unmasked” it sounds so cringe and so unnatural in comparison to
      people who actually have the Boston accent.

    5. Heavy Lifter says

      +ScottHermanFitness lol ok. just did.

  13. jason75 says

    Hey did you lose strength, while you where sick

    1. Roof1975 says

      +jason75 He probably lost a bit, but it comes back fast.

    2. ScottHermanFitness says

      +jason75 Yes I did, but I am working my way back up!

  14. Colossus Fitness says

    Damn son… 900,000 subs.. congrats brother. Bring on 1mil!

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +Colossus Fitness Thanks guys, getting closer!!!

  15. TheGainsGoblin says

    I can’t take the accent…

    1. ScottHermanFitness says

      +TheGainsGoblin Then leave. Easy 🙂

  16. X1OAFREED0M says

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I found I could press a lot more weight
    using the pin press vs the bench press.

  17. Gee ALSAQER says

    now we have A&B are we gonna mix both in one routine?? or each individual?

  18. TiestoXblend says

    u look like harvey spector btw ???

  19. Chris Kotsopoulos says

    Hey, Scott

    I find when I only leave 30 seconds (or anything than less than 2-3
    minutes) in between sets of 8-10 reps that my reps decrease drastically.
    Should I be decreasing the weight as I go to make sure I still hit 8-10

    1. Austin Hively says

      I don’t mean to speak for him but in a lot of his videos he mentions
      dropping weight in order to keep reps.

    2. Chris Kotsopoulos says

      Thanks for your reply!

    3. AddiktedX says

      I would say it depend tho if your dropping from 10reps to fucking 2 reps
      drop the weight ! But if your doing 6-7 just keep the weight keep training
      with it and in 2-3 week you’ll hit 8reps and keep going like that til you
      can execute all the rep and serie in the desire range

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