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Rachel Lindsay Teases “Bachelorette” Fantasy Suite Dates | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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"The Bachelorette" beauty sounds off on her hometown dates and what fans can expect in the fantasy suite! Is Rachel nervous for her fiance to watch?

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Rachel Lindsay Teases "Bachelorette" Fantasy Suite Dates | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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  1. Korean Top News says

    Black lady

    1. Tanesha Collins says

      Korean Top News ? I DON’T GET IT

    2. Korean Top News says

      Why ?

    3. Tanesha Collins says


    4. Lydia T says

      are u color blind ? she is brown

    5. Korean Top News says

      I have just said lady in the video is black. Only this speech. I don’t why you got this point ?

  2. Emantalks says

    she picked bryan

  3. Emantalks says

    which is very unfortunate

  4. Jdjdjd Kkdkdk says

    Rachel is so pretty ??❤️

    1. Joan Rain says

      And so intelligent.

  5. TOJO J says

    I have a strange feeling her “fiance” is outside the Bachelorette

    1. Lady Kat says

      TOJO J lol I think it’s Chris Harrison loool

    2. Chaoko Hearts says

      TOJO J LOL omg what a shocker that would be

    3. myhulagirl2 says

      She had said at the beginning of the season, in an interview, that it was someone from the show, but that could have been to throw us off.

    4. Joan Rain says

      Nick! Hahahahaha

    5. y.o. says

      Lady Kat I actually thought it could be him too lol. That would be the shocker of the century.

  6. Tatiana Zamis says

    love this “what are your political beliefs, religion, credit score” ??

    you ask those important questions girl!

    1. Patricia Koubonou says

      Tatiana Zamis a

    2. OpticMel81 says

      I mean, unless they pulled up their credit info online and showed it to her, I don’t see how she can know for sure… lol

    3. Eunice Baiyee says

      OpticMel81 They should be stupid to lie to their future fiance about their cresit score.

    4. Joan Rain says

      Process of elimination for me, is who did you voted for in the Presidential Election?

    5. evaleanscared says

      lmao YESSS

  7. Tyra Cooley says

    Bryan is one….team bryan

  8. phillygyrl30 says

    Actually on Nick’s season…she didn’t let go until Fantasy Suites when Nick had to pull it out of her and basically said “if you were to check your ego at the door, what would your heart say?”

    1. Michaela Azure says

      SO TRUE! I was thinking that! She also said during that scene, “that I’m falling in love.” Not “in love”, “falling”, which Peter said before meeting her family (which is earlier than she said on Nick’s season)…js. That being said, I have no idea what Rach was actually feeling during that scene. Maybe she was already IN love at that point. But if she was, she didn’t say it.

  9. Lady Kat says

    I like her dress

  10. Lola 123 says

    She is so bad at not spoiling lol,we can already see she picked Bryan by her answers and because she’s defending him in every interview.

    1. Joan Rain says

      Maybe she choose Peter, right? Nobody knows, not even the spoiler. It could have been a sting, giving Steve the wrong info. But, I hope she has chosen Bryan. The only man who was focus on the objective, and never let up.

  11. Joan Rain says

    Fantasy Suite is apart of the process, and she hasn’t done anything, that those came before her. So, a girl have one life to live, LET IT RIP! Hahahaha

    1. Roma Rodgers says

      Plus based on the way ABC edits this show, you can’t really believe anything they show you. They tried to make it look like Rachel and Eric did the deed, but we don’t even know what really happened.

    2. Joan Rain says

      Well for me, I really don’t care how far she has to go, to get clarity. However, I hope with Bryan, we get a little peek of their intimacy. But, Peter are gonna get the full screenshot of his. You know, he is the star, and Rachel is the co-star, and Bryan is the water boy in ABC eyes. .

  12. I am a soul says

    Rachel is a catch! So Happy for her engagement

  13. anonymous anonymous says

    I definitely related to him “in the beginning “…

  14. Mary Sepulveda says

    Love how she said ” I NEEDED TO KNOW!! “

  15. Kae Sanos says

    Yup the dude she picked complained about the hot tub scene she had with Peter.

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