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Quantum Physics Confirms: Consciousness Creates Reality!

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. 真善美 TruthLoveBeauty says

    We are holographic beings created by holographic consciousness, living in a
    holographic universe. Like a dreamer in a dream, until awakening to the
    dream nature of life.

    1. nickolasgaspar says

      +Oscar Jones first all all, you have this urban misconception myth about
      the left-right brain functions. You need to update your “Neuroscience”.
      Secondly you need to understand that……OBSERVISING IS NOT SEEING!
      Most of our scientific knowledge about nature have been gathered through
      observing causal mechanism….not through by looking!pls look up the
      differences on those two.
      Be default you can only go as far as empirically falsify hypotheses on
      descriptive frameworks allow you to! Its is called the Demarcation
      Criteria, and its the only way to evalute the truth value and epistemic
      connectedness of an idea. You need to evalute metaphysics before using them
      as a knowledge platform for future knowledge conqest , or else you will
      drift away in woo!
      Do you actually have a real life example of a non naturalist, unfalsifiable
      concept ever becoming part of our scientific knowledge and understanding of
      nature? One example of mystical knowledge that is used to provide causal
      descriptions, predictions and technical applications that has lead us to
      further knowledge discovery? One example is all that is needed and you have
      a case

    2. Lachlan says

      +Oscar Jones you mean more than absolutely nothing? thats pretty surprising
      tbh. I bet one of the kids called another kid a wanker once, really rots
      their brains. dont get me started on math, though! God, the evil!

    3. Lachlan says

      +Oscar Jones i hope you realise you came into an argument halfway through
      happening and are now telling us to stop. Mind your own business if you
      have that attitude

    4. nickolasgaspar says

      +Oscar Jones why are going to the extreme side of the belief spectrum. D o
      you really think that a mediocre position will appear or sound better when
      compared to a fundamental religious belief? Dude I never said that you must
      not have an opinion. I only point out that people should be educated
      scientifically and philosophically before polluting others with false ideas
      and distorted notions.

  2. Jay B says

    I don’t trust Atoms; they make up everything.

    1. hintzofcolorconcepts says

      they appear to have a great imagination

    2. david5372 says

      It’s like the Buddhist monk, walking up to a hot-dog stand: “Make me one
      with everything”….

    3. Emily Hope says

      Jay B lol v good ?

    4. Emily Hope says

      david5372 ?? i love it

  3. Teresa Kerr says

    Are there subliminal messages in this video? I hear something in the

    1. fruitfulbliss says

      +The Official Riscatak I hear a woman’s voice in the background as well
      around 8:39. The video was great but we ought to know if there are
      subliminals behind it and what’s being said. And if they are
      good/beneficial, then why hide this fact??

    2. Joshuma Cavanagh says

      +fruitfulbliss hey i listened to it closely and it says “audio jungle”
      which turns out to be a company on the internet that sells music and helps
      you make audio programs

    3. BAHMAN RASOOL says

      all those are nothing just nonsense and shits..i previously believed those
      nonsense words but now refuse all of them..it just comes bad luck to you.

    4. ThriveWithLouise says

      yep its audio jungle music lol i heard that too

    5. Richard Jones says

      we are being programmed to start the fruitfly cult…..long live the

  4. cosmobondo 2626 says

    the universe is my mind, and my mind is the universe. Lu Xiangshan

    1. nickolasgaspar says

      +THE LEGEND OF SCOTTIE FLAME$ life or reality?

    2. David Belcher says

      You think Life is weird….compared to what??

    3. david5372 says

      IMHO, it would seem that, objectively speaking, “Weird” is a personal
      opinion — just like “bad”, “good”, “right” and “Wrong”….
      That is, what is weird for one, may be normal for someone else.

    4. Edmond Cohen says

      There is only 01 quantum Leap between the I, and Thou.

  5. Stephen Sims says

    You have no idea what universal heat death is, do you? You don’t understand
    entropy for sure. Please stop trying to use science to prop up ANYTHING
    unquantifiable. Your merging myth with a spattering of physics and a whole
    lot of psychology. You keep using language that is intended to coerce your
    audience into blindly thinking that your pseudoscience is somehow
    quantifiable. A grain of truth to help them swallow the spoonful of
    bullshit. You straight up discuss reincarnation and energy healing as
    though they are proven. You dare feed people this snake oil? Shame on you.

    1. CL Rbg says

      Maybe what they mean is from the previous generation line. The
      reincarnation bit lost me.

    2. rosenti says

      You created your own future through the sheer fact of Free Will.
      You should read some Buddhist Teachings. Ying.Yang.

    3. Stephen Sims says

      rosenti I was raised Christian, encouraged to find the truth for myself,
      found Wicca, then general paganism, then Satanism (not the kind of nonsense
      monotheists whine about), and eventually gave up on anything that can’t be
      proven. Proven, not just believed in. Faith is not proof. I have trained
      for the last six or seven years in Shaolin kung fu, I know plenty about
      Siddhārtha Gautama. I know he was a good man, he helped to pioneer
      meditation for countless future generations, and encouraged just as many to
      look inward for meaning and morals. You also have to look at his teachings,
      and how people cherry pick things they want to do or not. Like how he said
      to make no graven images of him because he wasn’t a god, but you see how
      that turned out. My point is, using a smidgen of science to push utter
      metaphysical nonsense is just as bad as a late night pastor giving away
      “holy” anointed oil that cures diseases and being poor. The reason you see
      this stuff here on YouTube, and not in science journals, is because it’s a
      load of malarkey. You say you want me to learn about the Buddha, well how
      about those that buy into this stuff, learning about physics and chemistry?
      Darn well proven and quantified fields of study that don’t ask you to
      simply believe.

  6. An artist theory on the physics of 'Time' as a physical process. Quantum Atom Theory says

    Conscious awareness in the form of electrical activity within the brain as
    the most advanced part of this universal process that is aware of its own
    electrical potential. Therefore we can comprehend this process from the
    centre of our own reference frame as ‘Time’ with a past that has gone
    forever and an uncertain future that only exists as a probability wave
    function. Only ‘the moment of now’ is real for the individual within this
    process of continuous change. The flow of Time as a process of continuous
    energy exchange and our consciousness as a stream of unbroken ever-changing
    flow of ideas, feelings!, dreams!, hopes!, perceptions! and emotions are
    interlinked. In this theory each individual is at the forefront of creation
    in ‘the moment of now’ within the centre of their own reference frame being
    able to look back in time in all directions at the beauty of the stars. The
    Universe is a continuum with the unity and oneness that can only be formed
    out of one universal process that forms a potential infinity of
    possibilities with creation in the hand and eye of the beholder!

    1. Miss Dhara says

      Read these books by Jane Roberts: SETH SPEAKS, and THE NATURE of PERSONAL
      REALITY. Seth spearheaded all of this. But no one wants to give Seth
      credit, because most people are not ready for Seth and/or fear him. ALL
      organized religions are shams man made stories to explain what they could
      not understand.

  7. wisdom says

    Consciousness create reality? or the only reality is consciousness?☺

  8. akamaster09 says

    if consciousness creates reality does it create it self?

    1. Teri June says

      Akamaster09. Good question or maybe a God question! While this video, is
      very helpful, by leaving God out of the equation, it suggests that we are
      Gods of our own universe. Max Planck and several other founding pioneers of
      Quantum Physics were clearly struck by the idea that above or
      surrounding our consciousness is a Higher Consciousness, in which we live,
      move and have our being!. Max Planck was only one of several
      brilliant physicists who alluded to this in the following quote: “As a man
      who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the
      study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this
      much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by
      virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and
      holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume
      behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This
      mind is the matrix of all matter. ” Max Planck, Father of Quantum Physics.

    2. drwolfevileye says

      Yea good question!

    3. Creamy Gudkid says

      Yh.. Consciousness is simply creation inhibiting within itself..

    4. Shailesh Kumbhar says

      apply the first law of thermodynamics

  9. oosveluzo levso (1800levso) says

    the universe is the universe and it does not need a human or anything to
    exist, we are part of it, not the other way, quantum physics is not fully
    understood by humans, humans believe in random, because humans are lazy and
    do not want to be overwelm by reality, every single grain and every single
    particle has it’s own life and destiny, we are nothing special and we do
    not create the universe or anything around us. but we exist on it.
    multiverse? higher dimension? really? time is linear it cannot be bent, go
    back or forward, it’s a constant present, same for other realities, matter
    has been decided and is not created by being observed, poor scientist are
    confused by reality which they call random to something that is not, random
    does not exist on nature and that is a fact. a wave of possibilities is a
    joke to nature, it only exist on human’s lack of knowledge. you don’t
    believe me? just wait and see how everything changes on what we believe
    today on what is a fact tomorrow.

  10. Mark Warner says

    This is just not true, at least not totally. I know of circumstances with
    people who for many years their thought process was that of doom and
    physical destruction. This person believed for many years that they would
    develop a terminal illness and would die at an early age. They were
    basically like a hypochondriac and anytime they felt something weird in
    their body, they were convinced they were dying. Needless to say after
    reaching the age of 94 this person then realized that all these fears that
    were created within their own mind was just that, irrational fears that
    never led to nothing. Obviously this persons negative thoughts which
    started from childhood, and their belief that they would develop some type
    of disease never did come to fruition, at least not until they reached the
    ripe old age of 94. So this idea that we shape our world and that we create
    our own reality by our thoughts is not totally accurate. There have been
    many people who thought the worst, but then were surprised when things went
    better than expected. I myself have been there and had these experiences on
    many occasions. Conversely, there have been people who were positive as
    hell, fearless daredevils who believed they were indestructible, only to
    discover that they were diagnosed with a life threatening illness at only
    the age of 39.

    1. Creamy Gudkid says

      Jxt as you are prayed for and you are hailed even though you do not believe
      it could work..

    2. Harry Burnett says

      Creamy Gudkid its a confusion of psychology and quantum physics… Yes our
      observations do change atomic behaviour as demonstrated by the double slit
      experiment but to say our thoughts can change our reality is down to ones
      psychology. if you believe an awkward moment is drawing near ofcourse your
      anxiety in the first place will be apparent and spark a cycle of
      awkwardness, the phrase ‘mind over matter’ can combat this, just through
      breathing exercises and reasurring thoughts can make situations feel better
      but no matter how much you believe you can fly you will still drop like a
      lead balloon.
      And to say that other peoples consciousness can affect your reality is just
      a cop out, in that respect what is the point of imagining the warm
      environment at the prospect of visiting an awkward member of the family if
      they and the rest of your family are all dreading the encounter.
      In other words, its bullshit to say your thoughts create anything, its your
      actions that will change your future.

    3. stephen kost says

      But, it’s not only your thoughts, words and actions that affect reality. It
      is a concert of consciousness from all beings, things and consciousness
      itself (not the kind in your head).

    4. Laws Of The Unseen says

      But Mark that is exactly the proof of what it is said here. You bring two
      perfect examples on the table by pointing the hermetic principle of
      correspondence as above so below as within so without. In this case we have
      two people whom expectations came to fruition in their reality.

      There is no real way to find out how these two people where engaging with
      their thoughts on the inside. Sometimes the person who appears brave is the
      most fearful and the person who appears fearful is the most brave on the

      Expectations are only one piece of the puzzle. If I expect to get sick I
      create the desire to be healthy. If I expect to be healthy I might be
      sending a vibration to experience illness. Life is all about experiencing
      contrasts. Contrasts are all those things in life that happen but we dont
      want to happen. They happen because somehow we created a door for them to
      come in.

      Its hard to believe and accept but once you understand the depth of quantum
      physics, your mind starts shifting to a whole new level of consciousness.
      We are indeed vibratory in nature. We are human batteries filled with
      energy and emitting signals like radio.

      Following that we are all governed by the electromagnetic field, we indeed
      create our reality. But we need to understand our species the human race is
      still experiencing her infancy. We have yet still a lot to learn about how
      everything truly works.

    5. al magallanes says

      you talked about other peoples experiences but not about yourself. you
      cannot accurately be correct about others experiences because peoples
      thoughts are also changing every moment. you are not there personally to
      experience their thoughts every moment. so it is totally incorrect to
      ground your reasoning on other peoples experiences because every one is
      unique. you might try it to yourself and see if it is really true.

  11. Mark Warner says

    Personally, the only real truth can be found mostly in near death
    experiences. What better way to know what’s beyond this physical existence
    once you’ve actually been there and back.

    1. RushBoi prince says

      Mark Warner but then you have to question if you really went to that realm
      or not. I don’t think you could die and come back. You may have heard of
      people heart stop and revived, but that doesn’t mean they were dead. You’re
      not dead until your brain die. You could say brain dead people can be a
      witness, but they never regain consciousness to explain their experience.

  12. paul skillman says

    What is common sence? What common since is common? If every one had the
    same common sense we would have no wars.

  13. Daunte Balthazor says

    I made it to 5:59 and thought this is B.S.

  14. CANNIBoy says

    This is just one side of the story…

  15. Maliken says

    wtf m8t?

    1. Emily Hope says

      Maliken its just m8 ??

  16. Sshivani Durga says

    Science and Spirituality go hand in hand. Quantum Physics is not just
    Science …..the research is based on Spiritual System and our beliefs. But
    it’s good to make people understand this way too.

  17. Paul Harris says

    …I smell the roses @6:46,but sometimes we need to stop sniffing from the
    ammonia bottle and reconsidering ad nauseam. In human relations it is often
    wise to
    use our senses,recognize our own finiteness and that of others,and let some
    folks go…

  18. sparkimoto says

    Was listening to this, then I heard that idiot Thai Lopez start running his
    mouth and I was about to close this out. Then I realized his ad had
    interrupted this video. Not sure what to make of that! I hope it was not my
    thoughts that caused that to happen.

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